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PearlenS Rocking

Im tired...but cnt sleep.:-(

7/21/10 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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Twinkle Land

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  • Lana Bartlett
    luv Lana Bartlett

    hi love , hows u and that baby :D

  • Nani .
    Nani .

    wot is ths ms`pearl? is it evn tru? did u realy krak thd $727?

  • Lana Bartlett
    luv Lana Bartlett

    thanku gurl , hows boy . ? and how are u . ?

    11/15/10 via Mobile
  • Lana Bartlett
    Lana Bartlett

    U clda atleast shared th love when u sent that message .

    11/12/10 via Mobile
  • Facebook

    girl , was you at pak n save on sunday just gone ?

  • Huriiata Mauriirere
    luv Huriiata Mauriirere

    whats up kurl friend xx gimme txt k 0276415066

  • Huriiata Mauriirere
    luv Huriiata Mauriirere

    i facebooked u mush! i think? just PM'd u my landline xx lovez for me!

  • Huriiata Mauriirere
    luv Huriiata Mauriirere

    loves for pearl xox

  • Huriiata Mauriirere
    luv Huriiata Mauriirere

    hey mush! yeah def have to catch up soon! u still in brown owl? xxx

  • Daphne
    luv Daphne

    Omfg! Haha,fah i reckon ets been age'z. Eye aint realy been up2muj aye! Juz pop'd owt my 3rd & last bby dou. Lol! Heard yah had a kid nw dou 2! Wow conragz. Well wotz ets name? Wot iz et?

    7/16/10 via Mobile
  • Huriiata Mauriirere
    luv Huriiata Mauriirere

    hey mush! eww i txtd u and wondered y u didnt txt bk! lol txt u 2mrw! loves to use and buba! did kereopa tell u in seen him on the train? lol hes still cheeky!! haha loves for u!! send me some oww!! =]

  • Patricia Taepa
    luv Patricia Taepa

    Haay, 19th ov feb ayy!! !!

  • Patricia Taepa
    Patricia Taepa

    Hey pearl, How is yur baby?/ Can i have yur addy please so i can send yu an invyt too ny 21st please thank yu! Hope yu are fyn hollah bak ASAP Love yu Shawty

  • Misz Huata
    Misz Huata

    wats ur name unda i cnt fnd u

    5/29/10 via Mobile
  • Misz Huata
    Misz Huata

    Hay nahro? Hve u hd ur baby yet?

    2/26/10 via Mobile
  • MsWharehinqqa
    luv MsWharehinqqa

    hae kuhszin.congratsz ahwn havah buhbah.muj luhv beautiful wahine

    1/21/10 via Mobile
  • luv Unique .

    hey aunty it`s kasha . . how are you ? longtime noO see haha . . . how was your guys new years ? . . soO have ytou had baby yet ? i have litralyy lost my o21 soO i cant text yah . . whats yur number tho? . . i hope everything is going well with baby and stuff, soO wnna see him hehe well ryt back and il get in touch with youz . . oh and whats yah home number hun ? well talk soo . . say hey to everyone . . love yousfrom kasha&kern x

  • LoveSoul
    luv LoveSoul

    Excuse Me Boyfriend... hmm.. im soo sorri i missed ur pepi showa.. man but congratulations!!! I Miss you Mush, get in touch! Hea'z da Luvz for you 3 nd hope ya'z gud!! :D :D :D :D

  • Hypatia S.
    Hypatia S.

    Study was alright. When I got my essays back they had smiley stickers and comments like "way to go Patia!" and "this is way better than Pearl's!" On holidays now and I'm not sleeping very well 'cause i heard Shona's retired. What have you been up to?

  • Clemiie J
    luv Clemiie J

    shes had 021 for ageeessss! she doesnt use her 027 d0o yuu want her numberr? all you need to d0o iis have like 3 or 4 driving lessons wiith an instructor and yuu will be sweet! trust mee