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well hello bebo:) its been a good min!

5/1/11 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 25, Luv 1,056
  • from United States
  • I am Seeing Someone
  • Profile views: 16,906
  • Member since: November 2005
  • Last active: 7/2/12
  • www.bebo.com/nnsb_klg
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

  E011* 。☆★ Alexie Kaye★ 。☆*E011

   SINGLE mother
  hold'n it down for mine'z;)

   CeRtiFiiEd MaSsAgE tHerApIst..
       wHaT u GoT GoIn f0 y0u? cuz,,
   iGoT dReamS aNd uMa ChAsE eM....
      CuZ wHilE u StEaDy ChAsIn dIcK,,
   iM oUt gEttN miiNez;) (paYpA dAt iiS)

      so, ugh,, pLeAsE eXcuSe thE rUmorS

F U C K the D R A M Aツ

    ♥ Thanks for stoppin
Nevaeha Naomi Skye-[2-28-08]
8:31pm 8.8lbs 20.5"
my first born
the one who changed my life for the better
†Keegan Lee-[05-18-09]
10:59am 8.11 19.5"
my baby boy,
angels really do touch lives†
rip baby boy:(
RissaAnne*--WiFeyy:D .. i wAs heRe SuCka! & gueSs whAt iLuhvyOu!... & yuR Hella gAyyy! Bekuz yU Keep DumpN` Meeee:L ..

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She ain't crying over no nigga, She ain't weak mayne. The kinda bitch that put a real nigga on his feet mayne.


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Perra Mala

My other half this is my sidekick we always together. shes my best friend! does alot for me n my babies plus she muh future sis in law

my mom. everyones mom should be their bestfriend. if it werent for her havin me, i wouldnt have the 2 beautiful babys that i do


this bitch right here? well, she the best! she stuck by me when everyone else was hatin cuz a da BD's otha BM. love you to the moooooon n back a million n one times sally. u muh girl

this bitch, well shes awesome! helps out sooo much with da babies n fam! love u header

me n her been thru alot, ALOT ALOT! our babies are brother n sister n i love that lil man like he was mine love u chey n malachi

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  • Money.Affilliated

    Sad Love Quotes, Sad Break Up Love Quotes, Sad Love Decision Quotes (clipped to polyvore.com)

  • MSk
    luv MSk

    OMG slut havent heard frm u ina min. Man i miss ur crazy ass. So where do u stay at now. if u come around u should stop in are gyrls can have a play date. Here goes the the frm minez 2 urz.

    12/26/10 via Mobile
  • AyNt-She-Beautiful
    luv AyNt-She-Beautiful

    whatsup hoOCh..yee...igotchu...one of theSe days...loveyOubay..

    12/3/10 via Mobile
  • Dirty Money
    luv Dirty Money

    I went down there twice tha second time i was down there i went to a football game so i didnt go down there for nothing. But next time i'll call u first.

    11/6/10 via Mobile
  • -Fastwolf.N.Graves-

    Ay whuddup lexiie?? :D n0dda juss th0ught swiin thru && c0me seeiin whatsz g00d wiitcha?? :P mee n0dda juss been chyllen stayyn h0me takkn care 0f myy gurlsz..!!!! bhut yeea h0w yu been?? mee d0iin prettyy g00d..!!!! l0ng tyme n0 talkk :L :L bhut yeea h0lla backk aiight...

    10/29/10 via Mobile
  • .Chayy
    luv .Chayy

    last one . :] Whatsup ? :)

    10/21/10 via Mobile
  • K.Jaye

    :L love tha skinn.. bummd bout thm not comin FmL.! :L juss playN:DD

  • Dayday Fajardo
    Dayday Fajardo

    whuddup bisshh call me

  • luv G

    Have It Back

  • - Fxkthefxkoff
    luv - Fxkthefxkoff

    Heey lex:) how you n vaeha doingg? saw that you were online n thot id stop thru wit sum luv for u n your beautiful babygurl:DD misssyaa n know dat i got mad luv fo u an yourz-

    9/22/10 via Mobile
  • K.Jaye
    luv K.Jaye

    ahh my bbys motha is a hoeeeee but shes MINE!

  • BAby Ezrellah
    luv BAby Ezrellah

    sup lex what you doin today?.... love ya.....

  • .Chayy
    luv .Chayy

    Hey ! :)) so what have you and nevaeha been up tah? :D have some love! :P i miss youz! :)

    9/13/10 via Mobile
  • luv G

    Dope Dope

  • K.Jaye
    luv K.Jaye

    oh my neice!! :DD shes lovely:( iMiSs My Beast !!

  • luv G

    Yezzir so how you been?

