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Tom .

Sad Times :(

5/9/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Corsham
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Ben Carley

"He has anger management" "Well... He's 6 ft 1 !"

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Scared Of
Claustrophobic, Peacocks.
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Drums, Acoustic Guitars, Dc's, My iPod, Summer, Classic Cartoons with Joslin, Fishing, Gigs, Capo, Adidas Copa Mundials, My Sunglasses, T-Shirts, Family Guy, Gavin & Stacey, "Timmy".
Miscellaneous Dislikes
English, Hayfever, Waking up, School, Quite a few people, Setting the drums up, Russle Brand, Joey Carley, Losing things, Resistant Materials Folder Work.

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    14. Ever wanted 2 tell me sumthing you couldnt?
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    Play gigs

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    3 o'Clock

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    [8.] Memories:
    Playing The two pigs, So hot


    [1.] Talked to on phone:
    Tom Watson

    [2.] Text:

    [3.] Imed:
    If i knew what it ment

    [4.] What are you doing now:
    Filling In This, And Listening To A Song Ben Sent Me

    [5.] What are you wearing right now?
    White Shorts & My "Corinthian Casuals T-Shirt"

    [6.] Better than yesterday?


    [1.] Is:

    [2.] Plans?
    School, The Two Pigs

    [3.] Dislikes about tomorrow?
    Being Late Again

    True or False:

    [I am a cuddler]

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    [I am a perfectionist]
    I do my best

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    [I can be paranoid at times]

    [I like country music]

    [I enjoy talking on the phone]

    [I have a hidden talent]

    [I have all my grandparents]

    [I have been told that I have a good sense of humour]

    [I have or had broken a bone]

    [I have changed a lot over the past year]

    [I have done something illegal]

    [I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color]

    [I have had major/minor surgery]

    [I have had the cops called on me]


    1. Talk to a boy/girl you like?

    2. Learn anything new?

    3. Talk to an ex?

    4. Miss someone?
    Yes :(

    -Last Person-

    5. Laid in your bed?

    6. Made you cry?
    Can't remember

    7. You went to the movies with?
    Sam, Guy, Jack annd the little boy??

    8. Went to the mall with you?

    9. You showered with?
    I shower alone

    10. Who made you laugh?

    11. Said they loved you?

    -General stuff-.......

    16. Favorite location?
    The stage

    18. What are you most scared of this second?
    The internet disconecting, yet again

    19. Where do you want to get married?
    Too early to call

    20. Does anyone like you?
    I hope so

    22. Do you like being around people?

    23. Have you ever cried?

    24. Are you lonely right now?

    25. Song stuck in your head?
    Hey there Delilah - Plain White T's

    26. Ever been on radio/tv?

    27. What is your favorite colour?

    28. Ever liked someone who treated you like crap?

    30.What color shirt do you have on?

    32. How much cash do you have on you right now?
    My shorts have no pockets

    33. Are you bored?

    34. What's your favorite show?
    Never Mind The Buzzcocks

    35. Who got you to join Bebo?
    Can't remember

    37. Wish someone was next to you this morning when you woke up?
    Of course

    38. What web sites do you visit the most?
    Bebo, C.T.F.C Message Board

    39. Do you have plants in your room?

    41. Who was the last person to hug you?

    21 SECRETS...

    1.What is your display name about?..
    My name

    2.Where was your current default taken?

    3. Whats your headline mean?

    4. Honestly, if someone were to tell you how they felt, would you listen?

    5. Whats your current mood?

    6. Whats your most valued possesions?
    My drums

    7. How are things in your relationship?

    8. If you could go back in time and change anything, would you?
    Yes, i would'nt of bought that remote control car, piece of rubbish it was.

    10. Ever had a near death experience?

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  • About Moi!!

    1: Name: Tom
    2. Nickname: Tomo/Pagey/Paaj?
    3. Single or taken: Single
    4. Zodiac Sign: Aquarious
    5. Male or Female: Male
    6. Primary School: Regis!
    7. IPod: Of course
    8. How many buddies on your instant messenger list: 209
    9. Screenname: > Tom <
    10. Hair Color: Brown
    12. Hair Long or Short: Bit of both
    15. Are you health freak: Sometimes
    16. Height: 6ft 1
    17. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: that i do.
    18. Do You Like Yourself: Not Really
    19. Braces?: No
    20. Think Your Awesome?: Nooo
    21. Piercings: Nope
    22. Tattoo: Nope
    23. Righty Or Lefty: Lefty (Handed) Righty (Footed)!!

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  • Deane Poyner

    Hey come chat with me on MSN janeloveme.02558@hotmail.com

    7/30/10 via Mobile
  • Ammyy
    luv Ammyy

    top girl on bebo ;) !! xxx

  • Blanche

    oh no day off :( Yeah sure , me and ant are coming i think . He got a new job hes working in JJB now so luckily got some amount of money coming in now . He hasnt sorted out a car yet thou :( he getting there :D Ohh cool :) W.b xxx

  • Blanche
    luv Blanche

    hiya :) Um well not 2 good at the moment like health wise , but feeling ok :) Il explain everything when i see you next , When your next day off ? I come 2 corsham quite a bit now 2 see jessie and that . Cant wait for your gig mate :) How many you reckon you got coming ? W.b xxx

  • Blanche
    luv Blanche

    heya I keep missing you on msn and havent spoken 2 you in agggeess ! How you doing ? Hows work and everything , need a good old catch up when your nextt day off , il come 2 corsham for a good old catch up ? W.b xxxxx

  • Ammyy
    luv Ammyy

    though id spice it up a bit and leave you a comment on bebo... :) haa BOFF LOVEEE xxxxxxxxx

  • Blanche
    luv Blanche

    Hope your first day at work was good :) Well done mate , very proud of you :) x

  • EJ

    it will be :) shes a good singer :) ej x

  • EJ

    hiii i recognise u cheers :) ahhh ok :) jess martin?? ej x