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10/4/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 21, Luv 474
  • from Chatsworth ;)
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Summer-Rose Watson <3
Me, Myself, and I

...↑ mч worrld x3


The Other Half Of Me
How Random

How Random

I Love You.

í lσvє чσu, + αlwαчs wíll вαвч...í prσmísε.....
...í just lσvє knσwíng í cαn cαll чσu mч σwn!
summєя яσsє wαtsσn ‹з
 6 pσund 10.....
auntiε amвεя lσvєs чσu gσяgεσus!
I Love You! ‹з
God looked around his garden
for an angel with a smile,
That angel is Bernadette
she must stand out a mile,
Find the Perfect Rose Lord
And place it on her knee,
Plant a kiss upon her cheek
And tell her its from me.

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  • ..<3

    Baby i love you so much, its been 11 months now & the best 11 months of my life!
    Yeah we went through some shit but look at us now...people are still try'na cause shit between us but it aint working...they need to get over themselves and seriously get a decent social life cause im just getting bored of them now...try & fuck up your own life's for a change...Thanks!
    I just can't believe how me and you started out baby, we weren't even supposed to end up together but im so glad we did...your bru's are amazing...and well.. i love you. :L
    Just can't believe its been nearly a year its just gone so quick.
    I love everything about you..even when you have your little stress', your face when i beat you on the wii and your sudden love to cook Lol im not complaining though.
    Well baby i just want to let you know how much you mean to me and that i love you so much..i never want to loose you gorgeous ever!

    I Love You.


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  • wud u...?

    Miss me if I was gone ?? -
    Cry if I died ?? -
    Hate me if I commited suicide ?? -
    Go to my funeral ?? -
    AM I..
    A mate ?? -
    More than a mate ?? -
    Sound ?? -
    Fit ?? -
    Annoying ?? -
    An enemy ?? -
    Upset you ?? -
    Annoyed you ?? -
    Made you smile ?? -
    Helped you ?? -
    Cried over me ?? -
    Worried about me ?? -
    Had a crush on me ?? -
    Helped me ?? -
    What do you think of me ?? -

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  • dear amber...

    dear amber___X
    Yσσн Hανє A Cυтє ______.
    Yσσн Mαкє Mє ______.
    Yσσн Sнσυℓ∂ ______.
    Sσмє∂αу I Wιℓℓ ______.
    Yσσн + Mє = ______.
    Yσσн Dєѕєяνє ______.
    If I Sαω Yσσн Nαкє∂ Rιgнт Nσω I'∂ ______.
    I Nєνєя Wαииα Sєє Yσσн ______.
    I Wσυℓ∂ Bυιℓ∂ A ______ Jυѕт Fσя Yσσн.
    I Wσυℓ∂ ______ Jυѕт Tσ Mαкє Yσσн Hαρρу.
    Wнєи Yσυя Oℓ∂єя Yσσн Wιℓℓ ______.
    I Wσυℓ∂ Gєт Yσυя Nαмє Tαттσσє∂ Oи Mу ______.
    If I Cσυℓ∂ Sιиg Yσσн Aиу Sσиg Iт Wσυℓ∂ Bє ______.
    If Tнєяє Wαѕ Aиутнιи I Cσυℓ∂ Cнαиgє Aвσυт Yσσн
    Iт Wσυℓ∂ Bє ______.
    Wє Cσυℓ∂ _________ Uи∂єя Tнє Sтαяѕ.
    P.S. ______.

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  • Addy Ff

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  • Danielle-Louise

    Heyah Hun... Long tym no speak... How u doin... Wat u bin up 2??.. Holla Bak.. XOXO

  • Cleveland Steamer

    hey where you stayin in ibiza,we are headin over in the 2nd o june get a catch up xx

  • Jordan
    luv Jordan

    its miss biatch to you =) lmao i dont have my laptop yet so im only on when ryan aint bein a ball bag and lets me use his lol ya know i wouldnt ignore you on purpose ;) LoveYaMuch x x x

  • Jordan

    LUKES?!?! REALLY?!?! CAN WE?!?! :L :L it went from bein out every night to never seein each other :( yea i dick head i do remember..:L me thinkin you gettin us a pint but noooo 4 mingin shots!!! :L x x x

  • Jordan
    luv Jordan

    ya know what kid... i fookin luv yoo! i dont do anythin on a thursday night and if your not doin anythin either then we get our arses out again like the good times :D x x x

  • Tattoos and Piercings - Designs and Ideas
    Tattoos and Piercings - Designs and Ideas

    heya - thanks a mill for postin up the pic of yoru tattoo. Its seriously cool!!! So dyu think u would ever get it extended a bit more in the future??

  • Tattoos and Piercings - Designs and Ideas
    Tattoos and Piercings - Designs and Ideas

    thanks for postin up the pic of your tattoo - could u post it into the photo stream too plx. It looks really cool btw. so was that ur first one, or have u got some others? And dyu tyuik u will get many mroe?? or even get that one extended a bit...??

  • Tattoos and Piercings - Designs and Ideas
    Tattoos and Piercings - Designs and Ideas

    heya thanks for joining. please have a look round the page and add lots of comments to the pics, blog posts and competition polls. Please also post up pics of your own tattoos and piercings, if you have any. And hope you like the group :-)

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    New Albums STUNNING PIERCINGS & STUNNING TATTOOS Please add a pic xx

  • Jade.
    luv Jade.

    No its deffo on friday tey and come tho if not no worryssss xxx

  • Jade.
    luv Jade.

    no i think that its on the fridayyy well thats what ma dad said to me anyway lol il let you know anywayyy lol xxxx

  • Jordan

    i work thursdays :(

  • Jordan

    what day is that??? i dont drink but seein as its such a special occasion ill stop bein an angel for one day :D :D i needed to talk to you aswell... nothin that can be said over bebo but nothin to worry about either x X x

  • Jordan
    luv Jordan

    heres the girl iv missed so much!!! wubu2?? fuckin miss you ya know kid! say hi to your not so better half for me :L LoveYaLotts :D x x x

  • Jade.

    i dunno lol, why wont you be able to come just stay at nathans? xxxx

  • Jade.
    luv Jade.

    Its now a week on fridayy if your still up for it? xxx

  • Jade.
    luv Jade.

    Well i were thinkin that anyway coz then i can meet ma boyfriend after then, so well just go up shad lol :) Im sooo excited haha xxxx

  • Jade.
    luv Jade.

    Goooood! Omg i cant waittt, jade leanne & lucy and that are comin too so should b good, Ive only invited 3 lads and thas nathan luke and jake haha. Cba wi knobs lmaooo! What would you rather do go out round accy or go pubs up shad? coz im not assed were i go lol. xxxxx