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Bronagh Sheppard

sporcle's broke :(

6/8/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 26, Luv 199
  • from Belfast
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Anything, as long as it makes me either giggle like a school girl, cry like a baby, so scared i almost pee my pants or so intrigued i chew my tongue like i do when im concentrating real hard.Given that, here are a few favourites;Every Star Wars film ever made, though i do prefer the originals, Team America, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up, Superbad, All 3 Lord of the rings, the last of the Mohicans, fight club, moulin rouge, pulp fiction, anchorman, interview with the vampire, napoleon dynamite, labyrinth, braveheart
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My family, friends, alcohol yada yada yada...films, pineapples, onion rings, sunny days, on occasion rainy days, thunder and lightning, the way of Sub, choc chip cookies, drunken bbqs, joints, giggles, scarfs, so
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Hollyoaks and everyone in it.Take that...i sincerely hope 'back for good' was an exaggeration.The never-ending mystery of the disappearing lighters...where do they go??!people who say 'up the street' or 'up there' when really its down...no sense of direction bugs me.Beating around the bush (how dirty does that sound??) Arrogance, ignorance, insolence
 , lies that arent of the white kind, people who possess or put into use any of the aforementioned, awkward silences.

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  • Dave Moore

    ONE !! THIS FRIDAY SPRING N AIRBRAKE WITH... MOVE D & JONAH SHARP presenting... REAGENZ (Warp/Workshop/Playtime Recordings) BAZZ BAR (io) SENOR G VS SAMAAN DAVE MOORE GRAEME MORRISON Doors open 10PM £10 all night ! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?ei...

  • Lauren Timmons
    luv Lauren Timmons

    its andreas but ill get it off ya next wk, im sick :( ive been sick all wk and im sick of being sick! Poppa T passed his theory on weds, hes all chuffed, ive never seen anyone study so hard! did ya have a good one last weekend?

  • Lauren Timmons
    luv Lauren Timmons

    Teal dresses in H&M..sayin that i dont really know wat teal is, i asked lucy "is that teal?"...she said "yes" lol new pics of Sarah heartbreakingly cute!

  • Lauren Timmons
    luv Lauren Timmons

    Last night was awesome, you enjoy urself? im battered and bruised though! i woke up thinking, wat the fucked happened to me! then it came floodin back. poor meadhbh got abandoned haha!

  • Mairead Hand
    luv Mairead Hand

    Hey seen the fots of wee sarah on ciaras bebo,shes gorgeous, congratulations!! :)

  • Podi
    luv Podi

    course i will. ill have a wee think bout wat to do. chopper pretty pissed at her. he gettin his AK ready

  • Lauren Timmons
    Lauren Timmons

    Hey Mama B! love them wee pics of her, still not sure if she looks more like u or piaras but shes gorgeous either way, i am however shocked at the lack of curls!!! xxx

  • Lisa Burke
    Lisa Burke

    congratulations bronagh, shes a wee cutie

  • Mab 8/21/09
  • Jonny Daly
    luv Jonny Daly

    congrads, you are officailly a MILF :L :L :L bro i seen the fotos, shes class :L :L did i see teeth in one of the pictures? :O :O Did it all go well then? bet ur thinking "never again" lolol must get her out to the felons for a drink in about 18, sorry, 13 years lolol :D :D

  • luv Kerry McCaugherty

    I hope Emma passed on my message of congrats to you :) now you dont have any more excuses to eat all around you :( lol Little Sarah is soo cute!!!!! xx

  • Podi
    luv Podi

    i drew a pic for u but for some reason it ended up on meows bebo. god damn this bebo!!!

  • Kieran Connolly
    luv Kieran Connolly

    Hey Bro balls, heard the good news from Terrence :) Congratulations to you and Piaras :) having a wee one!!!!!!!!

  • Gráinne
    luv Gráinne


  • Mab
    luv Mab

    Damit...i thought i was looking like a real contender there! fancy a game of recognizing things later?

  • Christopher Gribbon
    luv Christopher Gribbon

    tell me about it, its shockin n needs sorted out pronto bro balls of mass destruction hehe just had to say that :L :L . yup heard the news. CONGRATS!!!!!! christning party here wee come, the place will be pumpin :D i like your forward thinking about babysitters, sounds like u have it all planned to the T lol. well im just wrkin away tryin to earn a crumb on the table lol wat u been up 2?

  • Lauren Timmons
    luv Lauren Timmons

    Yayayayay housey housey house house! im calling over today (do i say this at least 5 times a week?) for a nosey! yay!!!

  • Christopher Gribbon
    luv Christopher Gribbon

    hey stranger! how the hell r ya? havent cin ya in ages :O :O how shockin is that ehhhhhhhh :D so what u been up 2? catch--------------->

  • Podi
    luv Podi

    thank you for not puttin the foto of my pubes up. was gonna txt yas n ask uz not to. can remember standin in that alley holdin my jeans down n shoutin "meabh take a foto of my pubes". the place was surrounded with people. wish i didnt do that.