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Amberleaa Jaynee


3/20/11 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 22
  • from Crewee
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 534
  • Member since: September 2006
  • Last active: Jun 24
  • www.bebo.com/amberleasuntan
Yess Laad ;)
Me, Myself, and I
Amberleaa Jaynee Yess Laad ;) ♥

Thee Bestuuns:

Megann Jaade ♥
Shannon Herron ♥
Karaa Townsendd ♥
Saadaah Baabe ♥
Paigee hayleyy ♥

Beboo Iss Kindaa Shit Tbhh :/ /

Lmaao Tagged FTW ;) (Y)


NOM! <3

Amberleaa Jaynee ♥
Sir William Stanier ♥
14 Years Young ♥
Singlee ;)

Ambiismiles@hotmail.co.uk Add Mee Iff Yaah Waant
Megaan Jaade
Megaan Is Thee BMA! Love Er Muchly And Would Basically Doo AnyThing For Herr! ♥
Sir William Stanier FTW! ♥
Beboo Is Really Craaaap! :L :L

Jaade :/;/
Jaade Is 100% A Frreaaak! <3
IDK :/
I Reaally Dont Know What To Rteee Tbhh Ass No Oness Gunaa Readd It Anyways :S:S Lmaaao :L

Harry Styless - Nomm
Funnayy Momentss!
Dan Forresterr Andd Iss Legendaary BaalBaag! :O :O Shockinng Inoo Ass Hee Iss Alsoo On Tagged ;) Piss My Selff Actuaally Laffinng :L :L
Ryann Pointoon - Nomm Urrghh Urrgghhh! <3 Thuu Forrm Buddaaay xx ;) :P xx <3
Giggleeeee, TurddBurgaaar! xx, Mrr Barloww, BAAABE!

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  • Randomm! <3

    Saat Withh Megaan Lmaaao

    20/03/11 14:21pm :D

    Juust Loooked At Maa Beboo Paage :O :O
    Its Shockinng! And Alsoo Kindaa Shiit Tbhh :/ :/

    Watching Thee Lastt Song! (L)

    Sir William Stanier 2011
    Year 9
    14 Years Young
    Singlee :P


    0 Comments 122 weeks

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Name: Amberleaa Jaynee
Birthday: 3rd Marchh
Eye Color: Bluee
Hair Color: Red
Right or Left Handed: Right
Your Strengths: Artt
Your Weaknesses: PE!
Your Fears: Spiderss :/
Your Favorite Food: McDonalds
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Probs Bee Good Att School :D
First Thoughts When Waking Up: Whats For Breakfast!
Your Most Missed Memory: When We All Usedd Too Be Mates Now Itss Just A Mess Lmaaao!
Pepsi or Coke: Cokee Deffoo ;)
Single or Group Dates: Grouup Moree Funn ;)
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate FTW! :D
Do You Smoke: Nopee (Usedd Too)
Do You Swear: Yehh :S
Have You Been In Love: Yehh :/
Do You Want To Get Married: Yeeh Wen Am Olderr
Do You Want To Have Kids: Maybeee
Your Favorite Color: Bluee :D
What Kind Or Car Do You Drive: Dont Driveee
Do You Have A Job: Obviously Nott
Do You Have A Boyfriend: Nopee
Fave TV Show: Eastenders FTW! ;) & Glee :D
Fave Movie: Paranormal Activity :L
What Are You Thinking right Now: Wen Will This Testt Endd :L
Have You Ever Cheated On Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Kindaaa :S
Have You Ever Been Cheated On: Yeeh :@
Do You Have Any Pets: Yeeh
Whats The First Thing That You Notice About The Opposite Sex: Eyes :L
Your Best Physical Feature: Youu Tell Mee :L
Most Overused Phrase: FTW.Giggle.NOM.lol
Love or Money: Lovee :L
Kiss or Hug: Kiss
The Biggest Life Lesson Learned So Far: Dont Bee A Bitchh :L
Biggest Pet Peeve: Whaat Thee Fuckk Iss A Peeve :S
Worst Habit: Drinkin Energyy Drinks :/
Your Zodiac Sign: Piscies
Do You Love Someone Or Miss Someone Right Now: Yeeh Kindaaa :D x

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