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David Tansey

mynew website up and running and going strong www.cultcollectablesshop.com and http://stores.shop.ebay.ie/CultColle...

5/27/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 34, Luv 22
  • from Dublin
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Last active: 11/3/10
  • www.bebo.com/casperarsenal
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Me, Myself, and I
loving my life today i dont drink and do not not look back one bit onwards and upwards, im really close with my family i have two great sisters and 5 nephews who really keep me going, i take each day as it comes and never look into tomorrow its not worth the hassle ,why hate life when you can be larger then it :-)
the list goes on and on , bloc party, stateless, kasabian, incu
 bus, the doors, nine inch nails.jeff buckley, joy division, stone roses, the pixies, ian brown, kings of leon, smashing pumpkins on and on
platoon, goodfellas, alpha dog, control, saw
huge arsenal fan :-)
Scared Of
getting old to quick
Happiest When
shopping and taking it easy and being with my girlfriend dominika :-) nearly two years together and going strong, watching arsenal every saturday or sunday its like tradition!!! and being with friends and family cant beat it!! used to love the gig scene when i played drums some happy times!! taking my dog kane ( long haired german shephard) out for walks he is a handful have to say but its all good :-)

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    August 05
    David Tansey transformed into Batman. Batman fires off the grappling gun at a 50-story building and elevates away to escape from Catherine! 07:41AM

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    3 Arsenal FC 38 43 83

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    • Catherine
      luv Catherine

      When you joining facebook? Come on come over to the other side lol x

    • Catherine


    • Catherine
      luv Catherine

      Aww im glad things are going well for you! Nothing much new with me still working away and still bored lol

    • Catherine
      luv Catherine

      Hey Mr hows things with you i havent heard from ya in ages x

    • Gary Fuckin Flynn

      Cheers Dave hope enjoy it pal

    • Gary Fuckin Flynn

      Alright Dave mate, Our debut album Everybody Back On The Bus is out now from HMV, Tower and iTunes. Also available online..http://tinyurl.com/everybodybackonthebus Cheers

    • Catherine

      Well Mr hows the ebay thing going? x

    • Fran L
      Fran L

      next time you pass,text me on 0861649826

    • Fran L
      Fran L


    • Fran L
      Fran L

      no... tried but failed

    • Catherine

      ah now dont let them rush ya! Nah def no rings as yet im still only 25 so i am a bit young for that! Have you taken her to Paris yet..... x

    • Catherine

      Na nothing new well not that i can think off! Thats good you have started your own we thing on ebay i must check it out to see if there is anything worth buying! haha You not engaged yet or anything lol x

    • Catherine

      Hey! Where we going? lol I am ok thanks, heading to Dublin on Sat for my cousins babies christening and going to see her new house in Swords too so that should be fun. Any news with you? x

    • Catherine
      luv Catherine

      OMG your actually online!! How the hell are ya??

    • Catherine
      luv Catherine

      Happy New Year Have some love

    • Catherine
      luv Catherine

      Merry Christmas

    • Catherine
      luv Catherine

      hey I have no idea what to get Colin yet i have a good few things bought already but i still need to get more. What you getting Dominika and what is she getting you? Glad to hear everything is well Cathy

    • Catherine
      luv Catherine

      omg that arsenal pic of your man there is stinking! At least put someone half decent on if you are going to support a team like that haha