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Kirsty Bee

Off the next 2weekends

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  • Female, 21, Luv 134
  • from The Dale !!
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Last active: 11/29/12
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Me, Myself, and I
*~*x*~* wee kirsty *~*x*~*

me and darren in portugal

the names kirsty and am 17 ... 18 this yr :s scary !!!!! passed ma drivin test so beware!!!!! still workin with greggs avin fun :D .... goin out with darren and have been for 3 years now hes the best!!!!

well dunno what else to say so ave a look :D enjoy!!!!!


[..*¢σℓσυя*..] - рιηk
[..*мυисђєѕ*..] - αηyђιηg ℓоℓ
[..*∂яιикѕ*..] - ά∂∂їстє∂ тάє cola/irn bru
[..*нσlι∂αу*..] - turkey 09 ...no parents :S
[..*вяαи∂*..]- яϊvεя ιѕℓαηδ
[..*lσσкѕ συт fσя*..] -everyone
*~* they shout *~*
kirsty, nell !!!
*~* workin *~*
not wrkin in the hairdressers now :) am now in wae the greggs crew lol every1 is so nice and ave made me feel very welcome :) lovin it!!!!!!
*~* brushes *~*
dyed brown but deep down a dumb blonde :P
*~* looks thro *~*
gawjus blue
*~* heart goes 2 *~*
Darren ... been with him for over 3 years now :O thts a life time lol but its worth it .....got our first holiday booked away alone ....no parents lol quite scary!!! love him to pieces!!! xxxxx
*~* music, films etc... *~*
any music tht a can move 2 lol
ma fav films are dirty dancin, grease, p.s i love u, the holiday .....chick flics and somethings tht can bring a wee tear 2 ma eyes !!!
~*~ ma personality *~*
well am shy for the people tht dont know me but people tht dont know wot am really like lol ... a love shopping!!!! cannot live without ma make up and straightners and cannot sit about and do nuhin gotta be either workin or away doin sumhin :D

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  • many a time lol :P x

    |………..| Put this on your
    |………..| page if you have
    |…….O.| ever pushed a
    |………..| door that said pull!

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  • all about meh !! :D

    Name... – kirsty
    Nickname... – kirsty, nell, nelly,bonnar etc :D
    Single or taken... - taken :P
    Zodiac Sign... - sagittarius :D
    Male or Female... - am a chick!!
    Primary school... - the dale!!!
    iPod or PSP... - gotta be a ipod !!!
    How many buddies on your list?... - dunno no sad enough 2 count lol :P
    Screenname... - (heart)Kirsty Bee(heart)
    Hair Color... - im a true blondie!!! most ppl kno tht :P
    Hair Long or Short...- middle ... wnt it long now tho :D
    Eye Color... - a bluey colour :)
    Are you health freak... - nope .. but a like 2 watch ma weight!!!
    Do you have a crush on some1?... - eh, dnt hink so a ave a bf!!!
    Do you like yourself... - not really lol crack masell up sumtimes tho :D :P
    Glasses or Contacts?... – gotta wear glasses (but dont :P )
    Think your awesome?... - im awesome lol !!! ko
    Piercings... - 2!!!
    Tattoo... - none .. luv 2 get 1 but no got the guts :L
    Righty or Lefty... - righty!!!

    Your Firsts..

    tattoo... - not yet!!
    piercing... - ears-cant memba wot age and belly button-last yr!!
    best friend... – um probs nicole and kayleigh!!!
    award... – just ma dancin :D !!!
    sport... - judo!!! didne last long tho!!!
    vacation... - only been abroad once ...sunny salou!! was amazin!!!
    concert... – not been 2 1 yet .. quite sad lol!!!
    First love... - the guy am with the noo!!!


    Movie... – gotta be dirty dancin!!!
    Favorite TV show... - aw cummon theres so many!!! :D
    Color... - pink or blue!!!
    Music... – anyhin (not includin heavy metal .. cannot stand it!!!)
    Drink... – anything part from beer nd whisky lol!!!
    Body part not on the face... - um... none really!!!
    Sport To Play... - not fussy lol!!!
    Favorite piece of clothing... – omg 2 hard 2 decide!!!
    Brand Of Clothing?... - ow gotta be river island!!!
    What do you sleep with?... - no1 ma covers :D lol
    Favorite Skool... - dale acad deff!!!
    Favorite Animal... - ma 2 dugs benji and tara!!!
    Favorite Books... - none really!!!
    Favorite Magazines... - gossy 1s .. luv them!!!


    I'm eating... – nothing !!!
    I'm drinking... - nuhin !!!!
    I'm about to... – do ma nails !!!!
    Listening to... - akon - don't matter!!!
    Waiting For... - nuhin really !!!
    Watching... - the Screen!
    Wearing... – ma tiger pjs :D !!

