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Richie Mac

Aberdeeeen :)

9/30/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 28, Luv 381
  • from Inverness
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  • Last active: 6/23/11
  • www.bebo.com/InverRich
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He's a Grade-A Fudnugget!
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I'm very much an 'in my own time' kinda guy.
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Willie MacGillivray

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  • Vernice Rindone

    How can the do this for free? http://alturl.com/qg7wg

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Glennath

    i've got you on facebook?

  • Greg
    luv Greg

    lol yasss! hows aberdeen? many sheep bbbbbbaaaaaa! lol tel everyone a said hey! hows the art goin? t int eh park this year? ave got ma ticket!!!! cny wait goin to be amazin!!!!!

  • Josh Blackwell
    luv Josh Blackwell

    thanks for the ad man. see you down the ramps if the good wether comes ay

  • Glennath

    hahah, oryt, ha, ye ino:( , have u been riding much? lyk indoor places obv?:S /

  • Glennath

    am awryt man oryt swnd , duz lewis still owe u money? no i havent been out much coz it too cold nd startin to get really snowy. wbs

  • Glennath

    awryt whats on u still in aberdeen awsome bacflip 2 manuel in th vid wbs

  • Greg

    not much bud where are u now? are u at collage or uni now? u still in the west end making mad noises with tyre pumps lmao gd times! aye FTSE was a gamble! U still talkin to ppl fae collage? mind that girl we went to barca that young girl carly? she invited me to her 20th the other week but a couldny make it? u spoke to scott?

  • Greg
    luv Greg

    fukin hell ur still shit on a bike lol!!!! hows the ftse? is it up or down? how u been mate not spoke to u in a long while! where are u at these days? u missin me lol?

  • Dorothy Macleod
    luv Dorothy Macleod

    Hhahahaha saw ewan today, guess what!!! he carries a wee doll (female) and calls it richard!!! hahahah soo funny, he wouldnt depart with it today at the docs - showing the doc and saying the words ichard ichard!!! hahahah awwwww and carries a dog toy calling it dodo, which is me!!! soooo funny!!! whats doing?? xxx

  • Meganbethany
    luv Meganbethany

    aw thats goood :) did you get my number then? seeing as you lost it hehe. no i didnt get a job at the cinema :( think they just dont like people from inverness lol and yeah started uni, into my second week of teaching, rather fun really! off for another pub quiz tonight lol i thought you were moving to aberdeen agess ago, what happened there? xxxxx

  • Meganbethany
    luv Meganbethany

    alright gorgeous hows you? hows lifee? stirling is good funn like :) xxxxx

  • Dorothy Macleod
    luv Dorothy Macleod

    Thankyou! yep my birthday is the same day as ur mams...please tell me u rem your mams??? hehe! big 60!! not me...ur mams 60 haha! ;) yup im 24, are you 24 too?! i always thought you were like 20! young face unlike my obviously old nursing mug face lol!!! have had a fab day and people are tooo kind with prezies!!! im mortified with all i got, i thought the older you get the less you get!!!? heading to Gla for w.end - spend all the monopoly money lol!! Hows you dude!? when u in inversneck next!!? xxx

  • Meganbethany
    luv Meganbethany

    and why ever not :O upset now :P i'll text you tho with my number again i'm moving on saturday, slightly scared! and too many guys telling me they want to get me drunk, which uhh well i think we all know i shouldnt be allowed to drink lol but i've been really ill for past few days, i dont ever want to go back to perth after being sick in middle of the high street at like 3 in the afternoon haha. when you going over to aberdeeen? xxxx

  • Dorothy Macleod
    luv Dorothy Macleod

    yes it was fab! the 3d glasses were amazzzing! not a great look but hey! film was really good, bit gooorey all the same, lol listen to me - i sound like im doing a write up for the film lol! you can tell me all the good fillms coming out, be my personal film adviser! i need it obv after watching that horris orphan girl/woman/thing! i still get flashbacks of her chasing me haha! aww poor wee you in Aberdeen,trying to hunt a flat!! i have a 4-man tent..would that help lol? ;) im sure you will find one hun! keep your chin up, ask rob for a sub otherwise and get your self one lol! you wish! lol, i was with ewan and the shem tod (seumas lol) aww they are so so adorbae i could eat them!! im now called 'dodo' by ewan, dont know if thats cute or insulting!!!? lol so you started uni again yet?

  • Liza Anderson

    Think Thats Suppose To Be Your Job!!!!!!!

  • Dorothy Macleod
    luv Dorothy Macleod

    hahaha told you! its blooming scary! i barley slept that night, kept hearing noises! kirsteen taking me back again mon to watch a 3d film?? dont even know what film it is, i reckon the only reason she wants to go is for the geeky glasses!! I will def be at the very back if your looking for us haha!well iv just fin my 4th nightshift and one more tonight to do :( soooo oober tired!!! p.s have you seen our adorable nephew yet? i love him to bits...trying to think up a wa to steal him lol! and ewan! love those boys! xxxx

  • Johny Cook
    Johny Cook

    Richie Richie! Oh no not bebo! Cheers for spreading the project :) I see good feedback :p

  • Dorothy Macleod
    Dorothy Macleod

    Richie......why oh why oh why didnt you stop me from going into see that film!! :( YES it was 'scary biscuits' how on earth am i going to sleep! lights on hahahah! You must b pleased to hav fin work at 12!! poor wee you man! actually...no....getting to have a lock-in at the cinema, playing guitar hero on a cinema screen...worth working all the hours of the day and night i say!! lol xxx :)

  • Chris Duff
    Chris Duff

    haha no way man,least you will have lots of money to party when summer is done!my house is pimp but im hopefully mooving upto the next street,a few of my mates stay in it and its got a pool in the back garden like!get on that plane man,dont forget youre bike!