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haha, i had 1 visit in May!

6/11/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 23, Luv 91
  • from Inverness
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About Me

Sweet Jesus!
Me, Myself, and I
hmmm, what to say.... I drink too much and dont remember a thing most of the time, im now living in glasgow for uni, and i like eating!!! :)
Garbage, Hole, The Distillers, Nirvana, KoRn, P!nk, Courtney Love, Blondie, No Doubt, Howling Bells, Melissa Auf Der Maur, Paramore,

and more but those r the main ones :D
Aliens (all 4!), James Bonds, Wanted, LOTRs, 300, Pirates of the Caribian, Kill Bill, Spider man, x- men, Star Wars, oh and Death becomes her!! its awesome XD
ѕ¢αяє∂ σƒ
insects and wrinkles
Happiest When
Zelda, WoW, Goldeneye
Southpark. Family Guy, Buffy, Simpsons, Friends, and of course, Father Ted - its the best!!!!!!! :D

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  • 8/23/11 via Mobile
  • Winna Ponte

    You have to check this out http://alturl.com/4faxj

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Meganbethany

    Hey everyone! Add my new profile!!!! http://goo.gl/sdDnj

  • luv Lachlan Watt

    Yeah man long time no speak. It is going pretty damn exciting I have to say. I am now in Canada!! Been here since June and I am hoping to make it a permanent thing. It was all a tad spontaneous but im loving every min ;P Hows life your end?

  • Melda Thaggard

    Hey come chat with me on MSN jane_love6556@hotmail.com

    7/30/10 via Mobile
  • Kimberley Watson
    Kimberley Watson

    i thought youd have known that since ive watched it and been obsessd with jenny for like 7 years? lol xx

  • Kimberley Watson
    luv Kimberley Watson

    yea we got it 2 weeks ago ive just been so busy organizing things that i havent been online well last time i was drunk was 3 days ago on a bus to glasgow =/ but before that was on johns birthday at his party whih was like the best night ever!wer having another party for christmas and im really excited about it! did u know pink is playing in june in glasgow?i think ill get a ticket...i really miss her.... have you ever heard of pearl and the puppets?we met them at a gig on wednesday and she sed shel come to our party!she played rockness and bella this year....pretty cool! hope the party is good xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kimberley Watson
    luv Kimberley Watson

    yeah im good thanks wer in our flat its amazin.....were all working so we decided it wouldnt be fare to get a kitten just yet......but i really want a puppy......im working at claires accessories.well i start next week.i did trry and fone you...well i hope your ok. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Gareth Golder
    Gareth Golder

    ill be looking for something to do after i finish

  • Gareth Golder
    Gareth Golder

    You have too much time on your hands..

  • Gareth Golder
    Gareth Golder

    Nope still dont hoping tomorrow :D

  • Gareth Golder
    Gareth Golder

    okay im on now :D

  • Gareth Golder
    Gareth Golder

    Im online now :D

  • Kimberley Watson
    Kimberley Watson

    I BET YOUR INFURIAGTED!HAHAHahAHAHH AHAhahahaHAHAHA WER NOT EVEN SORRY, LMAO X WILLY FACE <3# WE THINK U LIKE IT BVETTER THAT WAY =] AND YES......it is 2 am.......deal with it!we got over it,its about time you DID!!!!

  • Kimberley Watson
    Kimberley Watson

    kimberley says...... u mother fucker!me and katyy made cocktails,ud like the cock but were coming for you in your sleep u liitle bitch,u best sleep with 1 eye open,watch out for that katy,shell fuck you up!WHORE! DAVID,WER COMING!!!!!!BITCH SLUT WHORE! katy says.... last week i saw you on the street...turns out it was a bag of trash....just a big old bag of fucking trash...SLUT WHORE BITCH ps yoo dir4ty bastard we ccan see qwot yoor doin!! i own yoo.... dick in a box ~xxxx?~ SLAG go fuck youself for leabving!dick weener PENISSSSS I THINK I JUST LOST MY VAGINA...THATS HOW ANGRY I AM U LITTLE FUCJER screw you NOOOOOOOOOT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  HAHAHAHAHAHA FUCKER WE LOVE YOU BUT U GOTTA LOOSE SOME WEIGHT YOU CHGUBBY FAT FUVKING PIECE MOF CHOCLATE,.MAYBE THEN WELL B FRIENDS =P XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX U WISH =]

  • Kimberley Watson
    luv Kimberley Watson

    i stole your flash box =p cant wait till pink im very excited!!! its the 2nd best present you ever got me!thank you =] blaaa i felt bad cus no1 seems to love you much these days on here.....hehe take care =D XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX xxxxxxx

  • Ruby Your Moms A Soho
    luv Ruby Your Moms A Soho

    hey stranger! am great ta, how are you doing these days then?? up to much? still in ness? xxxxxx

  • Gareth Golder
    Gareth Golder

    yep i did and maybe ive only seen 1 song from their new album live

  • Kimberley Watson
    luv Kimberley Watson

    hello =] how are you today....good i hope!i got my tattoo was bloody painful!im glad i got it though ts really cool! hope your having a good day!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Didda B
    luv Didda B

    DAVIDDD!!!!!!!!! i actually said hows ur sumer goin but its all the same thing!:P ahh ur not comin back 2 the sneck!:O what shinnanagins hav u been getti up 2 in glasgae? r ur flatmates livin in ure flat rite now aswell? well im no longer an unemployed bum..got myself a job in highland house of fraser which is full of foreigners and grannies!! and the uniform is HIDEOUS!! but its good banter!:) oo oo and i stepped foot i love 4 the 1st time the other week after livin in iverness 4 so long!:P im thinkin of goin 2 t in the park next year so i wont b goin 2 bella!!gotta save my pennies. alltho i mannaged 2 sneak in2 rockness with out payin!:P any hoooo i said id write an amazing reply and this 1s a bit borin..but hey ho!!!:P xxxxxxxxx