    Your Future..

    Want Kids?... - of course!!! not soon avin sum fun 1st!!
    Want to Get Married?... - yup .. a big massive weddin!!! :D
    Careers in Mind... - hopefully goin 2 college!!! ;)

    Which is better with the Opposite Gender ..

    Lips or Eyes... - eyes deffo ... but lips do ave 2 be nice :P
    Hugs or Kisses... - oh its gotta be both lol!!!
    Shorter or Taller... – taller, not hard as am small lol!!!
    Romantic or Spontaneous...-a bit if both...get embarrased at romantic hings
    Nice stomach or nice arms... - nice strong arms for big hugs!!!
    Sensitive or Loud... – both but not 2 loud!!
    Hook-up or Relationship...-gotta be a relationship..hook-ups a waste of time
    Sweet or Caring... – caring ... we need sum1 2 care for uz :P
    Trouble Maker or Hesitant?... - hm hard 1!!

    Have you ever..

    Kissed a Stranger... - not tht a kno of lol!!!
    Drank bubbles... - not sure bowt tht!!!
    Lost glasses/contacts... – nope!!!
    Ran Away From Home... – nope no need 2 !!!!
    crashed a car...- well if we're talkin bowt a remote control thn ye!!!
    Got an X-ray... – not tht a kno of!!!
    Broken Someone's Heart... – probs :( !!
    Turned Someone Down... - well of course u gotta sumtimes!!!
    Cried When Someone Died... – i do ave a heart!!!

    Do You Believe In..

    God... - no!!
    Miracles... - sumtimes!!
    Aliens... - dressed up ye!!! lol
    Magic... - nope!!!
    Heaven... - well not sure ... u do need sumwere 2 go lol :P
    Santa Claus... - who dusne!! :P
    Sex on the first date... – of course not thts just wrong!!!
    Kissing on the First Date... - thts okie!!! lol
    Soul Mates... - yup!!!
    Angels... - gotta most ppl are !!! x

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  • thot this wae funni !!! x


    0 Comments 329 weeks

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  • luck

    Good luck nell luv mum x

    Carol Bonnar 0 Replies
  • lol biatch

    S-L-A-P!!! Your now my bitch... The national pimp-off has begun! Pimp others before they pimp you! You can pimp any one except your pimp so start pimpin BITCH!!!

    •..•¤ **¤ •.¸.•¤**¤•..
    /.•*•.\ •¤**¤•.,.•¤**¤•.,.•¤**¤.

    Carolanne 0 Replies
  • Helloo!!

    Hi Hen!!

    Love Anne xx

    Anne B 0 Replies

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    How can the do this for free? http://is.gd/TjuuvL

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    Victoria Fleming

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  • Ang

    Same doll

    7/27/10 via Mobile
  • Ang

    aye am good:) anyy fecking job lol help!!! what u been up to xxxxx

  • luv Ang

    hey missy hows u been not spoke tae u in adges u still wurkin away greggs is still shit haa am lookin fur a new job lol have a wee love xxxxxx

  • Leanne
    luv Leanne

    yeah defo need to catch up soon:D xxxx

  • Frisky
    luv Frisky

    Yeh ano this memory loss thing coming with old age is a bitch....Ya cheeky shit lol :P now ave jst gotta remember 2 txt u guys with ma number now haha ;) have sum luv dudette :) xx

    3/4/10 via Mobile
  • Leanne
    luv Leanne

    getttin there...will be better after the funeral on saturday:) love hunni, some love back:D xxxx

  • Frisky
    luv Frisky

    Dude ur online lol i forgot to mail u nd daz my number lol i think u should jst do it since am old and lazy lol, hope works goin good 4 ya have a wee luv take care xx

    3/3/10 via Mobile
  • Leanne

    Thank you hunnie:D your welcome:D xxxx

  • Leanne

    Heyyy hunnie:D xxxx

  • Leanne
    luv Leanne

    Lovee xxxx

  • Ang

    hiyaa hen !! hows u:) hows the new job xxxx

  • Leanne

    haha:P :L xxxx

  • Leanne

    u need to update your profile:L xxxx

  • Ang

    am fineee hunni naw juss hate it lol xxxx

  • luv Ang

    hiyaaa chick hows u what u up 2 GREGGS IS SHIT !!! xxx

  • Ang

    am good jus hame fae work:) awww ul get there as long as u like it xxxx

  • An.Df

    aye, am gid tah. aw where you working like? nuheng, just the ususal xxxx

  • Ang

    hello wee dolly :) :) hows u :) u likin yer new job xxxx