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Zoey Babes

the sun is out :) woohooo time to bust out the shorts, skirts and dresses and not forgetting the FLIP FLOPs ahah xxxxx

4/22/09 | me too! | Reply

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Fairytale Romance? ♥
Me, Myself, and I
      Zoey Babes </b>
   Destined For Love
   Stantonbury Campus
   - Last year
   Milton Keynes ♥     
Take me somewhere we can be alone
I'll be waiting all there's left to do is run
You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess
It's a love story baby just say yes. ♥

zoe_hearne_1@msn.com .♥
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  • Life.ox

    My Life has had its ups and downss and trust me a lot of downs. But these downs have only made me a stronger and more independent person.I Find it hard to trust people due to the fact of how many people have let me down, hurt me, or simply walked out of my life. Im not a hard person to please and never expect anything of anyone. If you are nice to me then im going to be nice to you thats the only thing i expect. i give people second chances quite easily all you have to prove is that you will stick to it. I Love CHILDREN and if i knew it was right i would gladly have one now. The things that parents do to they children ARGH Some people dont desserve them.

    I Know i have made mistakes in life but at the end of the day i cant change them and they have just made me realise my right from wrong and make me who i am today. Some people may not like who i am but im not willing to change for anyone, i have done that too many times to suit others and now im being who i WANT to be. Sometimes i may be too sensative but thats just me, i have always been a caring person and im not going to change that, you should treat people how you want to be treated.

    My Friends are the SEX and they are pretty damn good. They have been there for me through all my ups and downs, riding them with me (: and for that i will always be thankful for. I Hope they know how much i Love them, Even if we are RETARDS together. None of us want to leave Year 11 but think everyone has forgot about the "Computer with the buttons and the webcam" ayee Jadee LOL. Loveyou.ox

    The Family, Well were do i start, i have had so many downs from thiss bunchh off wierdoss Lmao. I have hated the arguements we have. But at the end of the day these have made me who i am and independent person which is always good for the future. We have had some good timess and plenty more to comee, just hope the DOWNS stop because they really do get to me. Alot! Loveyou.ox

    I Havent found that Special someone yet. But i am not in a rush. Everything that is meant to happen will do eventually. Hopefully Sooner than i think. ♥


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  • Cain Doyle
    Cain Doyle

    lol....you need to add me on Facebook! Heres my profile http://goo.gl/MVqFm

  • Craig

    woooooooooooooo liams next door neihbiour or wat ever u spell it wooooooooooooo howz u wat u been doin in these fine days ano its pure like random but aye lol hey x

  • Superman

    Heya thanx for the add G a z a <3

  • Gemma'Babes. 4/15/09
  • Will.
    luv Will.

    Hey Zoe, good to hear they let you out! :) Hope you get better soon, and trust me Hospital food is terrible so the longer we can keep you out the better, Haha. Righttt so, get well soon! :) (Y)

  • Bethan H
    luv Bethan H

    have love :) xxx

  • Craig

    awryt wat u been up to still seein liams daughter lol just wanted to talk u havent spokin u in ages

  • ChloeeBabyy

    Heyy.. Howz U ? Replyy Plz.. xx

  • Ash

    hey :) u ok xxx

  • XxoxX
    luv XxoxX

    cheer up hunnie everything is all good in the hood foooooolllll :D am always here for you smelly and helo you get thre anything even if it seems i ent at time i think we both are like that at times but just no i am! always here for ya babe love you gawgussss !! :D :D :D :D love for you xxxxxx

  • XxoxX
    luv XxoxX

    <b><i>today was goood we are arranging more time together this week (Y) will be good bubah <<:L lol love you xxxx xxx xx x

  • LIam

    hey thx for the add but do i know you x

  • XxoxX
    luv XxoxX

    Love you so much zoey i defoo wanna go back to the good times wwhen we was giving MR grumpy the turbons when he is pissed they were joka nights aha and we will make it qork and have all those night back miss you bubah love you very muchly more than you think actually xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xx x :D

  • Craig

    ryt wat u been gettin urself up to these days then been snowin down there x bmb

  • Gemma'Babes.
    luv Gemma'Babes.

    hahaa :P goodgood:) yeah im okayy thankyouu, wubu2 babe xxxx

  • Gemma'Babes.
    luv Gemma'Babes.

    babyyy girl. today was lush(L)(: you mean the world 2me. hope you feel better soon! haha we thought you were asleep&Then you started singin lmfao joker love you 2much:) xxxxx