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Kirsty Muir

Back from Budapest and missing it already.....sigh

9/18/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 26, Luv 140
  • from From Dundee, but living in Edinburgh. It rocks.
  • I am In a Relationship
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Me, Myself, and I
Enjoying my first summer without any uni stress, basking in the fact it's all over! Trying to find a 'proper job' but enjoying doing the ghost tours and acting at the castle in the meantime.

Just moved in to a gorgeous flat with Adam- so far so good!

Loving being a bum and moping around, love my friends, Edinburgh, the man and the way life is going just now =)

Gok Wan for president!
Adam =) Loud music, my girls (most legendary of legends), cider and black, coming last in pub quizzes, dancing, glitter, sequins, rain, cider and black, catching up with friends, Orkney, crackers and cheese, having a job that involves literally whipping tourists, photos, Chesterfield, Being free from Hell, in-jokes, cheeeeeesy music, having Brain May-esque hair
Friends who let you down, and people who don't smoke who follow the smokers and puff away trying to be 'cool'. Stop!! Get your own life! Okay, I'm calm now...
Drinking? Professional, like...

I also LUUURVE watching rugby- fit men in shorts, grrrr!!! I support two teams: Scotland, and whoever's playing against England.
Scared Of
Snoring. At the worst time. Which happens to me often.
Happiest When
I'm with the people who make me smile!
I Can't Wait For...
Karma to come swwwwinging around.

No more uni stress...

The day I fiiiiiinally get some bloody feckin money, please!

Getting a steady wage that doesn't rely on touring and whoring!

Properly sorting out our new gorgeous flat =)
The Other Half Of Me
Emma Rae

Emma Rae

The cheese-dancing-mean­-right-hook-sex machine

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  • Longest survey in the universe. Can you tell I'm bored, and trying to avoid the unavoidable?

    The longest survey you'll ever fill out!! Copy and paste this. Fill
    it out and send it to all your friends including the person who sent it to

    Do this because the person who sent it to you didn’t sit here for ages for

    Answer all the questions honestly, no lying to avoid stuff ok??

    Time started: 22.30
    Full Name: Kirsty Ada Peet Muir (ahem....)
    Nickname: Too many to mention.
    Single or Taken: Singllllle (I sang that to that annoying Natasha Bedingfield song in me head... one of the reasons why I'm still single, probably!)

    Gender: Female

    Birthday: third of April

    Sign: Aries
    Siblings: a ginger brother and a blonde sister. In case you were interested in their hair colour....

    Eye colour: Blue
    Shoe size: 4/5
    Height: I like to say 5 ft 2 but that's a lie! I wish I was as tall as that...

    What are you wearing right now: My tour outfit, I'm just in from work...
    Where do you live: I'm currently moving flat in Edinburgh (yay!) but my home's really Dundee
    Righty or lefty: Rightyyy
    Who are your closest friends: my Classics girls, Jenni, Anna, Adam, weirdly, and then there's my one two Dundee crew.... Louise and Laurence and good ole KG.... okay I have quite a few friends, I guess!
    Do you have a bf or gf?: I believe I covered this with the 'single' status!! Don't rub it in!
    Did you send this to your crush?: Nope

    Fashion Stuff

    Your fave place to shop: Accessorize for jewellery, New Look or Office for shoes, everywhere for clothes.
    Do you have any tattoos or piercing: Yup. Seven piercings round my ears in various places, and a tattoo on my left wrist that I lurrrrve, and am already addicted and craving more!

    Favourite Stuff
    Colour: Purple
    Number: 7 or 13

    Boys Names that u like: William, Connal (Gaelic for courageous, get in!) and I quite like Padraic...
    Girls Names that u like: Martha, Amelia, Meg, Eilidh, Tabitha... oh God, I'm an old woman...

    Subject in school: English or Classics

    Animal: Cat, obviously! Although, no, actually, I'd say wolf but I think that's for the wrong reasons. Best not explain. Except now it sounds like bestiality or something, which is worse, but anyway....

