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Dj wardy

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Me, Myself, and I
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  • About Yours Truely..... Sadie- xxx

    Full Name: Sadie Marie Pendry
    Single or Taken: Taken
    Gender: Female
    Eye colour: Blue
    Shoe Size: 6/7
    Height: 5' 5 ish
    What are you wearing right now? Blue Jeans Pink Top Pink Sox lol
    Where do you live: Cardiff
    Righty or lefty: Righty!!!
    How many very close friends: A Few
    Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Boyfriend Yah!
    Did you send this to your crush? No!
    Your fave place to shop: Duno Tbh


    Boys Names that you like: Duno Relli
    Girl Names that you like: Duno Either Lol
    Animal: Cats
    Subject in school: NON :D
    Drink: Vodka <3
    Sport: Rugbyyyy
    Months: June/December
    Song at the Moment: Loads
    Movie: Like Loads
    Favorite cartoon character: Duno Lol

    Have you ever:

    Loved someone so much it made you cry? Yeah
    Broken a bone: Yep
    Been in a physical fight: Yep
    Been in a police car: Yeah
    Came close to dying: Loads Times Lol
    Been in a Sauna: Ye
    Been in a hot tub: Ye
    Fallen asleep in school:Yep Lol
    Broken someone's heart: Yerp:(
    Cried when someone died: Ye
    Fell off your chair: Ye Lol
    Sat by the phone all night? Yep
    Saved MSN conversations: Ye
    Saved e-mails?: Ye
    Been cheated on? Yep

    First thing that comes to mind:

    Red: Anger
    Blue: Water :S Lmao
    Autumn: LEafs
    Green: Weed :P

    What is......

    Your good luck charm - Nothing
    Whats your room like: Purple And Tidy
    Last thing you said: Aww Fuck!
    What is beside you? Wall And Bed
    What kind of shampoo do you use? Herbal Essences:D
    Something that has happened to you this year: Loads

    Have you ever:

    Had Chicken pox: Yeh
    Sore Throat: Ye
    Believed in love at first sight? Not Really
    Liked school: Sometimes Wasa Laugh

    Would you:

    Eat a live hamster for £10000: Fuck No
    Who Was the last person you touched? Dawd Lmao
    Who Was the last person you messaged: Sheeks
    person who told you they loved you: Rob
    Who is your loudest friend: Dawd

    Do you/Are You:

    Do you like filling these out: Wen Im Bored Lol
    Do you wear contacts or glasses: Contacts
    Have piercings below the waist? Nop
    Stolen anything over £50: Nop
    Depressed? Nope
    Suicidal? No Lol

    Final questions

    How many people are you sending this to: No 1 its goin on my blog lol
    What are you listening to right now: Nothing Lol Tv
    How many buddies are on your list: like Too Many
    What did you do yesterday? Slept Wen Pub Come Home Thn Wen clubin
    Hated someone in your family? Na
    Got any awards?: Yeh
    How many remote controls are in your house?: 11 lol
    What do you dream about?: Dawd Flyin Me To Israel Lmao:|
    Last time you showered: Fuck Nos Lmao
    Last time you took a bath: Earlia
    The last movie you saw at the theatre: Duno
    Scary or happy endings movies?: Happy
    Root beer or Dr.Pepper: Dr.pepper
    Vanilla or chocolate Ice cream: Vanilla
    Summer or winter: SUMMER
    Diamond or pearl: Diamond.
    Sprite or 7up: Sprite
    Coffee or tea: Tea
    Phone or text: Text
    Do you want your friends to fill this out and send this back you? Na Lol

    0 Comments 272 weeks

  • About Moi!!

    A - Available: yep
    A - Age: 18
    A - Annoyance: dick heads

    B - Best feature: ..eyes
    B - Beer: erm lager
    B - Birthday: 10 june 89
    B - Best friends: dawdy

    C - Crush: ryan tedder lol pwwworr!
    C - Car: yes please :P
    C - Candy: ermm duno...

    D - Day or night: nyt..SLEEP:P
    D - Dream Car: anythin but not a banger
    D - Dogs or Cats: both

    E - Easiest person to talk to: dawd
    E - Egg nog: u wa
    E - E-mail: ur not avin it:D

    F - Favorite Month: june..summer and my bday:D
    F - Favorite color: pink lol typical girl:P
    F - Favorite Band: ermm one republic

    G - Gummy Bears or Worms: gummy bears
    G - Giver or taker: well...:O !! lmao
    G - Gum: minty ones:D

    H - Hair Color: brown atm
    H - Height: 5 5ish
    H - Happy: ermm i guess so yeh

    I - Ice Cream: ye go on then:P haha
    I - Instrument: triangle! Pingggg:D

    J - Jewelry: 2 rings 1 bracelet 2 necklaces earrings
    J - Job: lookin afta snotty nose kids lol
    J - Jail: no!!

