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Maxbomb Session McAlcohol


4/5/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 24, Luv 99
  • from Bray
  • I am Single
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close About Me

Me, Myself, and I
i really like men to be honest..

I am currently studying Sessioninin at The Hangover institute of Ireland. In my spare time like to collect Tanzanian babies and tape them to wet ducks while conducting research on their alcoholic properties and seeing how they can be used to cure hangovers. I currently have 321 and a half of these test dummies.

Any donations would be much appreciated.

If anyone has a spare liver or two kicking about that would also be helpful!

A short list of my inventions - all alcoholic:

1. Maxbomb (original, deluxe and double deluxe)
2. Creamy nipple
3. The finisher!
4. Jamestone / Gemstone
5. The Christmas Hangover

Remember, you can't spell slaughter without laughter!

E = mc Hammer!

Cormy is softer than a pink candyfloss coated sponge made of clouds!

I think we're done here!

Audioslave, Iron Maiden, Jay-Z, Missy Elliot, Thin Lizzy, MGMT, The Roots, Jurassic 5, Fatboy Slim, The Chemical Brothers, A bitta The Orb, The Black Keys, Marvin Gaye, Velvet Revolver and loads more...
Yep, That's me.
Parkour. That's what I tell everyone anyway, I'm actually MASSIVE!
Scared Of
Waking up and finding out that all this is a dream and I'm back in school...In first year!
And still, Father Éanna!!! Freaks the fucking crap out of me so he does!!!
My Loves (manly loves that is).
Meat, Fatty greasy stuff, Beer, Stonehouse, Manly nights in, Sessionin, Womenin, Tekkenin.
Things that should be invented...
Sweets that taste the same but clean your teeth... and your belly and make you thin.... and rich. And stuff. Sleeping pills that make you sleep for an exact amount of time... and ones to keep you awake too!
A motorbike that can turn into a jetski.
Beer that's really good for you... And of course has to taste deadly too.
<-The other half of me...
...is hopefully attached to the first half of me because otherwise, well... I'd be... dead I guess.

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You are in fact an alcoholic. Your drinking is both a hazard to your health and a hazard to your intimate relationships. You should cut back. You should seek professional help. You should eat your fruits and vegetables.

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What video game character are you?

My result is: Kratos

You are kratos the almighty and ruthless god of war, you show no mercy to those weaker than you and those who pose a threat to you need to be taken out.

This game character is found in the GOD OF WAR series for the ps2 this game won best PS2 game of the year 2007.
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What Kind of Music Are You?

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You spend the rest of your time making sure no one knows just how much effort you put into all this.
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  • This movie yokey!

    I was told to do this yoke and i need a new blog anyway so here it goes.

    So, here's how it works:
    1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
    2. Put it on shuffle
    3. Press play
    4. For every question, type the song that's playing
    5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
    6. Don't lie and try to pretend your cool...just type it in man!

    Opening Credits: 11 a.m. - Incubus (didn't even know i had any incubus)

    Waking Up: She was hot - The Rolling Stones

    First Day At School: Beautiful People - Supergrass

    Falling In Love: Everybody's Talkin - David Gray (a bit depressing though)

    Loosing Virginity: Star Sail - The Verve

    Fight Song: Tarantula - Pendulum (it's a good one)

    Breaking up : Last Request - Paolo Nutini (pretty good)

    Prom: To Get Down - Timo Mass (I like)

    Life: Lonely Soul - Unkle

    Mental Breakdown: Finding The Bomb - The Dust Brothers (Good one)

    Flashback: Soul Kitchen - The Doors

    Getting Back Together: Put Your Lights On - Santana

    Wedding: History - The Verve

    Birth of Child: She's Not There - The Stunning

    Final Battle: Dragula - Rob Zombie

    Death Scene: Asleep From Day - The Avalanches

    Funeral Song: I Have Seen - Zero 7

    End Credits: Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) - Various Artists

    2 Comments 253 weeks

  • Stupid website names!!! It's genious!!

