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luvin ma baby chris he means the world to me 15/12/2006 xxx

4/6/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 22, Luv 57
  • from Cornwall
  • I am Engaged
  • Profile views: 3,601
  • Member since: January 2006
  • Last active: 12/24/10
  • www.bebo.com/monkey_1990
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Me, Myself, and I
|[x..Say It..x]|Amanda

|[x..Full Name..x]|Amanda Warne

|[x..Blown Out..x]| 18 candles

|[x..Fell From Heaven..x]| september 5th

|[x..Sees Through..x] Blue Eyes

|[x..Brushes Down..x]| its in between brown and blonde at the mo

|[x..Status..x]| engaged

|[x..Love..x]| having a laf and bein with da people i love.

|[x..Dont..x]| hyperactive people, 2 faced people, and herion addicts lol

|[x..Do..x]| enjoy urself and make the most of life!

|[x..Id Die Without..x]| chris, my family, friends, my bed and my mobile

|[x..Loving..x]| xXx Chris Hine xXx

|[x..Treat Me..x]| with respect

|[x..Smile..x]| as much as u can.

|[x..Always..x] have a laf

|[x..Neva..x]| lie if u dont have to and neva go behind ur mates backs!

|[x..Speaks..x]| my mind

|[x..ActIt..x]| cheary/happy/drunk lol xx
i like a bit of everything really.
i like thirteen, 10 things i hate about u, happy gilmore, comedy ones.... and i love horrors cos i love bein scared.its funny RED DWARF is the best eva hahaha cud watch it all day! the new james bond film is really gud. and hairspray!!!!! . CHOPPER is brilliant!!!!! ps i love you and um........ both the step ups
i like all sports really nuthin i h8. cept the ones i cant do like rugby i dont like hurtin myself so i aint gud at that.
Scared Of
sharks, clowns, poppin ballons, big spiders and all other sea creatures! lol
Happiest When
with ma mates and wiv ma bf chris he is ma baby and i love him loads but he knows that already lol when wiv mates generally havin a laf and wen pissed. xx
saddest when
on my own lol get a bit lonely! and wen theres nuthin to do!
chris xxxx
my baby love him to bits and wud do nethin for him. hes the one that always makes me smile. love u so much chris xxxxxx been together 2 years now way hay lol x

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  • Sallee Oberlander

    How can the do this for free? http://alturl.com/8a5js

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Amyx

    ello ello thought id drop in an say thanks for the add ana big congratulations lol heard yoo gots married an that so yeah hehe

  • Jamie King
    Jamie King

    Hey how are you? Where is my invitation? wb X

  • Rose

    kool =] Yeahh hopefulli , it depends on mi dad n tha if ther busy or not cuz i cnt go by myself lol. Ermm i dnt even no where it is :L ? LoveU- x

  • luv Rose

    Hey babe =] wat dates ur weddin?,lol silly u invited me & parents but dint tell us a date :D im well exited lol is there any dress code apart frm smart lol ?? Wb Lu x

  • Joanna Warne
    luv Joanna Warne

    haya im wel sorry but i cnt make it 2 ya party cozz a college n stuff but happy birthday 4 den n hope ya hav a great time lots ov luv xxx

  • Lisa. .Ox
    luv Lisa. .Ox

    hey yeh we're brill thanks, you? u cumin out for our engagement party on the 26th july? xxx

  • Lisa. .Ox
    Lisa. .Ox

    yeh i got to speak to my unit organiser and im seeing her on sunday so i will ask for ya! xxx

  • MassMitchell
    luv MassMitchell

    Na fuk al reil!!! yea ill meet up wid yu both!!! whats yu numba?? what yu bin up to?? luvs yu x x x x

  • MassMitchell

    ite gawjus bin a while since i wrote to yu!!! what yu bin up to then sweetie?? w/b luv yu x x x

  • Stephanie Kemp
    Stephanie Kemp

    i have to staffy crosses and a german shepard lol u will be 18 soon wont you lol im 21 in aug cant wait have to piss up a my house not looking forward to that my mate like turning things upside down ie sofa cooker washing machine glasses basicly every thing lol

  • Karl Hattem
    Karl Hattem

    yes i have its hit_manh_4@hotmail.co.uk add me if u want xxxx

  • Karl Hattem
    Karl Hattem

    yea its great and yeah defo see u on wendsday. wb xxx

  • Stephanie Kemp
    Stephanie Kemp

    nothing much been cleaning my house today lol day off work i live in bodmin now have done for 2 an a halh yrs in a three bed house with my husband ian and 3 dogs lol dnt speak to many people from plymouth now not even my family speak to gem and sam sometimes and kirsty as she was my maid of hounor lol what u been up to then dnt hear from u much .

  • Stephanie Kemp
    luv Stephanie Kemp

    alright here howz u been then

  • luv Rose

    Hello =] Errm u can have the work number 01752-842231 Hes on a track day atm but youu can just talk to who ever ansers the phone bwt it lol u dnt need to ask for him or anyfink K babes :D LoveU--x

  • MassMitchell

    Yea we shud babe. . . . x Take care nd let me no when yu cum in plymuff?! Luvs yu x x x x x

  • MassMitchell

    Na dnt be silly! lol! Wel i dnt work nemre! yu workin or nefin? x x x x x x