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Gavin Mc Phillips

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  • Male, Luv 5
  • from shannon
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  • Last active: 5/2/07
  • www.bebo.com/Gavinmax5
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Yo im Gavin.im in 6th class in aidans.I live in shannon(boring)I lv sports.I play soccer for Shannon town and play hurlin and gealic 4 wolfe tones

a little bit of SCHOLESY in our lives
a little bit of GIGGSY down the sides
a little bit of SAHA'S just what we need
a little bit of RONALDO with his speed
a little bit of RIO in defense
a little bit of ROONEY he's immense
a little bit of singing from the fans

a little bit of FERGIE he's your man
a little bit of HEINZE HE'll kick ur ass
a little bit of SMUDGER over here
a little bit of HENRY, no he's queer!!!!
a little bit of PARK cant be beat
a little bit of ROSSI

[ _(0)'(0)_____________|_|_(0) ]

50 cent, coldplay, u2
scary movie 4, welcome to the jungle, date movie 4 nd bond james bond
hurlin, soccer, golf, gaelic
Scared Of
rats hate um
Happiest When
my idol
kangerakas. just for u flambo
my friends
James O Donaghue(ledgend)Flambo(ledg) jamie(also ledg)lindsay(also ledge) cathal(also ledge) tuts(ledge)jason(ledgend) thers a few other friends but im tired of typing

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  • lev a coment

    Pick the moth u wr born in
    January--i danced with
    Febuary--i loved
    March--i choked on
    April--i played with
    May-- i kicked
    June--i murdered
    July--i sang to
    August--i had lunch with
    September--i ran over
    October--i smoked
    November--i yelled at
    December--i fucked

    Pick the day (number) you were born on:

    1-------a paperclip
    2-------a monster
    3-------a llama
    4-------a fork
    5-------a gangster
    6-------a mexican
    7-------a phone
    8-------a banana
    9-------my best friends boyfriend
    10-------my neighbor
    11-------an ipod
    12-------my dog
    13-------chuck norris
    14-------a stuffed animal
    15-------a goat
    16-------a pickle
    17-------your mom
    18-------a spoon
    20-------a football player
    21-------a permanent marker
    22-------my boyfriends tounge
    23-------a noodle
    24-------my girlfriend
    25-------a baseball bat
    26-------my sister
    27-------a cd
    28-------my science teacher
    29-------a pig
    30-------my cell phone
    31-------A homeless guy

    Pick the color of shirt you are wearing:

    White------Because im sexy
    Black-------Because the voices told me to
    Pink--------Because im homosexual.
    Red---------Because i love her.
    Blue--------Because i was high
    Green------Because I hate myself.
    Purple------Because i love myself to much.
    Gray--------Because thats how i roll.
    Yellow------Because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars
    Orange----Because i hate my family.
    Other-------Because that's how I roll.

    0 Comments 333 weeks

  • classic lmerick sayings

    Classic Limerick sayings

    > Please come here, - C'mere I want ya.
    > My runners smell, - Naful smill auf me tackies,
    > Sorry I didn't quite catch that, - Oi wat ar u sayin.
    > I was slightly drunk, - I was langers last nite.
    > How are you ! - How's it goin sham !
    > You silly person - Ya goul ya
    > You really are a silly person - Ya goul bag.
    > I'm afraid that I can't go for that, - I will en me ring
    > Let's go out and get drunk - will we go on the batter?
    > May I have a bag of chips with garlic dressing - givus a garlic
    > You unlawful person - f*ckin' scobe
    > There was quite a lot of people - there was a rake of people
    > Running up the street - burnin' up the road
    > Will you make love to me - gifs the ride
    > Do you understand me - nowah mean man
    > I will fight you - i'll claim ya
    > Theres a swimming pool in the house - poolnalnit
    > Please leave now - goway ou avit
    > Run away now - do a legger man
    > Have you got a cigarette - giz a fag boss
    > Be quiet - whishtt
    > Can you ride a horse - canya jock a horse
    > Hello, I met you before in a pub but I can't remember your name -
    How we doin Bud.....
    > Sorry, I didn't quite catch that - whatru sayin.....
    > How are you doing - Well, ow we gettin on
    > You are a silly person - u lala
    > You really are a silly person - your some lala
    > Jennifer, would you come here please - Jen-Fer cmere i
    > wan cha
    > Lets drive up and down O'Connell Street in our Johnny Go Fast cars at
    3.30am with the 1 petrol we have in the car - mon, we go cruisin'.
    > If you continue to talk to me in that tone of voice I will hit you
    -cape it up now and I'll bust you.
    > I can't think of anything to slag you about, but your last comment
    was very funny and everyone is now laughing at me - yah, like ur muther!!

    0 Comments 337 weeks

  • peace

    ☆┌─┐  ─┐☆
     │▒│ /▒/
     │▒ /▒/─┬─┐
     └┐▒▒▒▒┌ PEACE

    0 Comments 337 weeks

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  • - Jay
    - Jay

    [13:16:27] :D Heyya Just a randomer here :L you seem coolio how are you? i would add you as a freind but i can't =[ wb.x.

    10/27/08 via Mobile
  • Jason McMahon
    Jason McMahon

    Check out m.bebo.com from your mobile! If you login on your phone now, you'll automatically send me an extra Luv!

    10/8/08 via Mobile
  • Norma Cameron

    howdy Malka Bebo is being stupid! I cant upload my pics for some reason. =o( Hit me up on msn messenger jane26bebo@live.com xoxo jane

    7/15/08 via Mobile
  • Oisin Pender
    Oisin Pender

    Hi! 28This is an invitation to join Irelands own social networking website w w w . n i m b l e . i e My w w w . n i m b l e . i e username is oisinpender28

  • Sylvia

    hay..you better put some pictures up from saturday..mad to see you outfit...did sophie get ya that big gold chain:L

  • Flambo

    r u callin over luk at ??????? page:L :L :L :L

  • Elsa Y.K Mann

    hey i'm grd nd u .well my paddyz day waz great how waz yourz

  • Oisin Pender
    Oisin Pender

    nothhin much hows the crack

  • Julianne Murray
    Julianne Murray

    all da rite ansers ar in caps so u can get dem all rite!!:L

  • Dean Russell
    Dean Russell

    i av ta go cya gav!gluk`

  • Dean Russell
    Dean Russell

    ya id say we hav a gud chance dis year ,,,

  • Dean Russell
    Dean Russell

    did u see my wunderful point yesterday ...

  • Dean Russell
    Dean Russell

    ya we wont win witout you!ur class!we wil be missing all da 15`s players are captain we probably be aaron cunningham ,,,

  • Dean Russell
    Dean Russell

    ya definly who we playin? wb!

  • Darrah Mc
    Darrah Mc

    Heya Gavin!!!!!!!!!!! Why does marcella want u 2 go out wit tara so much?????? XxxxXxxx

  • ���ju������� �u���y��� 3/16/07