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Matthew Robson

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  • Male, Luv 26
  • from milnathort(thats in scotland by the way) / good old embelton
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: 11/8/12
  • www.bebo.com/matthewrobson69
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Me, Myself, and I
my name is matthew and thats about it. i live in scotland and i go to Dollar academy. woo fun times.

by request of Bill im going to add some more not so interesting facts about myself.
i like palying rugby and cricket.
i can shoot a dinner plate from 600m away.
my favourite holiday destination is either South africa, Portugal and good old embelton.

alreeeeet fella.
how goes it.
good day...

these are all ways to greet people, so when i say fuck off i mean fuck off and go away. OK.


(='.'=) This is Bunny. Put him on your
(")_(") homepage and help him on his

fight THE BAN!
Dollar Academy
cricket, rugby, shooting, skiing when i can.
Happiest When
Sleeping, eating(Jacopazzie's ice cream), drinking and partying, and at the shack

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Palladium - High 5

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  • Reasons to date a cricket player!! if u dont agree, i will fight u.

    > 1) We always wear protection.

    > 2) Because with perfect timing we can penetrate a tight ring

    > 3) Once we get in you'll be hit for six

    > 4) We look for gaps and play into them.

    > 5) We are capable of pulling anything.

    > 6) We're not afraid to introduce a third man if required

    > 7) We appreciate legs whether they be fine, short, long or even square.

    > 8) If it starts to get wet we are always sure to have spare sheets and covers.

    > 9) We try to avoid "spraying it"

    > 10) We can go on and on and on for many days!!!

    > 11) We like to play straight

    > 12) We can bat on both grassy and grassless wickets

    > 13) We build long partnerships.

    > 14) We know how to vary the pace to good effect

    > 15) We believe in good helmet protection

    > 16) We're not afraid to spit on our fingers to get the shiny side gleaming

    > 17) We have remarkable stamina with all-round performance.

    > 18) Because our weapons are often wrapped with at least one if not TWO rubber sleeves

    > 19) We score many times.

    > 20) We understand the need for covers and extra covers

    > 21) We definitely know how to 'bang it in'

    > 22) We appreciate a good tail-end

    > 23) Cricketers know for sure that 69 for 2 is a great position to be in.

    > 24) We know how to get a good use of the pitch we play on.

    > 25) We know how to use our bats skilfully while on the crease.

    > 26) We can bowl a maiden over.

    > 27) We know how to arch our backs and give it just that little bit more

    > 28) We're a big fan of video replays

    > 29) We always try to hit the right spot

    > 30) We know how to add that extra bit of pressure

    > 31) We're not afraid of a couple of decent bouncers

    > 32) We never underestimate the value of an overnight stand

    > 33) We usually get through 3 sessions a day

    > 34) We British cricketers relish the chance to go 'down under'

    > 35) We know that chasing a wide one can lead to regret

    > 36) We're not afraid to bring technology into the game

    > 37) We also love to put it in 'The Corridor of Uncertainty'

    > 38) We appreciate the importance of playing in the V

    1 Comment 317 weeks

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Which Hot Celeb Are You?

My result is: Eva Longoria

After relatively brief appearances on The Young and the Restless and L.A. Dragnet (the modern remake of the classic drama), Eva scored big as sexy Gabrielle Solis on ABC's Desperate Housewives. The prime-time soap opera-style series rocketed to the top of the ratings, and those who had never seen Eva before began taking notice. A "hot new face" according to USA Today, Variety and TV Guide, Longoria is one of the finest women to have made it to the top in 2004.
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  • Bronte Zemlic
    Bronte Zemlic

    I made $97 in a day working from home! Heres how - http://goo.gl/jumjB Dont say I never help anyone!

  • Ru Macd
    Ru Macd


  • The Chroston
    luv The Chroston

    lies...total lies I tell you! god the day after school was ermm...interesting haha! promised I'd give you an update, so here i go :D basically he was pretty mad bout it all but decided not to suspend anyone or give out any detentions?! Just if we ever want to go on a school trip again a risk-assesment thing has to be completed..so I'm hoping Malaysia this summer will still be ok!!!! but yeah, could've been worse..mind you he did ask me to stay behind after everyone else left which was pretty damn scary! got the impression he wasn't all too impressed with me.....eek! xxxxxxx

  • The Chroston
    luv The Chroston

    PFFFTT!! DONT DEFEND YOURSELF! "I have a rabbit, look at this picture of it! Those ones I shoot, they're not rabbits...they're RODENTS!" hahaa! hypocryte...:L xxxxxxxx

  • The Chroston
    luv The Chroston

    Rabbit killer...

