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Jac Jones

oi dont care if no one eles is in, turtalis is reborn :P

6/21/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
i changed my mind, i am gonna update it, just this once.

im jac, im great and everyone loves me. i have little fasion sence, but how wrong can u go with jeans and a black top?

much love to my mates, they are all great, even the one i dont know (thats you stranger)

i am always right, but i have learnt recently that reality if frequently wrong
The Other Half Of Me
Imperfect Perfection

Imperfect Perfection

great,now i have to get shroom out the way again:P

indie. anything eles can rot
simon peggs always great. he should be openly thought of as a god
i support man u officially, but i dont follow sport and football bores me
Scared Of
my own religion
Happiest When
with most of my mates. though that doesnt happen much these days
sad about
the results of the gay test. i think i'd make such a great gay. and the lack of my mates here right now. even ant, to a certain extent
happy about
im not sure...but then gain im pretty much always happy, so its all good

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  • Tigi'

    Hiyya Jac =] Byya Jac =] xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jac Jones
    Jac Jones

    im off home now, tata

  • Tigi'

    OhMyGosh. I Watched The Shining Last Night. Its Really Not Scary Is It?? You Better Of Seen It. Its Not Scary ATAL. And I Get Scared Easily. I Am Totally Angry. And Whats The Bit All About With The Bear Sucking Off That Man?? Lol. xx

  • Tigi'

    Ah. I See. xxx

  • Tom

    that would explain it then they should have just stayed being a band

  • Jac Jones
    Jac Jones

    added you now

  • Tigi'

    How DARE You?? Are You Implying I Am A Drunkard?? xx