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New Photoss (Y) Other Half ?

10/19/08 | me too! | Reply

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Your A Man.
Me, Myself, and I

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#"Always Singing

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Your A Duuudeee
You Keep Me Smiling.
Tegan Thomas, Rob Nash, Stephanie Morrison, Charley Finch, Lauren Yaxely, Kayti Banyard, Hannah Cowell, Samantha Glover, Charlotte Chapman, Jordan Croucher, Hazel Moulton, Sophia Hookway, Molly Gregory, Natalie Livsey, Luke Hills, Mizanoor Miah, Zak Morgan, James Tucker, Dan Stanner, Ben Purkiss, Brady Dodd, Tony Brown, Louis Beal, George Metland, Lewis Horne
Rest In Paradise.
Halle & Oscar
Matt Hone.
This Boy Is Amazing, So Fudgin Funny. He Makes Me Smile Like All The Time. And Jus Creases Me Up When Im On A Downer. He Is My Agony Aunt And Helps Me With Loads, Even When He Doesnt Realize. He Is My Moose We Have Our Crazy Ways Like Random Animal Names An At Hannahs In The Double Bed Lmao Crease Up. Matt You Are Such A Great Mate To Me. I Love You Duudee.

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  • To YOu FrOm Us..xO

    To The Love Ov My Life;
    Well, First Of All This is A Good Way To Say Thankyou For Everything You've Done For Me In The Past.. : )
    We Have So Many Greaaat Time's Together, To Many To Write On Here!! "/
    Known Youu All My Dear God Life, God I'm Brave =) 14Yearss Babie, And Still Going Strong! Even Thou We Have Our Ups&DoWn's, We Still Pull Thruuu! :D :D
    Because We're Cool. ;)
    My Mind's Gone Blank :O But, Thur's 1 Time i Couldn't Forget Even If i Trieddd! :L
    When We Was Playin' Round My Street; And The Man Looked At Us; We Run Into My BackGarder - And Told Your Mum, And She Said Something Like 'If He Ask's If You Want Sweet's Say Yes' :L :L
    Laughing Now Thinking About It, Youu Big Bully! :O
    OoOo, When Your Mum Was Cuddlin' Me When i Was Little & You Used To Kick Me And Stuff. . You Big BULLY!! :)
    Basicly, You're More Like A Sister To Me Then Friend;
    Even Thou We Have Our Up's And Down's, And Our Difference's!
    i Still Love Youu Loads ;D
    & i Will Forever . <3
    ilux Poor Kid.x
    Love Coach Kidd. x

    Rochelle Babes.
    I Love All The Good Times We Have Had.They Have Been Great At School, Out Of School And The Best Sking. Me And You Have Some Great Pictures And We Have Some Weird Ones. And They Are All Great. We Always Have A Laugh In Lessons With Jack. And James And That, Lol We Have Some Good Times. With I Love. You Are Like One Of My Best Friends And You Are Such A Good Laugh And A Great Girl. Thats What Most People Say. When We Are Together We Are Just Mad And We Dont Care. We Are Always Are Selfs With I Love.I Loved Sking With You We Had A Good Laugh And Some Funni Pictures With I Look Bad In. Haha. I Dont No What
    Else To Say I Have Said It All Realli. LoveYou Babe.
    Char Baby. Ox

    To Rochelle From Natalie Ma Skiing Buddy =D 1 minute ago

    Natatie Here
    Us Two Have Had Some Fun Times Togetha Like School, Bdays And Skiing 1, 2, 3, AHHHHHHHHHH Lool LOVE It Lool. At Her Bday Me And A Few Uthas Stayed Round Rochelles Was Such A Larf With That Lil Bundle Lool Strangly I Was The Only One That Didnt Get Hert Lool + You Carnt Forget Bou Skiing Was The Best N It Wouldnt Of Been The Same Without Her I Mean Rochelle Always Larfs At Me When I Hav Ma Lil (BIG) Blonde Moment Loool (Were Do Sharks Sleep ------ On The Sea Bed Lool) Weve Had Some Good Old Times Evan Tho I Am A Complet Lozer As Rochelle Says Loool
    Love You Loads Babe

    If you're from England, why are you black?
    Mannnn, Rochelle, you're on your' way to being a hardcore raver!
    We never used to get on, I really have no idea why now because these past few weeks up the field have been goood laughss (:
    Toking away on the good old fagsz. (;
    You're actual a very nicee girl to bee honest & it's funny because we're the coolest cranks i have ever met
    (She's also rascist.)

    Love Simone (The white one)

    Well ROchelle Dan here, i do miss you from school, u brought our set togeva 2 b wiked m8s and we have carried that on. We all miss you. But i always remember how well we used 2 get on. But i still get too see you occasionally so thats good. Love you loads x x

    Helloo Baybe-Ox

    People I Have To Tell You This .. SHE ROCKS !
    She Is My Ikkle Best Friend And By Little Im Not Joking She Really Is Short :D .. Jokes Babess
    But Erm .. We Have Alot Of Laughs And She Cracks Me Up .. Wotsit On Wheels :D Omgg Crease Upp !!
    Funny Tymes Funny Tymes:D
    sOO I Dont Really Know What To Say Know
    Love Youu Lots ..
    Manfa Baby

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  • STar In Makin
    STar In Makin

    aup not been on here in agers lol I used to talk to you loads on here you got facebook x

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  • Josh A
    Josh A

    hi bbe ad a great tym friday at rain goog to seee u bbe ly x

  • Roo NEw Bebo.
    Roo NEw Bebo.


  • Loose Edge
    Loose Edge

    Twoo Weeks Dayss Dudee! Can't Floopin Wait .x.x

  • Ashamolly

    Neeek :D

  • Hana
    luv Hana

    I Miss You Man;;, When You Back ?? Write Back Love You x x x ♥ P.s~# Hope Your Having A Good Time Out There And Come Back Nice And Brown Lol Your Come Back Black HeHe xxx

  • ConorWearn

    hey bbe xxx

  • Tim Galland 11/25/08
  • ConorWearn
    luv ConorWearn

    allllooooooooooooooooooo !!!! youuuuu 1!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :L howa you bbe xxxx

  • C'C

    New Blog Please Do Ilu.. x