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Adam Daly

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  • Male, 22, Luv 6
  • from warrington
  • Profile views: 615
  • Member since: November 2005
  • Last active: Feb 7
  • www.bebo.com/adamdaly_91
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
hi me names adam i love hangen out with m8s and goin on msn am 16nd manchester united rules whahahahahahaha lol

me MSN is
adamdaly_91@hotmail.co.uk if u wana add me :)
linkin park/lostprophets/30 seconds from mars/guns and roses/fallout boy.
rockys/rambos anything with a fight or a race (street raceing)
foot ball manchester united rugby warrington wolves
Scared Of
me sis lol
Happiest When
in love

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  • sooooooooooooooo

    Put an X in the box if its a yes leave it blank if its a no!
    [_] go out with me?
    [_] give me your number?
    [_] shift me?
    [_] let me shift you?
    [_] watch a movie with me?
    [_] take me out to dinner?
    [_] take a shower with me?
    [_] be my gf?
    [_] have a fling with me?
    [_] take me home for the night?
    [_] Would you let me sleep in your bed?
    [_] re-post this for me to answer your questions?
    [_] give me a piggyback ride?
    [_] have a relationship with me?
    [_] Dance with me?
    [_] Let me spank that ass?
    [_] Help me with homework?
    [_] Tickle me to death?
    [_] Let me tickle you?
    [_] Stick up for me if i was being put down?
    [_] Carress my body?
    [_] Play strip poker with me?
    [_] Say yes if i asked you out?
    [_] Get wasted with me?
    [_] Instant message me?
    [_] Greet me in public?
    [_] Hang out with me?
    [_] Bring me around your friends?

    0 Comments 357 weeks

  • wot u think of me???

    Ugly? :
    Kind? :
    Loud? :
    Shy? :
    Weird? :
    Selfish? :
    Nice? :
    Immature? :
    Cool? :
    Stupid? :
    Caring? :
    Mature? :
    A friend? :
    More than a friend? :
    Talkative? :
    Boring? :
    Beautiful? :
    Creative? :
    Smart? :
    A flirt? :
    Slutty? :
    A psycho? :
    Athletic? :
    Confusing? :
    Have mood swings?:
    Annoying? :
    Funny? :
    Hyper? :
    Laid back? :
    Perfect? :

    Give me a new name, what would it be ?:
    Hook me up with someone, who would it be ?:
    Do one thing with me, it would be ?:
    Drop me one piece of advice, it would be?:

    WOULD YOU (girls only)
    Kiss me ?:
    Ever go out with me ?:
    If you already have, would you do it again ?:
    ever shag me?:
    Ever talk bad about me if we were to break up ?:

    thank you

    2 Comments 357 weeks

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  • Jay

    ahhhhhhhh! Sayinn fatty :) hows things. why aint youin work today? skive! ciao!

  • Your Mum Thiinks Im Hot
    luv Your Mum Thiinks Im Hot

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Adamsss A tittttt writein on his own wallllll :) iIl let you of considrin youve put me in your top friends now (: .xO

  • Your Mum Thiinks Im Hot
    luv Your Mum Thiinks Im Hot

    You are :O are you bliinddd ;] But the question b>is WERE AM IIIII :O dissapointed in you mr daly (N) x

  • Your Mum Thiinks Im Hot
    luv Your Mum Thiinks Im Hot

    Adam daly. Would you care to explain why i am not in your top friends? Considdrin i am Your best friiend :') Give Adam Daly your luv for today. "Luv me do.. you?"

  • Beckiee

    heyyy... howahh yhuh? ant seen u in ages beck xx

  • Liv Cullen
    luv Liv Cullen

    Hi adz i am realy bored so i just thought i would wright you a comment and i dont think you are a poser:) :) see you soon :P :P :P

  • CM.B' .Ox
    CM.B' .Ox

    Elloo Baybee..x Yooh Okayy...?? Yours Gryahames Matyeee ant ya..?? Wb Ly..x.x

  • Clare-Louise

    Just college homework and driving lessons and work lol. Not alot really.

  • Clare-Louise

    Yeh we have a few times actually. What ya up to hunni??? xx xxx xx

  • Clare-Louise

    Hey im fine thanks hows u hun? :)

  • luv Ii Rep Shauni

    hey im fine fanx u ??? nah sos bbz lv laura x xx xxx xx x p.s heres ya lv bk

  • Yehh Babyy
    luv Yehh Babyy

    thanks hun likes your pics aswell hunni xxx

  • Jenny O'Reilly
    Jenny O'Reilly

    haha that was a funny message :P

  • Jenny O'Reilly
    Jenny O'Reilly


  • Debz Daly
    Debz Daly

    boo! u no i scared u! :p ur a stupid lil shit of a bro! lol! ;) hehe! jkjk! wel u can b a lil shit n u no it! lol! newayz laters! Debz XxX

  • Toni


  • '

    yea i have n ill add u

  • '

    kk wel i no ure face i duno wher

  • '

    hya u dont no me but o wel:L