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Chels Leigh

R.i.p Eth x

1/10/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 407
  • from swansea
  • I am Single
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Chelsey Leigh Hampton.
Finished school :)
Working in Playzone, starting college soon - neath :)

Dont we all love the weekends :)

"I am the author of my life,
Unfortunaley im writing in pen, and i cant erase my mistakes"
The Other Half Of Me
Ashleigh Thomas.

Ashleigh Thomas.

Loove her! ♥

Ethan Perkins ♥
I dont need a photo to remember your face, in my heart youl always have a place x
02-07-97 - 08-01-09

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  • About meh!


    the shoes you wore today: Blacck dolly ones :) - school init ;)
    your eyes: blue but green somethimes 8-)
    your hair: dark brown
    your weight: im not sure;0
    you height: 5'3
    your fears: dieing, spiders, losing people

    what is:
    your most overused phrase on msn: XD, lmao, bbz
    your thoughts first waking up: whats the time 8-)
    the first feature you notice in the opposite sex: teeth ?, hair
    your most missed memories : when my life was different, when i was just a kid, and with the friends ive lost :(

    you prefer:

    Pepsi or coke: Pepsi.
    McDonald's or burger king: mcdonalds cause burgerking give you fried wasps in your chips!
    single or group dates: single :L
    Adidas or Nike: Adidas
    chocolate or vanilla icecream: vannilla ftw :)

    do you:

    curse: yes, lucy told me off for it today :)
    have any crushes?: not at the moment :)
    who are they?: i just said i dont have one *-)
    want to go to college: yes, swansea i think :D
    like high school: yeah, i dont want to leave :(
    want to get married: Yess :)
    get motion sickness: ive been it before!:L
    think you're a health freak: NO!:L
    get along with your parents/guardian:Yeah, i guess
    like thunderstorms: they scare me :|

    have you ever:

    missed school because it was raining?: Umm maybe *-)
    told a guy/girl that you liked them?:Yeah :L how dweeby :L
    cried during a movie?: yeah! XD
    thought an animated character was hot?: Peter Griffin ^^)
    had an imaginary friend?: maybe one or two.
    cut your own hair?: Yes, i used thinning scissors and totally fucked it up. I also cut my fringe occasionally 8-|
    had a crush on a teacher?: Doesnt everyone ;) ?
    been called a tease?: Lmao, no :L
    shoplifted?: Yes 8-| ramming stuff in my pram !:L

    the future:

    age you hope to be married: 22-24?
    numbers of children: 2 or 3, boys and girls :)
    descibe your dream wedding: A huge one , obv.
    how do you want to die?: I dont "/.
    what do you want to be when you grow up?: A physiotherapist 8-|
    what country would you most like to visit?: Australia and America :D

    number of:

    people I could trust with my life: Probably about 6 :)
    CDs that I own: Umm *-) Kanye West-Graduation, thats it i think
    piercings: Ears once, and belly button once :)
    tattoos: Zilch, i want one though.
    times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: A few, for brownies, karate, football ;) , assa kid:L !
    scars on my body: One on my leg, a small one by my eye:L
    things in my past that i regret: Loads tbh!


    fav colour(s): Pink?Green?
    day/night: day
    summer/winter: Winter,
    lace or satin:? :S i cant tell them apart tbh!:L
    fave food: Chicken ?:L , oh yes.
    fave sport: Netball:)

    right now:

    wearing: Cheapy primark men's trousers and a henleys top :)
    drinking: Nothing
    eating: Sweets!:D
    thinking: this things taking for evrer,
    listening to: Children in need on the tv.

    in the last 24 hrs:

    cried: No,
    worn jeans: Yes:)
    met someone new online: Yeah one persson :)
    done laundry: No:L !
    drove a car: No, should i be *-)

    do you believe in:

    your friends: Yeah [:
    santa claus: obv,!
    tooth fairy: Not anymore, she kept forgetting the bitch.
    destiny/fate: Yeah i guess,
    ghosts: Yes, i seen one "/
    UFO's: Corse.
    god: No?!?, whats up with god:L

    friends and life:

    do you ever wish you had another name?: No, i love it :)
    do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: No, im a loner :)
    which one of your friends acts the most like you?: aha all of us?!
    are you close to any family member?: Cilf, sarah :) [L]
    what's the best feeling in the world?: Memories and awesome times :)
    what time is it now?: 19:56 November 15thi think anyway *-), been a bit behind this week :L

    0 Comments 244 weeks

  • Memories .x.

    Post Me A Commwent About A Memory Of Me And You*
    So When We Look Back.. We'll Just Laugh*
    Love You*

    13 Comments 336 weeks

  • .. chels *-)

    I ______ chels
    chels is _______.
    When i think of chels I think of ________.
    I want chels to ________ me.
    If I were alone in a room with chels, I would _______.
    I think chels should _____.
    chels needs to ______.
    I want to ____________ chels
    chels can ______ my _______.
    If I could describe chels in one word it would be: ___
    chels will never _____.
    I hope chels never _____.
    I _____ chels because _____________.

    6 Comments 348 weeks

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  • The Universe
    The Universe

    bebo is the best :D

  • The Universe
    The Universe

    hello babe x

  • -Alleen.

    a tramp :o, what you on about chels, your the only tramp in your household;) haha, ahhh hopee you enjoyy munn:o! x

  • -Alleen.

    oh a weeek!:o what you on about i had her for like 2 months, and you say a week is bad haha;) , yeah i will :D xx

  • -Alleen.

    shes a legdddd munn ;) ! awh nice, have to have a picture with me obv;) x

  • -Alleen.

    yeahh:D ii think im going up with sarah lmao *-) not sure yet thou :) , what colour dress you got en ;) ?xx

  • -Alleen.

    nothing much butt, youu;) ?x

  • -Alleen.

    seexxxxxyyyy ;) xx

  • Adam Walker.
    Adam Walker.

    k fnx i wun tel im k. :)

  • Adam Walker.
    Adam Walker.

    truff hurtz! i knws, i was told i had bumpy cock by Clydach surgery :( ard lifz!

  • Ella.

    Ok muss

    6/6/09 via Mobile
  • Ella.

    It was'nt even that abusive :L

    6/6/09 via Mobile
  • Adam Walker.
    Adam Walker.

    clydach surgery told me obv ;)

  • Ella.

    Stop winding me up :( .

    6/6/09 via Mobile
  • The Universe
    luv The Universe

    yeah im good enjoy your BBQ haha send the love back smudge8)

  • Ella.

    Fuck you then :o! Your such a cow, you know it winds me up when someone says they got something to tell me but then they dont :( . I was thinking of asking you to starbucks with me tomorrow but dont worry, you wouldnt want to have to listen to my annoying voice would you (i)

    6/6/09 via Mobile
  • Ella.

    Well be arsed quick because i want to know now :L

    6/6/09 via Mobile
  • Ella.

    O gawd, when do i get to find out then?

    6/6/09 via Mobile
  • Ella.

    Hmm am i going to find it funny though? x

    6/6/09 via Mobile
  • Ella.

    Oh behave mun! I want to know now dont i :o, is it good :d?

    6/6/09 via Mobile