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Chris B


3/18/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 22, Luv 428
  • from Capital Of Dublin .. Stab City's Jus A Bit On The Side
  • I am Single
  • Last active: 7/20/12
  • www.bebo.com/burkey_1916
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About Me

It's Been Emotional
Me, Myself, and I
"I'm Basically A Legend Roysh. We're Talking Both On The Field And In The Sack, And We're Talking Totally Here. I Rock The Social Scene Of South Dublin, But Not In Any Of The Places You Frequent. I Operate On A Higher Plain, Like A Good Looking Ghandi, With Fockloads Of Cash. Im The Cream Of The Crop And I Intend On Rising To The Top.
The Other Half Of Me
Phil Connolly

Phil Connolly

hes only get dumped for a hot female nobody else

1970's Emo. Early 1980's Costume Pop. Anything With Polyester In The Title. And The Ataris. Or Else Just Oasis.
Anything Made By Nick Love Or Anything With Al Pacino Or Brianna Banks In It
Choose Life. Choose A Job. Choose A Career. Choose A Family. Choose A Fucking Big Television, Choose Washing Machines, Cars, Compact Disc Players And Electrical Tin Openers. Choose Good Health, Low Cholesterol, And Dental Insurance. Choose Fixed Interest Mortage Repayments. Choose A Starter Home. Choose Your Friends. Choose Leisurewear And Matching Luggage. Choose A Three-Piece Suite On Hire Purchase In A Range Of Fucking Fabrics. Choose DIY And Wondering Who The Fuck You Are On A Sunday Morning. Choose Sitting On That Couch Watching Mind-Numbing, Spirit-Crushing Game Shows, Stuffing Fucking Junk Food Into Your Mouth. Choose Rotting Away At The End Of It All, Pishing Your Last In A Miserable Home, Nothing More Than An Embarrassment To The Selfish, Fucked Up Brats You Spawned To Replace Yourself.

Choose Your Future.

Choose Life ...

But Why Would I Want To Do A Thing Like That?
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil;
3 Reasons Why I'm Going Here One Day Before I'm Gone

1. Go To The Christ Redeemer Statue To See It From Close Up

2. Play A Game Of Football On The Beach With The Locals

3. Smash A Brazilian Female In Her Home Country
My Year In College Had Everything - Deaths (R.I.P Shane & Chopper), Sex/Drunken Sex, Many Drunken Nights/Drunken Antics, Fights, Bating FAS Lads :L :L , Rows/Forgettin Bout Them Day After, Gettin Stoned, Robbin Apartments :D , Fires/Couches On Fire/Lettin Of Fire Extingushers, Rag Week In General, College Football Team (Eddie The Gaf Nutter), Meetin Loads Of Deadly New People, All The Galway Lads/Tramore Rats, Robbie Ha Ha, Buzzin Off Security Zac Joe Paddys Jan All Legends, Limerick Gardai/ House Calls/ Gettin Chased, Jumpin Taxis/Havin To Leg It, Startin/Mouthin At Bouncers On Nites Out Ha, Birmo & Stonesey, Birmo Deckin The Bar Man :L :L , Karen Elaine & Megan, Luker And All The Girls From 23, All The Drop Outs We Still Remembered Havin The Banter With: Dougie, Richie, Petey, Ronan, Hicks, Rats, Fahy, Calla, Keenan, Scally & Sean, All The Banter We Had In General And So Much More .. Im So Glad I Moved Away From Home To Go College Was Fuckin Class Same Next Year
Alessandro Del Piero
In Football Terms He Is A Technically Gifted Cunt. One Of My Favourite Players Of All Time. Im Lucky Enough To Have A Similar Player Robin van Persie At Arsenal Who Has Said Del Piero Was One Of His Footballing Idols Grownin Up. And van Persie Is One Of Mine.
More Irish Than Me? Me Who Is Fluent As Gaeilge? Me Who Grows Potatoes Out Me Back? Me Who Has All Da Irish Movies On DVD And VHS? Me Who Has Been To Every Irish Landmark Twice? Me Who Has A Relative In Every Country? Me Who Has His Room Painted Green White And Orange? Me Who Does All Me Homework As Gaeilge? Me Who Has All Da Irish Songs On Me Mp3 Player? Me Who Fights For Freedom? Me Whos Seen Every County Play In Croker? Me Who Left Da IRA To Play For Celtic? And Sooooooo Much More!!! More Irish Than The King, The Great O'Neill? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Slan Leat, Le Gra Chris

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  • Arsenal F.C Vs. Slavia Prague 23/10/07

    "If Ever A Goal Summed Up A Football Team It Was This One. From A Slavia Corner The Ball Was Headed Clear And Hleb Took It On And Drove Into Their Half, Played It To Adebayor Who Turned Inside, Passed To Theo Who Dinked A Beautiful Little Pass Into The Path Of Cesc, Who Had Run The Length Of The Pitch, And He Stroked It Home. It Was A Thing Of Beauty. If You Could Paint It It Would Hang In The Louvre For Generations And People Would Never Tire Of Looking At It. There Are Very Few Teams In The World That Can Score Goals Like That And We’re Lucky Enough That The Team We Support Is One Of Them."

    0 Comments 300 weeks

  • In Memory Of Rhys Jones R.I.P.

    Poem For Rhys By His Dad Stephen Jones;

    Now god wanted a football match
    And to play it up in heaven
    But first he needed players
    And select his first eleven

    Georgie Best, big Brian Labone
    The legend Dixie Dean
    Alan Ball and Bobby Moore
    All made it in the team

    He needed one more player
    Some one who would be quick
    From up above he looked down
    And saw Rhys there in his kit

    So Rhys was taken up above
    God took him by the hand
    To play the game he loved so much
    Where sponsorship is banned

    There is no cheating either as
    God is the referee
    There are no mega wages
    And the transfers they are free

    The games are live on telly
    You don't have to subscribe
    The players all stay on their feet
    Cos no one takes a dive

    So Rhys plays now so happily
    To the angels in the crowd
    And every time he hits the net
    They roar his name so loud

    Have fun my little blue boy
    Your safe and in gods care
    Till its time for me to get my boots
    And join with you up there

    God bless Rhys. Love Mum, Dad & Owen xxxxx

    5 Comments 307 weeks

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Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today

If you ever dream of beating me you better wake up and apologise

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You see I got this chapter memorised... Eszekiel 25:17... The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyrany of evil men blessed s he who in the name o charity and good will shepherd the weak through the valley of darkness for he is truelly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers, and you will know my name is the lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee

'you cannot conquer ireland.you cannot extinguish the irish passion for freedom.if our deed has not been sufficient to win freedom then our children will win it by a better deed.'

They have nothing in their whole imperial arsenal that can break the spirit of one Irishman who doesn't want to be broken.

Hey, you created me. I didn't create some loser alter-ego to make myself feel better. Take some responsibility!

Because every women in here ever since you were 13 every guy ya met had bin tryin to Fuck ya,

Boats n hoes

Nights a dark time for me. nights a dark time for everyone moron! not for alaskans or dudes with night vision goggles

I am fantastic

Fuck It!

'Let's put a SMILE on that face!'

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