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lol haha wat a fukin liberty!!:L

3/17/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from yate
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as elv says
Me, Myself, and I
<<<█▀▀ █ ▀█▀
<<<█▀... █... █

hey my name is joey giltrow and i live in bristol...
i play football all the time i support man united and bristol city and madrid


ℓσα∂ιи ........
███████ 98%
ℓσα∂ιи .......
████████ 99%
ℓσα∂ιи ¢σмρℓєтє.......
█████████ 100%


▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █

██ 10% Luck
████ 20% Skill
███ 15% Concentrated Power of will
█ 5% Pleasure
██████ 50% Pain
██████████████ 100% Reason To Remember The Name

its joey
best team in bristol
вяιѕтσℓ ¢ιту.. ησт נυѕт α тєαм.. ιтѕ тнє ѕυρρσят.. ιтѕ тнє ℓσνє.. ιтѕ αℓωαуѕ вєℓιєνιη.. тιℓℓ тнє ∂αу υ ∂ιє.. ιтѕ α яєℓιgιση.. αη∂ α ωαу σƒ ℓιƒє!! в¢ƒ¢ ƒσя ℓιƒє!! αℓωαуѕ вєℓιєνє, αℓωαуѕ ℓσνє, αℓωαуѕ ѕυρρσят!
anythin with fighting in
football football and football nd some basketball
Scared Of
scary things lol and i dunno wat else
Happiest When
moakein haha or wen im with m8s havein a drink!
msn!!!! add me peeps!

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  • Bristol Soldier
    Bristol Soldier

    Hey everyone! Add my new profile!!!! http://goo.gl/ewHrh

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  • Fay-Louise.X
    luv Fay-Louise.X

    hey :) ohhh been up to much latley ? miss yooh joey lyxx

  • Fay-Louise.X
    luv Fay-Louise.X

    joey ;) aint seen u in a while :( ow come you aint been about with liam much then ? ly xxx (have sum luv ) x

  • luv M-A-T-T

    your shit at xbox!! :L :L loveeeeeeeeeee x

  • Robyn X
    Robyn X

    its born_to_be_blond@hotmail.co.uk finaly talkin to me then lol x

  • Hannah
    luv Hannah

    noober? :L yes i do... hannah_chivers@hotmail.co.uk :)) xx

  • Emilygrace.
    luv Emilygrace.

    (: xx

  • Emilygrace.

    hello darling(: im all good thankyou babe & good. yeahh i know, you did. it feels wierd seeing you now, from when we were in a relationship lol. cool cool. so having lots of fun then?:L what time would me & katie have to be over yours next saturday? love you x

  • Emilygrace.

    helooooo(: how're you? havent seen / spoken to you in a while.:O what you been up to lately? wb, love you x

  • Hannah
    luv Hannah

    yea i'm good my love :) maybe see you on the weekend (: haha, good times (Y) xxx

  • luv .

    Happy birthday darling x 0113 am mind x

    8/19/09 via Mobile
  • Hannah
    luv Hannah

    Joeeeeeyyy :)) u alright my lovely? Friction burns.....noooooo :L ;) xx

  • Fay-Louise.X
    luv Fay-Louise.X

    hey joey :) im good tah . wubu2 then ? ly xx(L)

  • .

    Storiess Was Amazinggg :D Yeaaaaah i got home safeeee Felt a bit ill Duringg it But it was okaaay (Y) ;x

  • luv .

    Alriggghttt (: My Storiess Aint Half Bad Areeee Theeeyy :) Get Homee Safeeee ..? x'x

  • Fay-Louise.X
    luv Fay-Louise.X

    joey :) howz you ?? ly xx (L) w/b

  • DanCollinss
    luv DanCollinss

    loveee forr mr jg safee bruvverrr :) xx

  • Pleb.

    Just had my lip pierced. I'm up yate atm. Where do you normally go these days then jojo?:D Ly xxxx

    7/27/09 via Mobile