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7/9/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 21, Luv 98
  • from Llanrwst
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 8,450
  • Last active: 8/12/10
  • www.bebo.com/xoxhaylzstevoxox
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About Me

BR00t4L=] ~$~Goldigger!!~$~
Me, Myself, and I
☠My name is Hayley, i'm 17 and I live in Llanrwst.
I loovee: Emmy wemmy, sami doof(shes the best:P ), music, eye liner, straightners, extremely straight hair lol, cars, gigs, shopping, clothes, nemo, leopard print, using emmas phone :P , tatoos, art, penguins, plectrums, stars and hearts, motorbikes, pendulum, dance, converse and just basically having a laugh with my mates:)

☠I'm easy to get on with once you get to know me.
The Other Half Of Me
X Lizaa Laad X

X Lizaa Laad X

My bezzie and slag! Love you <3

anything from rock to dance: )
Nemo..spesh with doof cause shes ace! Gladiator, any good films really : )
rounders!!!! with sami yeeeee. acest fielders in the world!!
Sunnyy D! Red bull!! Anything nice with alcohol in it : )
Happiest when
listening to music, chilling with my mates and drawing!

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  • Shmaryl Yip Yip

    OMG... this girl is naked on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on KatelinVanderhoothyilu@hotmail.com  , its her msn messenger name

  • Shmaryl Yip Yip

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  • Sami Doof
    luv Sami Doof


  • X Lizaa Laad X
    X Lizaa Laad X

    hello!! :) orite fit pic!! lol x x x

  • Joe Jones
    Joe Jones

    ye ule get in no probs and get served w.b xx

  • Joe Jones
    Joe Jones

    u mite av 2 book ur own taxi but if u book 1 book it bout 2 or 3 cause it wont finish till late onest its werth cming hun xx

  • Joe Jones
    Joe Jones

    lol ule just av 2 cm along and c them its guna b a gd nite xxx

  • Joe Jones
    Joe Jones

    na its guna b gd ye. ye daz is mcing u wana c da lights ive got now there mad loads of people r going going 2 b da best 1 yet xx

  • Joe Jones
    Joe Jones

    ite hun cm 2 da rave on da 10th of january guna b wel gd ime playing guna b mad lights and a fog machine its in da fairy falls trefriw w.b xxxx

  • Dave
    luv Dave

    how r ya hunny!!!! hope u not goin out new year eve??? i kno i am lol sounds like i could be in for a long nyt then hope u have a gd en!! o ye i get an extra hour in 2009 than u!!!! haha have some love!! xxx

  • Will

    :L so u had good day? ya doin anythin over xmas/new years eve? x

  • Will

    haha i aint been there in years so dont remember what its like :L my dads moved there wit his gf but i still aint been there, i live in abergele (its near rhyl, rhyls more of a shithole than llanrwst tho :P ) xxx

  • Will

    jack shiz, broke up from uni for xmas lst week, goin 2 bangor 2mra to pick sum stuff up from ma room, wher bouts ya from? :P x

  • Will

    haha yer i think it was u so u up 2 much this week? xx

  • Will

    lol the support band were shit every song sounded the same got well bored wit them haha the mosh pit was jst full of chavs so was a good excuse to throw them about :L i looked at ya pics and am sure i saw ya, did ya leave a coat in the coat room thingy lol well it may have been u, wearing a opened shirt? lol xx

  • Will
    luv Will

    heyhey hav gud nite at pendulum? they were well good :D was in mosh pit all night haha legs r dead! lol! xxx

  • Will

    haha wahey :D haha am like that as well at the moment i got lke no cash at all so am like MUM MONEY PLEASE :( :L haha ema ah i loved gettin that, used2 get £30 a week but get paid every 2 weeks haha good times :D ah no way am goin see Pendulum 2mra as well :D wot time ya gettin ther 4? am guna b hammered by time i get llandudno i thinks haha :L wb :) xx

  • Will

    haha nice get anything nice? xmas shopping by any chance ;) lol i did sum today am well skint tbh now =[ lol u doin much on the weekend? =] wb xx

  • Will

    koolio, am good ta well tired though busy day..well kinda haha u ok? up 2 much? thought id actually leave ya a comment since i added ya hate them ppl that add ppl then dont leave comments lol =s xx

  • Will

    heya added ya other day hows ya doin? hope ya dont mind da random add? lol x