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  • Female, 22
  • from my home is my house and jessikas house hehe
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 2,000
  • Last active: 10/21/12
  • www.bebo.com/xx_azzi_xx
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Me, Myself, and I
Dont use Bebo anymore
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Im Azzi
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  • French Connection

    i went on a french connection thing and met some amazing people! just writing this coz im really bored and thought i would leave a lil reminder of the toobilure week i had! twas so funny and i cant wait to meet everyone in the near future (hopefully!) had such a momemerable time and i never want to forget how fab it was! thanks for all those people hoo made it so gurd! theres some pikis of it if yoo wanna check them out . . . feel free to comment! x

    0 Comments 363 weeks

  • fuckin gud day... get ova it hehe

    wel... we are now at bekkis house n where pissing about having a laf. azzis talking dirrty. and so is bekki... and now sophie... fuk me am i the on ly sane 1 in da house of bekkis crew. we r having a right gd gang bang we luv a bit of bang. yummmy. oh yh sorry soph where not talking dirrty where TYPING dirrty oh im soo sorry ......... we luv greece heheheehe.... wink wink u no wot where on about oh yh n lesbos hahahahahahaha we just luv a bit of dem. benny boy is well fit we just want a bit of him any day sooooooo sexy god y doesn;t he just fuk me ! god ! i'l have him any day of the week. i wudnt throw him out of bed for farting. or snoring indat right soph. god wher well horney ! where is riley wen u need him ey. god i awnt a bit of him soo sexy all that fat god just fuking bounce ! bounce on me please all dat flab ! bet ur a well gd...... fuekr... bounce bounce bounce god we should name u tigger ! coz tiggers a wonderful thing ! hehe. we're just jelous really coz we want to bounce. wiv u n ur gf... wots her name.... oh yh kristy no kirsty... fuking hekll make ur fuking mind up dickhead !!! haha.... azzi luvs da spice girls wooo foreva freinds god where so gay... we should do all those gay things like take pics of us getting off ! yummy... not i dnt fuking think so m8 ! we're gna make a bebo site just for us coz we're well SEXI! WOOP WOOP! u will hv to check it out wen we make it... well hv loadsa sexi pikis of us ! we're such posers..... not like greasy n wkd bitch from the not so cool sied lmao! WE KNOW! COZ WERE WELL FUCKING SXC you well want us! dnt cha no it biacth! hell ye!
    TOUCH ME! goosebumps mmm mmm :O nooooooo dnt go on the business trip... ill be with sophie tho :D :D :D :D :D :D mr pierce dunt give a fuckers! now she decides to go! check u out! can i sit with u? WHAY! no shes not going we need to get away from will handley! oh ye n tom maganen! xxx from us guys! WAIT! becca needs to write something.......
    azzis got a 9! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! coz i am well good
    and not a 9 incher
    9 legs

    mmmmm 9/10 coz shes well gd
    azzi is sick
    u all luv this essay
    make sure u put loadsa comments!!!!!
    xxx mwah xxx
    lv ya'll

    from the sxc gurlies...
    jess becca soph n azzi

    0 Comments 373 weeks

  • The new Princess Pead

    me jessca n megan waited at the bus stop for charlotte who didne turn up. we were off to LYCN celebration and we got the bus to the light in leeds. we were meant to be meeting a guy called lofty there who is charlottes brother. after waiting for about 20 minutes we rang megans brother to ask him what bus we would have to get on to get to the place. we got on the bus but we didnt know where to get off so we just looked out for it. whilst we were on the bus about 3 men about 30 years old started looking over at us. we were trying to work out what language they were talking. we thought it was french but then german but we then decided it was bulgarian :S or rather jessca decided it was lol!!! they were talking about jess and we were trying to work out if it was good or bad then they wolf whistled so we decided it was good for obvious reasons! luke (megans brother) rang us and told us to get off at headinley stadium where his mates would wait for us. we didnt have a clue what his mates looked like so we got off the bus and they walked over to us so we knew it was them. we walked over a road and got to the place we were going. it was a fab night and we got to see loads of people that we hadn't seen for ages! :D :D :D :D so now jessca is (PRINCESS PEAD instead of princess peach) but of course i am the only Queen Pead xxx

    1 Comment 376 weeks

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  • *hums*

    hey ho just a lil message to say thumbelina rocks i can play air guitar very well now & i forget what o yer vodka red sucks have a nice day! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE XXXX

    Jism 0 Replies

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