    Who Represents is where you can find the name of the agent that represents any celebrity. Their Web site is

    Experts Exchange is a knowledge base where programmers can exchange Advice and views at

    Looking for a pen? Look no further than Pen Island at

    Need a therapist? Try Therapist Finder at

    There's the Italian Power Generator company,

    And don't forget the Mole Station Native Nursery in New South Wales,

    If you're looking for IP computer software, there?s always

    The First Cumming Methodist Church Web site is

    And the designers at Speed of Art await you at their wacky Web site,

    0 Comments 285 weeks

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D.I.T., 2011
C.C.R. (Concentration Camp Roscrea), 2007

Work Info

Harbour bar - The best pub on the planet!
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The moon was having a wank

I've been inside all the greats; Charlie Parker, Miles Davis - I've even been inside Steve Davis... though that was an accident.

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Wild Alcoholic

You alway consume the most beer at the party. You party to drink, and you drink to party. While we are all impressed by your drinking abilities, some of us are worried that you'll need an intervention if you are going to quit the habit. At the end of the night, we will find you passed out on a sofa, mumbling, and smelling of cheap whiskey.

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  • Eunan Carroll
    Eunan Carroll

    OMG... this girl is naked on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on BarbarWickenycue@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Eunan Carroll
    Eunan Carroll

    I profited $322 in a few hours doing easy things! I learned from - http://bit.ly/ce48Hv You owe me one!

  • Maxbomb Session McAlcohol
    Maxbomb Session McAlcohol

    This is to anyone looking at this page. I don't use Bebo anymore so get the fuck outta here and get a Facebook!

  • Im Old Megg
    luv Im Old Megg

    hey laser dinosaur :) will u tell my gimpy boyfriend to email me asap pleeeeease? cos hes never fuckin on bebo and my facebook got deleted :( guess i shudnt have uploaded ALLL those nakee pictures....... :P muchos grassy ass xx

  • Simon


  • This is the Lisbon Treaty...AGAIN
    This is the Lisbon Treaty...AGAIN

    "Public opinion will be led to adopt, without knowing it, the proposals that we dare not present to them directly..." For more information and to better understand the impending repeat of the lisbon treaty elections "lisbon 2" please visit http://www.bebo.com/FreedomEurope

  • Roberta-Rose

    im having my bday on the 4th of july in a marque down on my dads land down the dargle.near those appartments. 9 till whenever..... drinks, music. bonfire and food.. u cant say no..

  • El Morte
    El Morte

    Would you be willing to give a tenner to charity to get in for a BBQ session party thing if you got a free pint and burger??Or a €5 in and buy cheap pints and burgers?Only problem is it's in Murtha's gaff,but there will be lifts up and down!!Trying to get more than 200 people up so TELL FRIENDS!! Spread this thing!!

  • Lala

    ...July 3rd... My 18th!!! The Tube (now club oichie) 9 - 3ish! XxX

  • Sean Hoban
    Sean Hoban

    Haha!! Yeah man! Do you know if Adam is in work today?

    5/16/09 via Mobile
  • Sean Hoban
    Sean Hoban

    Gwan derr English league cup!!

    5/16/09 via Mobile
  • Gill Byrne

    .... Incriminating photo of you from graduation actually...

  • Gill Byrne

    Nepal? You cunt, you could have at least hidden somewhere decent. And you will be coming to Amsterdam... i don't know how, but we'll manage it. Job? :P

  • luv Gill Byrne

    Amsterdam this summer yea? :D Enjoy last night? I saw at the start and at the end... where were you hiding?!

  • Katie
    luv Katie

    Yeah.. My ma gave out to me for not smiling.. Hahahahaha ! I realised the next morning, I MAY have gone a bit overboard... You know me Max.. I'm schmadd.. :D

  • Katie
    luv Katie


  • El Morte
    El Morte

    What in the Hell is this!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Cillian Q
    luv Cillian Q

    story man?my 19th!harbour bar on thursday:P your responsable for gettin the bray group out:P how are ya?