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Jessica Evelyn Smith


5/29/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

♥MoRe aBoUt My LiFe♥
Im sure some of you would love to know what i did that was so horrible if you dont already know but i feel that i shouldnt have to share any of this with you but i will say this dont lie, cheat, or steal it will get you no where all you will be is alone ive made alot of mistakes but none like i have latly ive fucked up a friendship and a relationship and what do i have now nothin and im not doin this shit again the aftermath BITES HARD
♥I've Realized....♥
if you let something you did break you then you show signs of weakness if you accept what you did and realizes there is nothing you can do about it now then you're strong and no one or nothin can break you live life and forget about the past just learn from your mistakes you only get one life to live so if you fuck up just make the best of it cause you'll never have another chance to do it again
♥hApPiEsT wHeN♥
i'm happy when i'm HiGh or DrUnK and having fun with my friends...think thats it..yea it is
♥PeOpLe I cArE aBoUt♥
♥Courtney Stone
♥Shayna Covington
♥Skotty Howell
♥Chelsie Ashton
♥Ashley Lewis
♥Brannon Ramsey
♥Cash Campbell
♥Ashley Burnett
♥Candace Hernandez
♥Fancy Caldwell
♥Cami Campbell
♥sCaReD oF♥
Losing my dad even though we have problems every now and then i still love him alot and he is the only "real" parent i have left so i'd like for him to stay around for awhile..

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  • Letting Go

    Boy it's been a long time
    Since the last time I saw you
    Feels like nothings Changed
    Since we been together
    I must admit that I feel crazy about you
    And I can see it in your eyes
    That theirs something you want to say to me
    usually but now you'll be holdin on to me
    But instead your tellin me that things have changed
    There not the same and
    Recently you found someone that you
    Decided to decidate your whole life to
    And what we had has got to be though
    And baby what hurts the most
    Is letting go
    I just want you to know that I love you so
    And though things are different now you go and settle down
    I thought for sure you'll always wait for me
    I'll tell you what hurts the most
    Is that I should have took the chance
    Boy when you came to me and offered me your hand
    Silly of me I thought I'd always have your heart
    I had the chance to have all your love
    I'll be missin you now
    I hate that their is someone new
    Comin in and takin my place
    Doin the things that we used to do
    And makin love to you, oh
    What am I suppost to do
    It's killin me cuz I want you
    And you should have known
    My love was true
    And theirs noone else in this world
    For me but you
    The things have changed their not the same
    And recently you found someone that you
    Decided to decidate your whole life to
    And what we had has got to be through
    Baby what hurts the most,
    Is leting go and I just want you to know
    That I love you so and tho things are different now
    You going to settle down
    I thought for sure you'll always wait for me
    I'll tell you what hurts the most
    Is I should have took the chance
    Boy when you came to me and offered me your hand
    Silly of me I thought I'd always have your heart
    I had the chance to have all your love Oh,
    Im missin you now
    I know that im the one to blame for loosin you
    I really really wish that I could be happy for you
    Their's just one thing I need you to do
    Don't you touch her like you used to touch me,
    Don't you love her like you really needed me,
    Don't you love her like you used to love me
    Baby what hurts the most is lettin go
    I just want you to kno that I love you so
    And tho things are different now
    You gonna settle down
    I thought for sure you'd always wait for me
    I'll tell you what hurts the most is...
    I should have took the chance,
    Boy when you came to me and offered me your hand,
    Silly of me I thought I'd always have your heart
    I had the chance to have all your love oh,
    I'll be missin you now,
    What hurts the most,
    Is lettin go, just to let you kno I love you so
    What hurts the most,
    Is lettin go, just to let you kno I love you so
    What hurts the most... Hurts the most.....

    What hurts the most Is lettin you go!!! But it's something
    That we all have to do....

    1 Comment 364 weeks

  • i dont want to be here anymore,so why am i still here??

