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Ashwee Hart


12/16/07 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Hey everyone! Well my name is Ash. I'm roughly 5 foot 6 inches(166cms) ummm i have brown hair, freckles and a big mouth! I love reading, hanging out with friends, hanging out at home when my bros aint there, movies!, acting, singing around the place and heaps of otha stuff. Oh yea my fav colours r black and purple and my fav numba is 13! My fav animal is a cat and i am terrified of spiders and ET.I have 7 piercings(hopefully 8 soon) and when i get big i wanna be an author or an actress or an english teacher or many many other things.i have two younger evil lil bros:scott and sam and the person i love more than anyone in the world is my mum!

My favourite quote: if you try and fail miserably, the lesson is never to try!

|………..| Put this on your
|………..| page if you have
|…….O.| ever pushed a
|………..| door that said pull!
i like the harry potter movies especially number 4 :D I also love lord of the rings1, 2+3, underworld, underworld evolution, xmen 1, 2+3, a walk to remember, the NOTEBOOK!, pearl harbour, sleeing beauty, beauty and the beast, the holiday, serendipity, the devil wears prada, romeo and juliet, looking for alibrandi, ever after, click, apocalypto, pirates of the caribbean 1 and 2, constantine and heaps MORE!
ummm i'm not so into sports, but i spose soccer is cool(only to play) and NRL id fun to play AND watch and tennis is ok!actually i hate sport...physical activity...*shudder*
omg! rasberry vodka cruisers! an tropical fanta(which they've stopped making grrrrrr) and gloria jeans iced choc...o an i love choc milkshakes!
ok...i love almost all books coz im a book nerd. But especially books by Dean Koontz(you have to read one of his books!), the harry potters, deltora quest, the obernewtyn chronicles and any other book by isabelle carmody. Oh and to kill a mockingbird! omg 2 many...heehee.
 and when you've read that read the sequel 'New Moon'!and then there's 'My Sister's Keeper' by jodi piccoult and THEN there's 'Jane Eyre' by Cahrlotte Bronte...i'm surprised by how much i really liked it!
well yea i love animals, everyone knows that! I have 7 cats...meika, annabell, sophie, bambi, feather, lucky and eragon. a doggy...katie(maltese) and a goygus birdy joey(he wolf wistles and says his name and hes a budgie) i also have two puinea gigs and anuda birdy...paulie. my nanna says that she is a 'bloody evil wee brit'coz he bites!

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  • This or That?

    Fill out this fun survey and then share it with your friends

    Coke or Pepsi? lol neither or either!

    Regular pool or heated pool? heated!!!!!!!i get sooo cold!

    Hot tea or ice tea? hot!

    Sunflower or daisy? ummmm daisy :)

    Red rose or pink rose? red!they're beautiful!

    Salt or pepper? neither!

    Red or Green Apple?

    Red or Blue? blue! btu i like red too

    Christmas or Thanksgiving? christmas...never had thanksgiving

    Pink or Green? ummm pink...i dont really like either though

    Hamburger or Hotdogs?hamburger!

    Music or Movies? ummm movies i think...or music?i love BOTH!

    Heaven or hell? heaven :)

    Comedy or horror? lol horror...though comedy you can watch over and over

    aol or aim? what are they?

    ipod or mp3? ipod!only coz i have one!

    Purse or backpack? backpack coz they'r easier

    Myspace or bebo? bebo!myspace is hard!

    Parision or Sears? ha?

    Paris or France? aren't they the same place?

    Milky Way or Sneakers? MILKY WAY! snickers is gross coz it has nuts!

    Vanilla or Chocoloate? chocolate!

    Phone or Internet? ummm i think phone..its more personal

    Steak or Shrimp? steak...shrimp is ewww coz its seaweed

    School or Work?work! def work atm!

    1 Comment 313 weeks

  • Would I ever?

    Fill out this fun survey and then share it with your friends

    Would you eat a bug? umm depends on what bug...if it's squishy with blood in it NO! i'd eat a beetle...but never a spider ewwwwwww

    Would you bungee jump? HELL YES!

    Would you hang glide? hell yes!!!!!

