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Patt McGroin

Sorry your not, a winner :)

1/15/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Livingston
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About Me

Can we stop at the garage before we go to A&E?"
Me, Myself, and I
" The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions "

So ... Update time perhaps?
Well nowadays you'll find me up in Dundee :) got myself into Abertay uni doing some business :D
Just recently moved up so still getting used to the place but seems that'll its going to be some good times :)
Unis not all I expected, bits & bobs out of place atm but things usually work out :D
Not overly enjoying being away from the crew or the usually monotiny of life in Livi but can't spend all my life up in the winter g's now can I? ;)
But tell you what, if you find yourself bored & missing my charm, feel free to bring yourself on up here, nice lil bar to waste away the days :P

I can be the one.

Fork! Me can't eat soup!

What are we waiting for?

Choonage =]
Lots of songs =] far too many artists, so many genres, so many epicly good tunage out there =] if you like it lemme hear it =]
[The BIG Screen]
28 Days Later, Braveheart, Fight Club, Fast & Furious 1-3, Green Street, Godfather Trilogy, All the Scary Movies, Dodgeball, Final Destination Trilogy, Footbal Factory, Enemy At The Gates, Behind Enemy Lines, The Matrix Trilogy, Con Air, Dodgeball, Rocky 1-6, Coach Carter ... And The List Goes On But I Love Watching Most Comedys
[ Das Television ]
Little Britian, Still Game, American Dad, Mock The Week, Simpsons, Scrubs, Family Guy, 8 Out Of 10 Cats, Edinburgh And Beyond, The World Stands Up, Roadrunner (H), Sports, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Joey, Friends, South Park, Two And A Half Men, 8 Simple Rules, Who's Line Is It Anyway, My Wife & Kids; I Love To Watch Comedians & Just TV That Makes Me Giggle =)
I'm Also Into Alot Of History Stuff, Documentaries & Things Of A Boring Nature =) ...
& Of Course The Most Awesome Show That Is ~ One Tree Hill ~
Hacked by Vikki =]
Andy is BRAW:D
[ Sportinies ]
Rugby =) Play A Bit'o Foozball With The Lads & I Like My B-Ball
Starting my career up in Dundee atm =] Morgans & Abertay ... look like they'll be some good bants ;)
[ Hooray =] ]
Lying Down After A Long Day ~ After A Great Training Session ~ Winning ~ With My Awesome Peepz ~ When Everythings Good ~ With Her Whenever That Starts To Work Ou Again ~ During Banter-Filled Days ~ Finally Just Being Able To Sleep ~ Making People Smile ~ When I'm In Fits Of Laughter ~ Hugs ~ That Perfect Type Of Rain ~ Being Tispy ~ When I Know My Friends Are All Happy ~ MORE HUGS ~ When There's No Drama Around ~ Randomness ~ Texting
[ Boo =[ ]
Random Dumbasses ~ Adverts That Are Badly Dubbed! ~ People Trying To Get On My Nerves ~ People Trying To Get A Laugh By Hurting Others ~ Fights ~ My Friends Being Sad ~ My Friends Hurt Or Hurting ~ Being Uncomfy ~ Not Being Able To Do Something Cause I'm Skint ~ Loud Annoying Little Fecking Kids ~ Rumours ~ People Breaking Promises ~ People That Betray You ~ People That Tell Others Something When They Promised Not To! ~ RUMOURS! ~ Bad Days ~ Indecisivness ~ My Sleeping Pattern ~ BOREDOM! ~ When I Cba With MSN ~ Those Stupid Stupid Thoughts ~ Lifes Annoying Realities

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  • Amparo Sarris

    How can the do this for free? http://tinyurl.com/3plxqnb

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • luv Beth

    huh??? what did i say? :S xx

  • Katt

    you my friend are a jobby :P x

  • Beth

    why?.....why? :o coz its bloody amazing ...thats why :D xx

  • luv Beth

    awwww :( well i only like facebook for farmville ha! I have a lovely wee farm i do :D erm...im good thanks :s if thats what your asking lol :P not as stressed out at last night anyway :D xxx

  • luv Beth

    heeeeey :D how you doing? Im like never on this anymore lol :P only really facebook now ha! Anyhoo....hope your okay :D xxxx

  • Samantha


  • luv Toni

    thanks lol :P your so nasty haha :L hum. . . tempting but why would i need a boat there no water silly lol :L lmao well you still should have gave her a death stare lol :P it would have stumped her haha :L but yeah i remember now it was outsode hmv haha :L see i do pay attention lol :P lol fair enough :D good stuff :D what did santa get you ? lol you suited up :P awesome :D glad you had a good birthday :D my christmas was good thanks :D santa came to visit me haha :L xxxxx

  • luv Toni

    lmao :L oooh i like too be uncommon lol :L so haha not a very good insult lol :P yeah you can have popcorn lol :L but not never ending monies lol :L lmao you pushed me ? did you ? lol :P i don't remember lol :P lmao :L why did she give you a death stare ? lol :P you should have gave her one back lol :P was santa good too you ? been up to much recently ? how was your birthday ? xxxxx

  • Louisee' X
    luv Louisee' X

    happy birthdayy :DD xxxxxx

  • luv Beth

    thanks :D x

  • luv Beth

    yes i did :D xx

  • luv Beth

    yeah but somtimes you just can :P xx

  • luv Beth

    thats true :) xx

  • luv Beth

    yeah well thats something you should just know by now lol :P xx

  • luv Beth

    yeeeeeaaahhhh....em....i have no idea what that was all about :S it all just confused me a bit haha :L Im barely on this anymore...more facebook lol :P xxx

  • luv Toni

    lol no worries :P ooh talking anpit what does that mean exactly ? lmao :P yeah well thats common knowledge that i don't have lol :P you'll live on a rainbow ??? erm . . . your a goat not a unicorn or a lepricon lol :P so your not allowed to live on a rainbow lol :P but you can have the never ending juicebox lol :P and some never ending truffles :D lol :P been up to much this week ? xxxx

  • luv Toni

    haha :L your a pleb haha :L lol yeah i no me and MsT (clare) were talking about you lol :L lmao oh well thats understandable haha :L ok ill give you that one lol :L at least you no that goats don't have thumbs lol :L lol well where will you live ? lmao :L ok thats was kinda scary cause if i see you running down the street throwing syrup cover spaghetti then ill need to scream lol :L xxxx

  • luv Toni

    haha :L it was well spotted lol :L haha indeed ;) lol :P yeah i was and you failed so meh :P well you were being tested lol :L how do you no goats don't have thumbs ? hum . . . :P lol :L lol what a shame you'll just have to go to the closest farm lmao :L ouch thats a bit harsh lol :L that stung man lmao :L xxxx

  • luv Toni

    oh but you can't be right haha :L yeah i don't remember lol :L i was testing you haha :L so :P i and keeping up lol :L lmao yeah your a goat :P just go to class as normal just ask someone to take you for a walk once in a while lol :L lol :L well it's fun so :P i like z snapping lol :L xxxx