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  • Female, 23, Luv 110
  • from Coleraine
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Profile views: 6,345
  • Member since: September 2006
  • Last active: 3/12/10
  • www.bebo.com/nkazi84
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Xxxsome things are just ment to bexxX
Me, Myself, and I
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|[ in love wit’ ]| Watty ♥♥♥

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     In A Fεw Yεars Timε ツ
My new Horsie!
16.2 Light Bay gelding
5yr old
Up and coming star!
watty, my horses, unexpected txts, cuddles n kisses, sunrise/sunset, a good nite out, goin out for tea, cinema, the cold side of a pillow, Dvds, seein old friends, dancin till my feet hurt, walks, summer.GHD's
The Other Half Of Me
Walter Stewart

Walter Stewart

hes the onions in my burger!

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  • Claresta Furey

    They are giving away mac book air's http://is.gd/DvFBQM

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Grace Taylor 4/24/10
  • Grace Taylor 3/17/10
  • luv Cheryll

    fuck this homie:L .. died when i took a drink of lucoade... nearly died when u drove like a maniac lmao ;) oxox

  • Grace Taylor
    luv Grace Taylor

    wat a nite!? wat a wkend1? reali was the best nites crack ever... pics r so funni. haha i love the gossip... dinner any1 tehe xx

  • luv Cheryll

    yet more love.. 2day was so funny i fink for the first time in my life i hada blonde moment :L naomi ur cars outa diesel.. no cheryl its turned off :L .. then dis cars ran on fairy dust.. dis cars ran on horse shite:L ... and our plans for gettin that certain fing :L .. im so so impressed wif soda..dat fing u told me workd like magic he went so well and jumpd reall well.. lovee ya.. hopefully c u 2moz.. hope watty dosent get 2 drunk :L .oxxox

  • Real Shazzney
    Real Shazzney

    yea had a brill nite, was class craic! yea i reali good thanks, mya goin well was up jumping yesterday at 1st registered show had double clear in 90cm and clear and 1 dwn in 1m, so i happy wit that, culdnt ask for much more sayin havnt jumped a 1m track since november lol! any plans for the weekend? xoxox

  • luv Cheryll

    Lovee for Naomi Shall c u this weekend hopefully :) and i can tell u all my latest news and fill u in properly :) .. love yaaa xoxo

  • luv Linda McClure

    sum luv returned! no probs.. musnt leave it so long til i c u again! so bored 2day.. its so miserable outside.. am wishin 4better weather 2cheer me up! tell danielle i left her mail about u no wot.. speak soon misses. xx

    2/24/10 via Mobile
  • Grace Taylor
    luv Grace Taylor

    im still tired after all the dancen we done at the ball lol.. c u this wkend :) xx

  • Real Shazzney
    Real Shazzney

    heya.. aww huntball was amazing :) u have a good nite?? get watty away from the bar at the end of nite? lol! xoxoxox

  • Grace Taylor
    luv Grace Taylor

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh........ so excited :) c u later misses..... xx

  • luv Cheryll

    Lovee... u no i was just finkin ..i fink its best if u dont come up 2nite .. becoz i cna picture somfin happenin and den ur nails come of or sumfin if u had fake nails :L . i was like umm mayb she'l break a nail lmao... well parent interviews went well :) .. im sure u got dat from my text.. so wish i was goin 2 hunt ball 2moz.. sure on sat if u decide not 2 hunt i can come down wif u and watch.. if u like :) .xoxo

  • luv Jasmine

    100th Loveee:DD

  • luv Cheryll

    2day was so funny .. i peed myself at u .. im diein im dien .. wots rong? .. u put 2 much curry powder in :L wee misty is soo cute shes a big ball of fluff haha her own lil perfume and everyfin :L .. ive got ur coat bdw but sure ill cya 2moz probs and give it 2 u den .. adn oh yesh ill try get ur faceybook workin :L .. itl take 5 mins....... 5 mins? .it took me a fuckin week lmao.. oxoxo

  • Ghislainee.Xx

    Hey hows you?? Cleo goin really well atm..so pleased wif her..:D

  • luv Cheryll

    yessshh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awwwhh i no u must must must!! :D yeah he was bonkers 2nite likee so funny haha .. he finks hes classs :L .. loveeee cuzz i lovee ya!!! :) ..xoxo

  • luv Cheryll

    your on!! .. wooo haha soda got clipped 2day..he all pretty but darker dan last year.. u have 2 cum see him! .. and his rugg its so cute on him.. lol .. and we must do sumfin dis weekend :) ..xoxox

  • luv Jasmine

    Heey.. Hows you? .. Naomii o havent seeen u in ages! its not Good lol.. Loveeeee xxxxx

  • Grace Taylor 1/31/10