    Drink: Fruity nonsense from Lidl, I'm so classy....

    Alcoholic drink: Vodka, Peach Schnapps, black current and lemonade. Or OVD and coke. Or cider and black... or I crack open the wine depending on the company...

    Sport: Drinking? I like WATCHING tennis, and rugby when it's Scotland. Blame my mother!

    Food: asparagus mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! And whatever junk food I can get my grubby mitts on

    Months: Autum months
    Movie: Argh far too many! Just watched Good Will Hunting which brought a wee tear to my eye! Sniff!
    Juice: Didn't you just ask this?!
    Finger: My left thumb. It can dislocate, which is a pretty bloody good party trick...
    Breakfast: a nice big greasy fry up, please!
    Perfume: I dunno yet!

    Favourite cartoon character: Grrr this is soooo long... erm I guess Helga from Hey Arnold


    Given anyone a bath: my wee baby cuz

    Smoked: Yeah, peer pressure's a bitch!

    Bungee Jumped: Nope

    Made yourself throw-up: Yeah, feeling sick is worse than the actual process! Unless it's Buffet King induced, in which case the vomiting is naaaaasty

    Been skinny dipping: Nope

    Been in the opposite sex's washroom: Yeah..... oh the shame of that Potterow night when I was rugby tackled by a bouncer in there!

    Eaten a dog biscuit: I have a vague recollection....

    Put your tongue on a frozen pole: Yes.......... and oh dear Jesus, Becks, do you remember?! Someone LICKED my tongue free. I wish this could be a nice sexy story but unfortunately I was eight and it was my auntie who had to do the dirty deed. Oh the shame!

    Loved someone so much it made you cry?: Yeah...

    Broken a bone: Yup!

    Been in a physical fight: Eh'm fae Dundee, course eh fuckin huv!

    Been in

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    8/13/11 via Mobile
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    Alex Messis

    I made $92 in a day working from home! Heres how - http://x.co/KT8h You will thank me for this!

  • Lori Clark
    luv Lori Clark

    How is my lovely Kirsty doing? x x x

  • Kerri Vine
    luv Kerri Vine

    Aww congrats on the new job (what is the job anyway?) well i havent had a proper drink since before i was pregnant and Maddisons gonna be 2 in December so id probably only last a few drinks before dancing on ther table or something lol... Well we are having a small get together on halloween and maybe fireworks night (not sure how maddison will handle all the bangs this year now shes old enough to be terrified lol) Im only thinking of Christmas and have been for weeks lol... Ive already planned exactly what im getting maddy, lots and lots of arts and crafts stuff, she takes after her mum (big proud smile lol) so just the rest of the family to sort out now! have you even thought about x-mas yet ? im just too organised lol speak soon xXx

  • Kerri Vine
    luv Kerri Vine

    Yeah we are all ok, we didnt end on a bad note so luckily Maddison is still gonna have 2 parents that love her and want the best for her even if we are not "in love" with each other anymore, we are still good friends and always will be... We just need the time to be ourselves again. Good luck for the job, what kinda job is it? We have got Maddy a little fairy outfit (not very scary but last year she was a pumpkin so i want her to be cute this year lol) Take it youll be at a crazy halloween party this year? what u going as? speak soon xXx

  • Kerri Vine
    luv Kerri Vine

    That would be great, and after this crazy week ive had i could do with a coffee (and if i could id have a strong drink as well lol) you probably choose the wrong day to ask how my lifes treating me lol ive just split up with maddisons daddy lol we are still great friends though so Maddison is still as happy as ever, but this means a whole new start for me and Maddison so im excited about that! Hows life treating you just now anyhoo? xXx

  • Lori Clark
    luv Lori Clark

    Haha yeah I beboed you before you text me telling me you were home! Haha, yeah I'll see ya thurs, I am now working on Friday morning instead of at barnardos so don't start until 11 :)) x x x

