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Emma Simpson

Face five!

5/21/09 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 22, Luv 176
  • from Yeovil
  • I am It's Complicated
  • Profile views: 11,111
  • Last active: 4/13/11
  • www.bebo.com/xxstars4lifexx
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mmm.... sexy lemons :P
Me, Myself, and I
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x..She Loves....x ♥
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x..Her Friends..x ♥
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x..Films..x ♥ღ♥ღ
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She Love Making Herr ♥ღ♥Moviesღ♥ღ &+ Tbhh She Is Shiit Hot At Them Too :) She Liiikee's Netball, Goin Running While ii Am In Bed Haa, Out Wif Her Amaziiingg Maytee's, She Adores Ah Drink Haaa :) She's Ah Littel Drummer... :) Musics &+ Media - Thee Way Forward :)

Kim Adams.. ♥ღ♥
This is the girl of any man's dreams :P I Love her very much... She always brightens up the room just by walking in.. :) My best friend, My rock :) I Love you xxx
My Girl ♥ღ♥
Amber Rose Channer.. What an amazin girl.. we have sum chuckles eh? hehe love hanging about with u, ur a really good m8! u always know whats going through my head.. i never need to tell you when im upset cus u always notice behind my smiles... (: x(L)x
xx fliss xx
well...wot an amazin m8 we are always merry as fuck lol always had a laugh in science &+ maths we dont really know eachother but we still share the love lol i am always ere for you m8 lv ya lds x
Haaackkkeeeddd Baby (:
Spect You Thought ii Had Forgotton You'r Password Over Thee Years Ey :) Best Friends Dont Forget :L Haaaa iiLoveYouForLiiffeeeEmmaFaySi
 mpson.. MyRock..MyBestFriend, MySister, Dont Know Were ii Would Bhee Wiithout You Tbhh, You Are My Everythiing Girl.. Best Friieennd For Ever.. TreezaMarinaa -x(L)x-
Traceey Barber!
Your an actual legend, u make laugh soooo fooking much.... Can't wait for a night out my lil girlie.. would be Amazing! .. haha just as amazing as u humping a curtain when we were babysiting hahahaha :D your brilliant Trace! Love you sooo much xxxxx
The Other Half Of Me
Kieran S

Kieran S

</3 my man

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  • memories xxxxxxx

    *..Leave {one} memory of {you} && {me} together as a comment. It doesn't matter if I know you a little or a lot, anything you remember. Next, repost this bulletin on your own blog and see how many people leave a memory about you...write about anything we experienced together!

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  • This includes everyone who reads it hus nos they are speacial to me

    If one day u feel like crying.... call me. I don’t promise that I will make u laugh, but I can cry with u.
    If one day u want to run away—don’t be afraid to call me. I don’t promise to ask u to stop......but I can run with u.
    If one day u don’t want to listen to anyone.....call me. I promise to be there for u but also promise to remain quiet.
    But one day if u call......and there is no answer.....come fast to see me. Perhaps I need you.

    This is to Let old friends know i haven't forgotten them, and tell new friends i never will.
    love u xXxXx

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    F: People totally adore you
    G: You are very friendly and understanding
    H: You have a very good personality and good looks
    I: You Hate Liers
    J: Everyone loves you
    K: You like to try new things
    L: You always make other people smile when you smile
    M: Success comes easily to you
    N: You're great in bed
    O: You love foreplay
    P: You are very friendly and understanding
    Q: You are a hypocrite
    R: You are beautiful, and sexy
    S: People think you are so sexy
    T: You are one of the best in bed
    U: You are really chilled
    V: You are not judgemental
    W: You are very broad minded
    X: You never let people tell you what to do
    Y: You make every experience great
    Z: You're Super cool

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  • Dan Rowe
    Dan Rowe

    long time no speak av u got msn?

  • Bradley Williams

    Hello how yhu been then x x w/b loveu x

    11/22/09 via Mobile
  • Traazeerr.

    i you E.Simpson =D xxx

    10/5/09 via Mobile
  • Pazza

    Hi hows u the nite.up tae.x

    6/27/09 via Mobile
  • Kim
    luv Kim

    love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Traazeerr.
    luv Traazeerr.

    Hahaha Biitch Piss Love's Ett,, Our Stoopiid Pointless Words,, Or Should ii Say Myy Stupid Pointlless Storiiee's I'd Siit &+ Tell You Whiich Youu Realyy Diint Care About Haha Bhu Hey Ho Thoughtt I'd Share Them Wiif Youu :D MissYou Biitch Tits :D LoveYouTwinkleNose :) xxxxx

  • Kieran S
    luv Kieran S

    Love you more :p. I cant wait either! I'm so happy with you! Love you gorgeous face! X x x x x x x

    5/21/09 via Mobile
  • Kieran S
    luv Kieran S

    Hey baby. Thought i wrote on your wall. Obviously not.lol. Facebooks better anyway:p. Love you! X x x x x x x x x x x

    5/20/09 via Mobile
  • Amelia Mumford
    luv Amelia Mumford

    wooop hey ya :) hows u? xxx

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    ha you believed kieran, what a stupid girl!

  • Tommymayte
    luv Tommymayte

    hey cuz hows you? aint spoke in a while how you been hun? hows the family? we will have to meet up soon love yaz xxx

  • Kieran S 5/6/09 via Mobile
  • Amelia Mumford
    luv Amelia Mumford

    :D raaaaaaa its me :) xxx

  • Pazza

    Hi hows u.xlol

    4/20/09 via Mobile
  • Amber
    luv Amber

    Love you sexy bitch :) LOL

  • Paul Lewis
    luv Paul Lewis

    I'm good ta, busy as always. What bout yourself? Keeping outa trouble? I'll see if I can find you on fb :) XxX

    4/7/09 via Mobile
  • Loveable Princess
    luv Loveable Princess

    heya hunni, you ok? what have you been up 2? speak soon =] xXxXx

  • Daniel
    luv Daniel

    hi emma no i havent met you but im just saying u look fit xxxx

  • Daniel
    luv Daniel

    hi emma can i just say u look fit hun xxxx

  • Paul Lewis
    luv Paul Lewis

    Boo trouble hows u? Thought I'd add ya hope ya dnt mind xx