    K - Kids: Yeah Awww!!
    K - Kickboxing or karate: neither lol
    K - Kindergarten: wa about it?

    L - Longest car journey : god nos always out n about in cars

    M - Milk Flavor: strawberry
    M - Most missed person: Him </3
    M - Movie Last Watched: Crossroads

    N - Number of Piercins: 6
    N - Number of Tattoos: non dnt like em!

    O - One wish: live in malta:D
    O - One Phobia: feet and things dressed up e.g clowns!
    O - One regret: neva regret anythin:P

    P - Part of your appearance you like best: um eyes?

    Q - Quick or Slow: quick:P haha

    R - Reason to smile: cuz umm itsnerli summer:D
    R - Reality TV Show: jeremy kyle:O

    S - Song Last Heard: wa eva this shit ont he radio is!
    S - Season: summer and winter lol
    S - Shoes: trainers

    T - Time you woke: 6am
    T - Time Now: 09:07am
    T - Time for bed: i wish:P

    U - Unpredictable: me? defo!
    U - Underwear : i do wear underwear yeh:P haha

    V - Vegetable you hate: carrots
    V - Vegetable you love: broccoli

    W - Worst Habits: textin randpm shit 2 ppl
    W - Where are you going to travel next: god nos my love!
    W - Weather: dry but crappy
    X - X-tra special someones: u wa:S

    Y - Year you were born: 1989
    Y - Year it is now: 2008
    Y - Yellow: wa bou yellow:S

    Z - Zoo Animal: monkehhhhhhh:D
    Z - Zodiac: Gemini

    0 Comments 285 weeks

  • General Crap

    Name: Sadie-Marie-X
    Eye Colour : 1 Blue 1 Green Lol
    Hair Colour: Black Atm
    Shoe Size: 6/7
    Live with: A Bunch Of Jokers:P
    Birthday: 10th June
    Zodiac: Gemini
    Lives in: Cardiff
    MSN Addy: Wudnt U Like To Kno :P

    -------------Have You Ever?--------------
    ♥Missed school because it was raining: All The Time
    ♥Been in a car accident: Yep!
    ♥Been hurt emotionally: Yup
    ♥Had an imaginary friend: Yeah Lol Gosie!:S
    ♥Ever thought an animated character was hot: Uhh No
    ♥Been on stage: Yeah
    ♥Been sarcastic: Ov Course Lol!

    Colour: Purple & Pink
    Summer/Winter: Both Really
    Cartoon Characters: Winnie
    Movie: Love Loads
    Ice Cream: Vanilla
    Subject: Music
    Animal: Cats & Dogs

    -----------------Right Now-----------------
    Wearing: My Pjs Haha
    I'm feeling: Lyk Shit :(
    Eating: Nothing
    Talking to: Some Boy On Faceparty Lol And Robson x

    ----------------last 48 hrs----------------
    Cried: Nope
    Met someone new: Yeah Tom:D
    Drove a car: Yep

    -----------------Friends and Life----------
    Do you believe in soul mates: Um Duno Relli
    Do you have a boyfriend: Did Av Till Yesterday lol :(
    Who have u known the longest of your friends: Probably Jon
    Who's the loudest: All Of Us Lol
    The shyest: Not sure
    Who has seen you cry: Not Many Ppl!

    ----------------General Shite----------------
    Silver or gold: Silver
    Have you ever broken/sprained/fractured a bone: My Ankle Last Nyt Actuali Lol
    Do you have any piercings?: Ears Lip Tongue!
    Rain, sun or snow?: Rain & sun
    How is the weather right now?: Dark Wet N Cold Lool
    Do u like cookies? Yeah
    What makes you happy: A Few Things Lol

    0 Comments 289 weeks

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    Hello Random Add Liked Your Namee SADIE Hahaa <

  • Had.My.Gorgeous.Babyboyx

    RIGHT U LITTLE BITCHHHH!! stop bein nasty :( lol i jus read ur profile n yeh u r evillll [spreading mayhem and corruption wherever you go].. soooo true :L xx