  • Lori Clark
    luv Lori Clark

    Soooooooooooooooooooo missy did ya come home? x x x

  • Lori Clark
    Lori Clark

    Well compared to my latest I would say that my foot one felt like fairies dancing on my skin!! :L This one was rather painful! Got lillies right up my side, its quite big, biggest I've got, but I LOVE it! I'll show ya when I see ya! x x x

  • Lori Clark
    luv Lori Clark

    Oh I also meant to tell you the other day.............I got another tattoo! :)) x x x

  • Lori Clark
    luv Lori Clark

    Hey, yes a catch up would be good! Could we do tea or something on the monday or tuesday? I can't do lunch cause that'll be the first week of the october holidays and the playshemes with barnardos start up again! x x x

  • Lisa Walker
    Lisa Walker

    wot u mean u just realised how it sounded!! explain like u used 2 always do! haha. na i know i still refuse to grow up! ever!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

  • Lisa Walker
    luv Lisa Walker

    Sexy???? Ha ha u obviously not seen me in a while! Weird cuz I was thinking bout u as well not dreaming bout u thou! More like I was walking home and was like fate talks! Its prob safe to say what we said was not our true fate haha! Its a year I been now so its really good I love my job! Ul have to come thru for drinks I just bought myself a flat. what u up 2 these days man we prob got loads to catch up on!!! xxx P.s Im maybe and "adult" but im still dead immature! xxx

  • Lori Clark
    Lori Clark

    I'm good, wishing I was still on holiday though! Were you sunbathing topless then my dear? :P Oh I hope you can, need my Kirsty on my birthday!! :( x x x

  • Lori Clark
    luv Lori Clark

    No I'm gonna have a night out on the Friday instead, that okay with you? Hayley says I can have people over at hers first, then was just thinking of going to liquid, dont wanna go to Fats on a friday! Sound good? x x x

  • Lori Clark
    luv Lori Clark

    Hello love! Hol was fab, very very hot though! Loved the sun shine though, much better than this crappy weather :( Yes a phone call would be good, I love gossip :P hopefully you'll come home for my birthday at the end of the month too? Ja? Hows things with you? x x x

  • Kerri Vine
    luv Kerri Vine

    Yeah he opened Toy Shed last year just before x-mas... You can probably imagine the fun hes having working there lol. I know that was ages ago (i kinda miss the pregnancy bump), cos you had just had your first tattoo done on your wrist (which was very pretty btw) . Lucky for some, I'm looking forward to going to Edinburgh (seaton sands caravan park to be specific) on the 14th lol... I saw that your thinking of buying a bikini... You should go for it! You're looking FAB btw!! Im not sure that death to all tourists it politically correct lol!! But I did actually gaffaw when i read that!! Hope to see you next time you're in dundee and we will deffinately grab that coffee ( Im addicted to hazelnut latte) speak soon xXx

  • Katie Rice
    luv Katie Rice

    Kirstyyyyyyyyy! How are ya? Not long until I'm back in the burgh :) Kt xxx

  • Kirsty Garnett
    luv Kirsty Garnett

    It's a bit mental. Lesson planning is possibly the most hellish thing ever invented. I'm off on placement soon so I've got child protection documents to fill out tonight. There's bloody loads to do. It's not all hellish though, there's a lot of nice people and the lecturers are really good. How are you? How was the trip to ikea?

  • Kerri Vine
    luv Kerri Vine

    Hey you theres nothing wrong with a bit of English lol! Glad to hear that it hasnt effected your life too much (the epilepsy not the english boyfriend lol) Yeah its my Dads first grandchild so as you can imagine hes gone into crazy grandad mode and because he owns a toy shop now Maddison has more things than she knows what to do with. She is a bit of a book worm though (and shes not even 2 yet :D yay!) You'll have too let me know when you are back in town and we will go for a coffee or something, Maddison included, shes started stealing coffee from peoples cups (Thing is just waves her finger and shakes her head if we tell her off, cheeky little madam lol) shes growing up too quickly. And now shes starting to copy us I'm learning alot about myself lol she calls my mum NAG NAG NAG instead of Nana so maybe shes cleverer then she lets on lol! Hope all is well xXx