    have you ever had the feeling that nobody cared about you anymore?? not even the closest friends you had at one point or the person you thought was the love of your life,thats how i feel like nobody cares or like im not good enough for anybody i feel like i shouldnt be here like i should kill myself and then maybe the people who i thought cared would care like they should of in the first place i dont know i just feel like i shouldnt be here anymore but there is always one person who could almost change that for you and make you want to stay cause they acted like they really cared or maybe they're fake too just like everyone else who says they care about you i feel so close to the edge like im gonna break at any moment like somethin will just tell me its my time to go and then ill take my own life and then what would happen to the people who really cared?? i guess it wouldnt matter then cause i would be dead no turning back then huh? i just wish the people who really cared could show me they really care like tell me at least i had one person do that for me yesterday and i thank him for that in fact if it wasnt for him i might of taken my life last night but i made him a promise that i wouldnt do anything to hurt myself and i would never break a promise to him and if you're reading this THANK YOU!! you were there for me when nobody else was and i am thankful to have someone like you who cares about me i love you so much and i cant thank you enough for bein there for me if i had more people in my life like that then maybe my life would be worth living for but no my life sux but it will be ok maybe i just dont know anymore my life is a lost cause OMG!! i have so many problems its not even funny thats probably why i cant keep a boyfriend for more that a week cause i have so many problems and they dont want to be part of the drama in my life and i cant blaim them for that if i didnt have to be a part of it i wouldnt.i dont want to be here anymore maybe im just sayin that cause im depressed but thats how i feel and if i dont want to be here then why an i still here?? cause im to scared to leave my life and never find out what could of happend should i wait an see if life gets any better or should i just go and kill myself and get it over with?? why wait its not gonna get any better ill just leave and get it over with now nobody cares anyways..............

    6 Comments 368 weeks

  • *:oNe Of My BiGgEsT mIsTakEs*

    Last night i did the dumbest thing a person could ever do and that was thinking i could go on without the person i loveand this sounds stupid but i got scared cause for once things seem to go right and i was afraid of losing him again i dont want to go through that again know i guess after a person gets hurt once their always afraid it will happen again well thats how i feel anyways i dont know but i do know i cant be without him i love him so much its hard to explain,i dont know what i would do without him i cant even think of what i did before i met him cause nothing was really worth remembering until he came into my life not that ever moment with him was happy but their still memories and trust me we have alot of those i dont know what i was thinking i cant be without him i couldnt do anything knowing that i wasnt with him i almost lost my mind last night well i did but like after i told him i started cring and i knew i was gonna cry i knew it and dont you think a smart person wouldnt do it if they knew it was gonna make them cry well im not smart so thats why i did it but i had thought about it all day and i thought i was doing the right thing and i
    was wrong because i was listening to my head and not my heart that was my first mistake in my head i was thinking things are actually going right for once and then i thought something bad is gonna happen and it will be over again my heart will be shadered into a million pieces and i could stand the thought of going through that it made me cry just thinking about that like how bad i felt after he hurt me all thoughs times and i got scared cause i didnt want to go through that all over again but if i really didnt want
    to get hurt i wouldnt keep going back but i did and i realize now why i did over and over again cause i love him and it hasnt changed and it never will for anybody cause Brandon is the one i love and if i leave him i will be making the biggest mistake ever cause i cant find another true love you only get one in your life and if i leave him i will end up with someone who i just like and then end up alone cause they will leave me for the one they love and i couldnt be without him my life would suck we need each other and im just now realizing this but at least im realizing it now cause any later and i would have fucked my life up so bad and i would never get him back well i did get him back but i dont think ill ever do that again never ever ever that was the scariest thing i ever put myself through and i dont think ill do it again.

    2 Comments 370 weeks

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    hey cikca wats up? nmh juss bein bored.. so wat have u been up 2?? well i juss wanted to say hey.. welp.w.b bye

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    Jessica!.. Damnn i have talk to you seen skatland. how are you?. Wat you been doing?. i miss you.! =) well get back at me!. Peace!. ♥

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  • Cierra Renea Ramsey  12/21/89 - 3/19/05
    Cierra Renea Ramsey 12/21/89 - 3/19/05

    I dont know who you are or what your problem is with me but i would like it if you fixed my page i wont be mad just send the password from my page to this account im asking nicely Please fix it -Jessica

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    Courtney Stone

    hey my lovley sister!!! when are you going to come back and see me...

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    I Love You!

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    hey you have to be 25 weeks until you find out what it is...you still got a while to go....I was so happy when i heard his heart beat i just started crying....it is really awesome being pregnant....you get to experiance so many things like no other...well girl i gotta go heading to texas...I will talk to you later write me back Love ya shavonne

  • Shavonne Connard
    Shavonne Connard

    hey girl so your gonna have a baby too huh??? Are you excited??? What do you want?? My lil boy will be here next month I so can not wait..if you need anything or need someone to talk to then just holla at me....my number is 504-3991 call me and maybe we can hang out....Love ya girl

  • Brooke.
    luv Brooke.

    Hey girl, yes I am. I'm four months. Congradulations!! Whose your doctor?

  • Ashlee.In.Wonderland

    Jessica hey chck i miss ya how ya been? me actually pretty dam n good well gurly we need to kick it sometime.. oh yeah congrats... LOVE Ashlee