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Racy Janae

You know you are in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.--Dr. Seuss

9/30/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Love is amazing. Dont fall unless he is willing to catch you!<33
Me, Myself, and I
Jacy, is the name.
Im thirteen & i attend Ths.
I Run Track and Cross Country.
Say whatever you want about me,
I could careless,
Just all i ask is that
you dont waste my time.
I know what i want in life,
Go ahead,Take a walk in my shoes.
You'll fall the first step..
I dont know what i do without
My amazing Friends!
God is my everything! ♥
i am a christian
I love to laugh!
People who hurt me are forgiven.
Im a Daddys girl
Music is my escape
Im easy to get along with
I like taking pictures
I don't like people that are fake.
you'll know if I don't like you
I like rainy days
i talk too much
i ♥ kisses
i hate when peope
think they are better
than everyone!
i can’t sit still for
more than five minutes..
i have an AWESOME family
My mom,My dad,My sister,My brother!
I love my Awesome Sister!
Brittany!She Is simply Amazing!
One that i couldnt live
without.I love you girl!♥
I love sports.! I Play Basketball, Track, Cross Country!
GOD, Brittany♥♥
Friends, Jill,
My cell phone,

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Carrie Underwood-All-American Girl

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  • The * P * E * R * F * C * T* boyfriend ♥

    The * P * E * R * F * C * T* boyfriend ♥

    - Give me a hoodie of yours to wear so other people know im yours.
    - Leave me sweet texts to wake up to.
    - Sneak up behind me.
    - Grab me by the waist.
    - Do anything to make me smile.
    - Always make me laugh.
    - Tell me im beautiful, not sexy=]
    - Tell me i have amazing eyes.
    - When your friends walk by, say, "This is my girlfriend."
    - Say I love you to my face not JUST over the phone.*
    - If I'm sad, take me in your arms and tell me everything will be okay.*
    - NEVER cheat on me!
    - Kiss me on the forehead.
    - When you walk with me, walk slowly.
    - Tickle me, even when i say stop.
    - Don't say I love you unless you mean it.****<--------------
    - Listen to me when i talk.
    - Tell me your secrets.
    - Protect me.
    - Brush any hair out of my face and say something cheesy like: "Sorry, I just want to see your beautiful face." and add a cheesy smile :P Girls love it !

    0 Comments 292 weeks

  • this is what every girls is wishing for!

    every guy that's said, "Sex CAN wait"
    every guy that's said, "You're beautiful."
    every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her.
    every guy that gives her flowers and a card when she is sick or down.
    every guy who has given her flowers just because thats how he rolls.
    every guy that said he would die for her.
    every guy that really would.
    every guy that did what she wanted to do.
    every guy that cried in front of her. ....
    every guy that she cried in front of...
    every guy that holds hands with her.
    every guy that kisses her with meaning.
    every guy that hugs her when she's sad.
    every guy that hugs her for no reason at all.
    every guy who would give their jacket up for her.
    every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe.
    every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes.....
    every guy that would give his seat up...
    every guy that just wants to cuddle.
    every guy that reassured her that she was beautiful no matter what.
    every guy who told his secrets to her.
    every guy that tried to show how much he cared through every word and every breath.
    every guy that thought maybe this could be the one.
    every guy that believed in her dreams.
    every guy that would have done anything so she could achieve them.
    every guy that never laughed at her when she told him her dreams.
    every guy that walked her to her car and opened the door.
    every guy that gave his heart.
    every guy who prays that she is happy even if you are not with her.

    I dont think there are many of these guys left out there !
    But if u think u can do all this then comment it!

    2 Comments 296 weeks

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  • Robin Mullin
    Robin Mullin

    heya whats up girl

  • -Casi- K.
    luv -Casi- K.

    yeah i guess i'm doing okay. but what was the story?!

  • -Casi- K.
    luv -Casi- K.

    hey my love. how are you? ♥

  • Keela Shay
    luv Keela Shay

    Hey babe! How are you doin my love?♥ well i guess i will see ya at school tomorrow love you much! =]

  • Grouchey Granny Steele
    luv Grouchey Granny Steele

    Great Job Today Love You

  • -Casi- K.
    luv -Casi- K.

    hey. its okay i guess. worried, confused. i love you.