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you don't love her, don't bullshit yourself. you don't even know what love is. twaaaat.

9/25/09 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I

    "We live to dance another day,
      just now we have to
     dance for one more of us,
   so stop looking so damn depressed,
    and sing with all our hearts,
      long live the Queen"   -♫

Geege Clark
The Other Half Of Me


"it's just you and me babe" (:

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  • Nom Nom

    just in the order i added u

  • Kevin Donnelly
    Kevin Donnelly

    *pokes you* cam dammit! xxx

  • Mr.Knockout
    luv Mr.Knockout

    i love you mr geege <3

  • Lithium

    geege i love you baby boy lol

  • M.

    Payless shoes :) haha bit boring but atleast it pays alright.

  • M.

    :O / huggles! And yeah nothing much just working and stuff.

  • M.

    good also ^_^ hehe. been up to much?

  • Oreo Eat World 9/26/09
  • Oreo Eat World
    Oreo Eat World

    okay (: i was going to say- cause im that much more than i am bebo.

  • Oreo Eat World
    Oreo Eat World

    :D got facebook babe?

  • Oreo Eat World
    Oreo Eat World

    aha. >:] awh, why thankyou.

  • Oreo Eat World
    Oreo Eat World

    yeah i think so. just stay confined in your house and just give it to your family aha. thankyou sweetie(:

  • Oreo Eat World
    Oreo Eat World

    your welcome. aha i wish. yeah same, bit of a sore throat :/ buuuuttt just coursework and seeing my boyfriend tomorrow.

  • M.

    heyyy how are you? :)

  • Oreo Eat World
    Oreo Eat World

    just a random add really. your gorgeous, and seem awesome so (: good, not too bad thankyou. upto much this weekend atall?

  • Oreo Eat World
    Oreo Eat World

    hope you dont mind the add sweetie, howre you?


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    love is the scars on your knees, the leftover food in the refrigerator, the songs the birds sing, the pain you inflict, the sweet nothingness that flutters from your lover's mouth, a half-complete cigarette, diet coke which fizzles on your tongue, the rainbow sprinkles on your cupcake, the battered package you recieved in the mail the other day, the sound of the wind escaping through a small gap in your window, the dampness of your hair, the chipped red nail varnish on your fingernails, your grandmother's music box, the ballet shoes you've had since you were five, the music playing on your car stereo, the flaky paint on your walls, the bubblegum stuck to the bottom of desks, the tooth-fairy, your hands and the things you can make with them, the kisses you blow, the clothes you wear, 5am morning breath, your sensitive teeth, the tingly feeling you get when certain parts of your body are touched, the tangles in your lover's hair, sleepless nights, overdosing on painkillers, undeserved success and recognition, telling lies and not getting caught, blacking out from consuming too much alcohol, being desired by multiple parties, solving a mathematical problem, watching the people around you, watching the people fucking up around you, screaming out of your window in the middle of the night, flaming your lover's ex, make-up sex, smudged mascara, dishevelled hair and smeared lipstick, the coffee and bagel you digest on a daily basis, little children, silence, recycable materials, trees, photosynthesis, growth, development.

    no. love is
      you, me and a careless mixture of everything else we worry about.

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          60 things you probably didn't know about me;

    1. I had a facts list before but have decided to redo it.
    2. I'm never on time for anything. I'm either early or late.
    3. My boyfriend is the best guy in the world, no doubt about it.
    4. I have 2 best friends and i'd die without them.
    5. I lose my virginity when I was 14.
    6. If I give you some stupid inside-joke nickname, I think you're aceee.
    7. I like having inside jokes with people, it makes me feel closer to them.
    8. I constantly doubt myself and everything about my life.
    9. I sometimes feel like I'm in a reality show but was never told.
    10. I tap dance down the aisles in sainsbury's, in my kitchen, bathroom and in school corridors.
    11. I wont shut up about something until you tell me to.
    12. I have asbestos fingers (:
    13. ..is my lucky number.
    14. Everyone calls me a sex addict and a nympho.
    15. I've met some of my best friends online.
    16. I'm a /b/tard. Work it out.
    17. I'm terrified of dead things. Even dead flies.
    18. I favour my mom over my dad, eventhough I know that it's wrong to have a favourite.
    19. I hate children but love my Child Development lessons.
    20. I like cutting, dying, washing and straightening people's hair.
    21. I like putting make up on people, especially guys.
    22. I only wear about 10% of my clothes.
    23. I have bebo, myspace, tagged, netlog, msn, facebook and vampirefreaks.
    24. I use all of them on a daily basis (except vampirefreaks)
    25. I've dyed my hair to the extent that it's dead.
    26. I love my dog more than I love most people.
    27. Horror films terrify me, yet I watch them all the time.
    28. I love asians ;)
    29. I'm "married" to 4 different people; chrissy, raach, lauraa and grant.
    30. I want a welsh accent.
    31. I love Farm Town a bit too much.
    32. I can't wait to leave school. Euck.
    33. I'm ambidextrous.
    34. I have athazagoraphobia.
    35. I like laying in bed and listening to the rain.
    36. I'm vegetarian and have been for over a year. I'm quite sure I will be for the rest of my life.
    37. I doodle on everything, even people.
    38. I've never worn a watch for more than a day.
    39. I'm Capricorn, but have been told I seem more like an Aquarius.
    40. I was born in the year of the Dog.
    41. I want to travel the world and plan to the minute I can.
    42. I have the whole Friends boxset and have seen every episode at least 4x.
    43. Try to tell me my beliefs are wrong and I will literally rip your throat out.
    44. I'm stubborn and once I've made up my mind about something, it probably will not change.
    45. I hate most of the A Half in my school. Majority are incredibly annoying.
    46. I wish it would snow more.
    47. There always seems to be at least one random bit of paper and one hairband on my floor.
    48. I only seem to lose important things.
    49. I could happily live in Topshop, Cult, H&M, Primark and Blue Banana.
    50. When I shop, I REALLY shop.. For hours. And hours. And hours (:
    51. Arguments on bebo are the funniest things in the world, no kidding.
    52. I prefer myspace, purely because there's less drama.
    53. When I listen to music, it has to be loud.
    54. I like names that noone knows how to pronounce eg. Aoife and Eilidh.
    55. I read and write at a 21+ year old level. go me (:
    56. The fact I'm already running out of things makes me feel incredibly boring.
    57. I will always hate science, no matter what.
    58. I'm worried about moving out when I'm older because I'm very bad at money-saving (:
    59. I use smileys on bebo too much, especially ;D
    60. Everyone at my school seems to have a Jane Norman bag, except me.

    2 Comments 220 weeks