    Would you kill someone? nah lol

    Would you kiss someone of the same sex? lol ummmm depends...if its a close friend and it was jst a kiss for a dare...but as long as they knew it meant nothing more lol

    Would you parachute from a plane? HELL YES!

    Would you walk on hot coals? lol do i hav shoes on?

    Would you be a vegitarian? yep!i don't eat lamb or veal already n ive decided to stop eating chicken coz of what kel told me they do :'(

    Would you instant message a stranger? yes lol

    Would you sing karaoke? been there done that!it's fun!

    Would you run a red light? depends...if i was in labour...YES!

    Would you shoplift? no

    Would you dye your hair blue?yes lol

    Would you be on survivor YES!!!!!!!!!I'D LOVE TO BE!and the amazing race!

    Would you wear make-up in public?lol yes

    Would you not wear make-up in public?lol yes

    Would you cheat on a test? i have..in yr 7 i wrote the formula for sumthn on my shoe

    Would you make someone cry? not intentionally! of laughter maybe ;p

    Would you date someone more than 10 years older than you? nah not 10...lol at my age no more than 3...lol

    0 Comments 313 weeks

  • First Time I...

    Fill out this fun survey and then share it with your friends

    Drank alcohol? ummm well i always had little sips of my mum's but the first real time would have been when I was 15 and my neighbour had her 18th...heehee remember us singing em!!!!!!!lol!

    Got kissed?heehee in year 9

    Got your heart broken?year 7!

    Got arrested? never!

    Smoked a cigarette? never!

    Lost someone close to you? does losing my kitty count? In year 4 I did and I cried every night for about 2 months...

    Broken a bone? In year 3!I tried to climb UP a slippery dip lol...and I slipped and borke two fingers! I also broke a toe tripping over a door...yes a door lol. and another toe from tripping over my bed lol

    Got cheated on? yes:( he went bhind my back with my friend

    Rode the city bus?what's a city bus? is that just a bus in the city? i haven't done that


    Met someone famous? yes lol...Dr Harry Cooper!nott hat he's THAT famous lol...but yea you know him...and might I add one of my besties chloe met Maggie Smith! That's Professor McGonogall

    Dyed your hair?Only a semi permanent...i dyed it red lol

    Had sex?nope

    Got your own cell phone? lol eys since yr 7!

    Had a boy/girl friend?yes lol

    Got the Internet? yep!

    Joined Myspace? no it's too confusing

    Snuck out of the house? yes lol...i met someone late

    Got your own digital camera? yes! last eyar for yr 10 camp!

    Got Drunk? lol no not drunk...tipsy!

    0 Comments 313 weeks

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    maxi says he loves his godmother. lol hehe im organisin his bday atm! its guna b just a bbq but a dress up! LOL heheeeeeeeeeee miss ya xo

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    hmmm im not sure now actually lol if she looks similar to you then yes it quite possibly may have been her haha

  • Clayton Mancell

    i dunno good memory i guess lol i remembered someone leaving me a comment like ages ago and then i thought i recognised u haha were u on the front counter on thursday night with stace?

  • Clayton Mancell

    hey do u still work at target i think i seen u there the other day lol

  • Taylor

    bored bored bored lol c ya on monday :P

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    Hey, just wanna say a huge thank you for joining the twilight series fan club! Hope u enjoy yourself browsing the page. Would apreciate it if u spread the word about the page around the site. Thank you again, Rebekah ------------------x-----------------

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    im s0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0  o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0  o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0oo0o0o0o  0o0o0o bored i need sumfin to do before i go insane its only like 4:15 i still hav the rest of the nite and the hole holudays. omg need a hobby.......... hey i wonder if anyone has used to hole 1000 characters for their comments. thats alot of characters, i have done assignments shorten than that lol. only 585 characters left wat eles can i say.............arhhh cant be bothered lol talk to ya soon luv taylor ps thanks 4 ma prezzie...... so cute :P

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    :L HaHa:L i scared U at work

  • Belinda Meek
    luv Belinda Meek

    ashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hehe meh. :(

  • Kel

    :O ash i FULLY recommend this site to you!!!!!!!!! i was like :O :O :O http://www.knowyourcrush.com/findcru... but i suggest that only YOU should do it disclaimer: i take no responsibility to anyone who uses the above site