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Mr. Adamski Gayface Fleetwood

masses against the classes

7/19/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from the stage!!! :P
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About Me

<<pretty girls turn heads, pretty whores break necks >> sarcasm is my forte. i hate you
Me, Myself, and I
ooh... things seem to have changed.
friday nights at mine are amazing :)
steve, karl, dan, esc, sam, jay, riley, jake, mike.
other peeps know who they are :)

i never thought id' fall in love with a life on the road
but now im' stuck in this with nowhere to go

one person taught me how important it is to be honest, i thank her for that :)
another person taught me how important it is to be true to myself, i thank him for that :)
someone else taught me not to rush, i thank her for that :)

i don't take personal insults lightly.

im' loving the music. band life :)

i love stupid conversations, great sex, cheeky grins, the cold side of the pillow, releiving poos, fags, beer... other stuff too but that's none of anyone's business but my own.

things seem all sped up atm, it's a little confusing. i feel jet lagged most days :)

comments are nice, i try to reply as often as i can:) it helps if you have a pretty profile pic :)
The Other Half Of Me


the sexiest man alive :P

aural sex
manic street preachers, stereolab, the posies, belle and sebastian, cheap trick, jermaine stewart, the score (my band), alexisonfire, N dubz etc... im' a bit of a 90's pop fan :)
ever been fucked in the eyeball?
the girl next door, audition, seed, jacob's ladder, the shawshank redemption, green tree, thumbsucker, murder set peices, dirty sanchez, philosophy of a knife, the men behind the sun, salo: the 120 days of sodom, the cook the theif his wife and her lover, begotten...
yeah considering that i don't count blathering on about myself as anywhere near as important (sarcasm) as laughing at ''bebo kids'' (no sarcasm) and the rest of those sad people who spend 23 hours and mins a day updatinbg their pages, this is the section about me. i try to be honest and fail. i smoke too much. wash too rarely. i like bigfoot. i value my friends. easily take things for granted. regret it later. love my bed. havea love/hte relationship with the mirror. play guitar. eat babies. sing. alot.wish life was easier. glad it isn't. love beer. and weed, occasionally. in some sick way i do sometimes enjoy wearing the same pair of boxers 2 days running. i have no regrets. i love so easy. i lose really badly. i don't have a clue. i have a purpose but im' still looking for the right purpose. little things both make and break my day. im' gonna miss you when youre gone. bite me. id' bite back
BRITPOP foursome from wiltshire,
me: vox and guitar,
escott: guitar,
THE dan grey: bass,
samuello bligh: drums,

we've had a change of direction, the best idea i can give you of our sound is ambient. coldplay, belle and sebastian with a bit of jazz and a bit of love :)
are you ready for your lovin'?
"adam mate, does that thing have radio?"
"ben, it's just a camera"
jamie, me and ben last year.

"oh piss off ben, as if you know what we're talking about!"
walker reilly and langham.

"have you ever been fucked in the eye socket?"

"we should cover a cow in marmite, then throw bread at it!"

 .. please..."
karl gregory.

" (funny hig pitched voice) LET'S GOOOOO!!!!!"
me and karl and alice.

"serious love, if you fuck a 26 year old gay woman i swear down right now i will bum my own dad!"
me and alice.

"look, karl, i can't get on the job with another bloke in the room!"
me, karl and alice.
look at you in your gay clothes. fuck off. get a life rat!
look at you in your green coat! piss off our vending machines!
look at you in your brown coat with your broken leg! fucking gay!
look at you in your fake eskimo boots! fuck off lemming!
look at you with your gay emo hair! go suck a pole!
fuck off im' not giving you a fag!
scavenging cunt!
ugly, inbred peice of shit!
haha, good times. :)
a little thingy

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    if you have a scene name such a suzi sabotage, tash tenacity, cori cannibalism or amy aniihilation, then i am not interested in your bebo custom. i only quote these names as they are the first four to come off the top of my head, i have NO personal vendetta against them. i have met two of the above in person and they were both very very lovely people. however, i cannot stand to see yet another 'trendy' scene name staining my PC screen, especially from people who have ten page views and no mates, yet still theink they're a bebo fame child. so, inconclusion, if you have a normal bebo name please feel free to comment, but if you're yet another fake fame wannabe then bugger off, no i am not interested in joining a bebo group that revolves around you that was created by you and who's main fan is you. eat shit.

    i hasten to add further that i don't have a problem with bebo fame kids at all. it's the names that come with it that fuck me off.

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    hey everyon :)
    there's a pretty awesome book called adam's inheritance and you can get it from www.lulu.com
    even better, you can read the first 5 chapters free on www.rivendellcentre.com.
    okay so i know the person who wrote it, alesana fleetwood, she's good at what she does.
    better than anything you can get in the shops, trust me.
    see? they're even using my bebo to advertise stuff now :P

    0 Comments 242 weeks

  • tangles

    And we may have tangled
    But youthful like vines we crossed
    And I have to ask a simple question kid
    Are you will me or not at all?
    We may have crossed like vines
    Touching tongues and tying lines
    We spent a lifetime
    Waiting for…

    And I may have captured the phrase
    Made in a net of days
    We lost it all we lost it so
    Fast we let it go

    0 Comments 254 weeks

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