  • The Chroston
    luv The Chroston

    hahaa, you're such a loser :L but you get some becca-respect for still having my signature on your shoe :D one day that's gonna be the most valuable shoe you own...one day I tell you! and I stll have your insanley accurate picture of me in my sketch-book, it's like looking into a mirror it's so brilliant! hahaa xxxxxxxx

  • Ru Macd
    Ru Macd

    thats a shame, it would have been good, oh well, u might beable to come another time, i will need to speak to my dad about it. nd yeah i have sorta recovered, but i feel a bit ill from madrid, but the wether is shite anyway, so there isnt much to do outside.

  • Arsey

    yeh i no what u mean .. i dnt feel lke im on holiday .. usualy im lke YAAS n get all excited - im totaly not !! haha its weird yeh hav a gd 1 !! :D x.o.x.o.x

  • Arsey

    sounds prety wkd ! x.o.x

  • Arsey

    yeh it was quite funny haha but oh wel ehhh got fam comin up for xmas . and NYE got a free so mite hav some foke over .. mayyb we'l see wbu ? x.o.x

  • Arsey

    yehh .. we got reported 2 him !! the funy thing was .. me n becca had 2 leave from an ALCOHOL talk to go 2 him hahaha about alcohol haha yehh .. tequila is amazing !! lol i live in dunfermline .. so lke half an hr .. so if i get brekfast mum wil NOT b 2 happy haha ahh well x.o.x

  • Arsey

    yeh i no exactly !! is lame -- the bitch . but no i dno .. dep d jst wanted statements from us then itl b lookd into further next term . god dam it .. but ah wel - we'l see. we'l prob jst get brekfast club or something .. wich is lame cuz i liv so fkn far away !! haha yehh .. mite start on the peach schnapps !! haha fkn love it . x.o.x.o.x

  • The Chroston
    luv The Chroston

    nice save there im not buying it though haha! oohh man, i'd beg to differ - im afraid you're not up to MY geeky standards i mean do you have an international tie for science??! xxxxxxxx

  • Arsey

    i no its so annoying ! i think its cuz they found booooze in MY room .. laame ! so we'v all bn draggd into it .. but its jst mis fkn lindsay !! cuz other teachers cot foke in other rooms plasterd outv their faces with drink all over the place n not get reported .. n aparently the other teachers had no idea we'd bn reportd .. was so fkn annoying . but nvm.. ... yeh i no haha .. i cd totaly hav 1 now .. seriously !! haha .. but no i refuse 2 b an alchy ! haha xmas dance was amazing !! couldnt walk at all at end of nite . but was worth it !! :D x.o.x.o.x

  • The Chroston
    luv The Chroston

    haha! no need to go on, you already sound like a geek! cept you're letting the side of nerds down dude! I mean 'egample'?! rookie mistake man!! xxxxxx

  • Arsey
    luv Arsey

    yes i no i lookd rough .. cringe haha i was rather tired !! and slightly hungover/stil a tad tipsy ! haha as i discovrd lol :P yehh so people hav told me .. i may invest in it .. hmmm if i cba !! lol xmas dance .. feet recovering .. staying off the boooz ! lol OH AND RITING A STATEMENT OF THE LAST NITE argh . lol ... urself?? x.o.x.o.x

  • Al Pal
    luv Al Pal

    i can't be strong matthew!!!!!!!! it just kind of like happens and i'm so happy don't try and steal my happyness! i just spelt happiness wrong! haha oh well who cares?? i SAY NOT I! mwahaha oh god stop me now before this happiness goes too far! love yoouuuuu! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Al Pal
    Al Pal

    matthew...i'm afraid ... ... ... ... ... i gave into christmas! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  x

  • luv Ewan

    When you back..?? My stuff back at some point would be good, plus we should arrange to do something..missing bisley?