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The Price is right

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  • Male, 24, Luv 25
  • from frome soon to be bruton
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

Im Great.......Joke......well kinda.......... well if you gavered up all the most amazing things in the world and put then all on one side of a set of scales then put me and one small great thing on the other side of the scales the scales would be completely level ;
The Other Half Of Me
Toby Page

Toby Page

its just a name thing honest

t-pain, ghost face, dre, chamillionaire (ridin dirty), venga boys oh yeah..., anythin that catches my fancy really
SUPERMAN RETURNS, batman begins, fantastic four, hulk, spiderman 1+2, x-men 1+2, yeah bit of a loser when it comes to films really but i also like green street (claret and blue through and through), team america, saw 1/2/3, hostle, kidulthood and layercake
Football: support west ham all my life played since i was bout 7 and am in 1st X1 for monkton, Rugby kinda support Bath but dont really follow them play for 1st XV at monkton, love playin hockey but not that great at it and can't stand cricket and anyone that can is dull and annoying (apart from nick spear, sam dewes, josh barnes, matt briely and mr botton)
i'll drink anything really (not very clever but hey) i really like budwieser (truly the king of beers), and the one pound shots at qube are nice but only cos there really cheap. oh yeah and i adore milk and coke yum!!!
happiest when
hanginn out with friends or drivin around with friends lookin for something to do or when with martha botton cos shes lush and we have lots of "fun" together, would love to hang out with mates and martha at the same time but never really happens, oh well.
boring things
people who love there own voice, really girly movies e.g. legally blonde, crap sports like criket, walkin round bath at night looking for people you know and things to do (its sad but we've all done it) and getting lost whilst driving
things that i love...
martha botton the best girlfriend ever, my amazin bull terrier dd may aka daisy, west ham utd, my family obviously and some of my friend when they help me out

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rowans dumb ass version og wkd advert

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  • a perfect free kick (did it for school so fought i'd help you players out ha!)


    Direct free kick (right footed player)

    To execute a perfect direct free kick there are 5 key points you need to work on and perfect.

    The first is the approach to the free kick, the run up is key. David Beckham takes 2 steps back and 5 steps to the left of the ball. You may find this works for you to but usually players have to experiment and find there own approach. Some players even have to place the ball in a certain way so that they can kick the correct area of the ball easily e.g. Roberto Carlos kicks the valve of the ball because he believes this gives him more power.

    The second part to precise is the aim. The player taking the free kick has to stop before taking the free kick and observe the environment around him/her that may affect the kick. The wall is always one of the obvious factors and the area of the goal to aim at is usually decided by the height and position of the wall. The keepers placement also helps to let you know where he/she can’t reach the ball and allows for higher opportunity of success. The weather and ground conditions also affect the process of the free kick (lets not forget Beckhams penalty in euro 2004 whoops) if the ground is soft you must be more careful with your run up and check the grass under the ball and make sure its stable. The wind is obviously going to affect the balls flight so take note of this and try to use it for good. (if the wind is strongly blowing to the left of the goal aim for the left hand side of the goal but kick the ball more centrally towards the goal because the wind is going to drag the ball over to the left side).

    The third part to exact is the actual kick. The ball must be caught in the correct area in accordance to where you want it. If you want it in the left top hand corner of the goal you have to get the ball on the right hand side of the ball near to the bottom of the ball to get the height. If your trying to get the ball in the top right hand corner of the goal your going to have to catch the ball with the outside of your foot on the left hand side at the base of the ball. Your eyes should never come off the ball when in the process of kicking the ball and you should keep visualising the ball going in the net. (a psychological advantage is a big one).

    The fourth thing is the follow through once your foot has made contact with the ball remember to try and push the ball towards the area u want to with your foot by trying to get you foot to finish moving when it is pointing at the point of the goal where you want the ball to go but remember to keep it subtle or you’ll look like a fool.

    And the final part of a perfect free kick that needs to work on constantly and if not perfected will completely destroy the whole process is. The celebration. This can make or break the free kick so plan what your going to be doing while the balls being brought out of the back of the opponents net.

    0 Comments 352 weeks

  • night out

    twas pretty dull picked up mid way through then died again but had a great ending so thats that

    0 Comments 352 weeks

  • hmmmmmm

    u no im still not sure wat a blog is exactly but im just using it as an excuse to talk hehehehehehe, so got a party tonight should be good thats all ive got to say really bye

    0 Comments 352 weeks

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  • yay

    i was jus thinkin',dont wanna go back to school or anything but........SHOTGUN FIRST GAME,SHOT NOT SETTIN UP AND SHOTGUN BREAKING!!!hahaha

    Toby Page 0 Replies
  • bubbles

    these are bubbles from r bath that wudv bin there!!!!love you lotsxxx

    Martha Botton 0 Replies
  • Ridin Dirty!!!
    Ridin Dirty!!!

    mate we're gonna be the shit in your car!cannot friggin wait!i will get you some pimpin seat covers for xmas!...btw you dont really look like shaggy from scooby do in real life...pics not very good x

    Toby Page 0 Replies

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  • Toby Page
    Toby Page

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  • Patty Sharp

    Re: hang Marvela This hot chick with huge tits is showing on cam! Hit up jane24white@live.com on msn messenger before she gets off. Shes crazy!

    7/19/08 via Mobile
  • Rowan

    Hope u enjoyed my pint i gave u. You wanna do something saturday?!x

  • Rowan

    Price anna's on thursday??? I will call you tonight unless i hear from you on bebo??!!

  • Rowan

    Put a pic of ur tatoo i haven seen it yet!!

  • Rich Raad
    Rich Raad

    you ok mate how you...hope all is well with you...speak soon rich oh and you should be relegated

  • Rowan

    Time to change the profile picture i think

  • Toby Page
    Toby Page

    yeah was alright, went down to the boater with rozzy afterwards for a bit.

  • Toby Page
    Toby Page

    alright babycakes, how was your weekend then?xx

  • Martha Botton
    luv Martha Botton

    sum birthday love!!!happy birthday stinky!!!love you!!

  • Jonny Guerin
    Jonny Guerin

    Mate i'm brill but dyin in revision gonna fail proper bad lol, but u know that face celeb ting, tryed it, all girls, some fit, but all girls lol, tink i've done sumin wrong or i'm just a fit bird. Jonny x

  • Jonny Guerin
    Jonny Guerin

    ZAMORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wat a god!!! How u doin buddy Jonny x