    9/4/10 via Mobile
  • K.Jaye

    lMfaO, well tha honeymoney dnt last long,, :L even after its said and done ilove you bitch__

  • -Mzlarose.
    luv -Mzlarose.

    heyyy, jus wantd to show you some love girl! & Ask You How codie'z Doin?! Shell Wantd To Kno too! Buh Yee hit me baqq

  • 'PimpoLogybby'
    luv 'PimpoLogybby'

    heresz that heat backkk boo

  • Perra Mala
    luv Perra Mala

    i wOuld Be zzz On The phOne bRuhhh!! i hAve one be no long distance... i well be gettin my cell bak i think but i dnt kno when and ima get one of dem oddaaa onez for now but not til next week but i almost when home when i got here but i stayed iLyy bayma.. biggy is finna go eat:DD


close Blog

  • <3 my life be like oooohhhh ahhhhh ;)

    yes, life is pretty amazing right now..
    im workin schoolin and bein mommy
    plus got a lil on the side :)
    things are lookin up!
    so from the bad u think u caused in my life,
    id just like to say, it blew up in your face,
    cuz shits comin together like butt cheeks ;)
    :L :L :L
    so, THANK YOU 2 haters soo much for all that youve done
    hope one day ur life is as good as mine :)

    0 Comments 141 weeks

  • lil update

    Well life so far is pretty good! im finishing up my last semester 4school babygirls in daycare and learning soo much! hopefully soon ima being doin massage therapy! got te job just gotta get appointments! met a pretty decent guy at school gettin a new car... yup lifes lookin up for us :DD drama free!!

    0 Comments 151 weeks

  • im the mother of your child

    thee dopest song i ever heard;)
    dedicated too all the single baby mamas
    cuz we hold it down and do the damn thing!

    [verse 1:]
    How you gonna go and tell your family, that you can't stand me, that i be trippin' and i'm using our child jus to be with you, well correction babt i don't wannabe with you, i think you got it twisted, when nine and a half months ago i was your booo, ever since our baby's been born, you been acting real brand new and that ain't even cool

    you can't jus disrespect me, you can't just neglect me, boy let me tell you, i'm the mother of your child and your stuck with me for life, you can't just up and hate me without communicating, two steps from love, i'm the mother of your child and your stuck with me for life

    [verse 2:]
    So, so, so i guess you got a new girlfriend, who says that if you want to be with her she must come first, how selfish can someone be, (let me refresh you memory), three days of labour pains, put on your sexual weight, couldn't leave the house for seven days but somehow you walked away, i don't have to see your face but please take care of your baby


    I don't want you and i realize that it's over, but there's a beautiful baby that we both created, and our baby needs for you and me in it's life so stop living a lie, because it's not about money or the time.............you weren't even there to cut the cord, you weren't even there to give me support so now your wondering why your up in court...ha,ha,ha,ha(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahhhhhhhh)

    [chorus x3]

    It's gon' rain on your head


    0 Comments 158 weeks

close About You

1. what is your favourite colour?
red, black, white

2. what is your favourite food?
mm chinese

3. do you like pepsi?
yes, sometimes

4. are you scared of the dark?
when im alone

5. when is your birthday
april 30th :DD

6. what is your favourite song?
neighbors know my name..trey songz read your mind- avant i like alot of r&b the ol stuff ;)

7. do you go trick or treating on halloween?
lol, naw.

8. do you like m&m's?
yeee, the peanut butter ones

9. are you scared of going to hospital?

10. do you want to go to egypt?
idk, i guess it would be a fun place to visit

11. are you smart?
i think so yes

12. do you like starwars?
no :L

13. do you believe in santa?
nope :L

14. do you like anyone?

15. do you want to be a pirate?
lmfao.. no

16. do you have any anoying habbits?
not that i kno of..

17. do you like eggs?

18. are you afraid of anything?

19. do you believe in god?
yes, to a point,

20. do you brush your teeth?

21. do you smoke?

22. do you drink?

23. do you use umbrellas in the rain?
nope, water never hurt anyone

24. have you ever had a black eye before?

25. do you like coffee?
ish no

26. are you married or want to get married?
nope and idk, maybe one day...

27. do you have a girl/boy friend?

28. do you like vampires?

29. have you ever beaten someone up before?

30. what job do you want when you are older?
im almost a certified massage therapist, be done this summer :)

31. do you laugh alot?
yes, im alwasy joking about something

32. are you a happy kind of person?

33. what is your favourite book?
hmm.. them ones about that lil boy that was beat,, david something,, i love that series

34. what your favourite movie?
love and basketball baby boi O

35. did you enjoy this quiz?
it was aiight