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    Its Dawdy Bitch! Omg I Fcukin Luv Yue Sadie Marie Pendry :D Avent Sent U a Bebo Message For Years!! Omg Weve Had Sum Funni Times Dnt U Think? lol :P We Jus Totally Rock Duddddeeee!!! Hehe Luvs Ya Lots! Scribble Baaaackkkk! GOOF TROOP! :O lmaooooo! (Personal joke!) Mwah!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  x

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    shamone mother fucker! hows it hanging, must b ok wiv all that free space now wiv only 1 ball!?!?!? SUBS up lmao, i stink of meatballs! haha balls, u only have 1 lol! goodness meeeee sadie pendry!!!!!! Valerieeeeee!!!!!!! i beg ur pardon, i never promised u a rose garden, along wiv the sunshine theres gota b a little rain sometimes! im a pink toothbrush ur a blue toothbrush, have we met somewhere b4???? its better than all this pop stuff, u know the 1 that rots ur teeth!!! LMAO!! peace out gammy fanny! Love u smelly ass!!!!! XxXxXxXxXxxXxXxXxXXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx  XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX p.s aint heather and minty cute¬?!!?!?!?!?!

  • Sarah Jones
    luv Sarah Jones

    yeh i memebr hun lol... Brought back some memories bringin all that up... I forgot bout most of it lol.... How u liking ur job is it goin well... im working in LTSB it good but im guna b on leave soon newayz lol... alright for some ini... I cant member whitney i dont think what did she look like... is that the gurls house that was on the Busy rd we used 2 walk round to... Yu goin out newher this weekend... What you doing friday i could cum n meet ya chick... You will ave to chuck me ur mob no: i will giv u a bell or chuck u a txt... Write Back hunnie xxxx <3

  • Hannah Jones
    Hannah Jones

    oh sadie ur so fine, ur so fine because ur mine hey sadie HEY SADIE!!!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  XXXXXXXXXXX

  • Had.My.Gorgeous.Babyboyx
    luv Had.My.Gorgeous.Babyboyx

    lmaO yOu crack me up, yOur nOt all there, sOo RandOm like brivvv!!.. & nO ii wOnt cry myself tO sleep!..See Wa ii mean?, ur always cheekin me! lOl..wOoo wOoo yayyy yayyy :D Seee Yu sOon BitchFaceMong]_xx <3

  • Had.My.Gorgeous.Babyboyx
    luv Had.My.Gorgeous.Babyboyx

    Yo Bitch i'll do wat the fuk i wan! :) Yeee iinO sarah..& btw ur still a chav! lmao sitttin in the park with a bottle of voddy n a spliff!...jeeeesus.. i dont no y i talk 2 u either, sooooo why im replyin to u i juss doo not no! .. yeee nxt wkend..hopefully it all goes 2 plan, we prob wnt even end up seein each other lmao..awwww dnt cry i was jkin!.. seeee u soooooon sexy wannabe Carliiii xx Pidddy Pow .. Brap :D

  • Sarah Jones
    Sarah Jones

    Thanks hun.. i know aint heard from you in time aint long got the net back.. been working loads aswell..x wah u been up2 hun? xx

  • Hannah Jones
    luv Hannah Jones

    SADIE PENDRY u little mo fo, hows it hangin sister? its such a lovely day birds are tweetin leaves r..... Chloe says hi!??!!?!?!? I sooooo got curry breath man, Oh DiNg DoNg!!! write me bk biatch, lovin u, u likkle munchkin, tit bag, fungus face MWAH XXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXXXX  Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Dawdy Babey
    luv Dawdy Babey

    Sadieeeee:D Im Soooo Boreeedd So I Fort Id Say Ellooooo So Wat U Do 2day Huh? Yoo Travel On Zee Bus? No! I Walk... I Like To Walk :D O Dear I Fink Im Guna Stop Nw! Lmao How Is Qhobsooonn? Lmao! Omg I TOOOOKKKKK UR MANNNNNNN! WATCHA GUN DOOOOOOO!!! Lmaooooo! Wooooooooo! Anyways Heres De Luff Cuz I Fcukin Luvs Ya Mannnnn! GoodBye My Luffa! Goodbye My Friend!! Lol Mwahhhhhhhhhh xXx

  • Devon

    he sed ya no 1 of his exes n thats how he started speakin 2 ya! how did e get ya number then? u must of giv it him sum how? wb xxx