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Sinead Kathleen Vincent

Is goin 2 Wellington nxt wekend as in frm da 2nd - 4th pahahaad has her HOMEGROWN tickets Yay!!! :D

9/25/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 22, Luv 409
  • from Taupo (Toe Paw), New Plymouth
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 12,021
  • Member since: October 2005
  • Last active: 7/9/11
  • www.bebo.com/SINEADVINCENT
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About Me

Just dance. Gunna be okay.Da-doo-doo-doo.Just dance. Spin that record babe.Da-doo-doo-doo.Just dance
Me, Myself, and I

Email: 1091064@pihms.ac.nz (please email me using dis add im i cnt go on msn)

I will BLOW YOUR MIND - J. Williams


My name is Sinead
I get calld JLO cause i hav a BIG ASS!!! haha :D

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Fuckin fav movie has 2 b TWILIGHT omg it is so kewl haha, Mi fav movies r scary 1s. but "A WALK TO REMEMBER" is mi absolute fav its so sad gotta watch it :D , ad She's da man is also kewl
Netball <*Year 13 Social*> - FOOTBALL <*in da TNT A team which is fun, we pwetti much da best team. If u want a game against us jst leave me a comment and we i wil get it sorted we wil whip ur ass!!!!!*> - Mountain Biking <*Doin da day nite thriller 2008*>- Surfing <*gt a pink surf board last xmas 2006 it mean kewlies*> - Water Skiing - Wakeboarding - Snow Skiing.
Around Family & around mi Fwends x0x0x
Neighbours - Home & Away - Waterloo Road - McLouds Daughters - Desperate Housewives - The Hills - 8th & Ocean - One tree hill - ER - Grey"s Anatomy - MTV - Falcon Beach its da best haha & Laguna Beach mi favourite show

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  • -Elissalearmonth

    hi accept me i am one of lady gagas bff plz xxxxxxx

  • LOrz
    luv LOrz

    wat doin fridaee?? me n mahh gurl comn ta stay at wairakei soo meet up foa drink?? GET BAK ASAP!!! mwah xoxox

  • BeattheRecession

    Helloo nywan reading dis comment please join dis group nd support our cause!! :D :D

  • Maherrr

    My Bbirthday

  • Maria O'Reilly
    luv Maria O'Reilly

    Hay Chick how are you?? I wasn't going to accept you, lucky I looked at your pictures to see if I actually recognised who it was!! How has your study been this year?? What you got planned for the summer?

  • LOrz

    hey gurl howz everything goin?? gonna come down to taupo to watch new moon next month soo wuld be good to katch up!! get bak laydee Xx

  • Nik-Cola
    luv Nik-Cola

    My speech is due on Monday and it's finished and on cue cards and everything! And I've even painted the cue cards and everything! Talk about good time management. Come to Aucklaanaaand :) It will be cool. And I might even be able to make time to see you. Haha. Let me know if and when you are coming :) Miss you & love you xxxx

  • Andrew
    luv Andrew

    Haha aw mean was it gd Im hanging ay

  • Andrew

    Haha ohr Wat yu get uhp2 this morning

  • Nik-Cola
    luv Nik-Cola

    It's actually the funniest thing watching Mum's run! It's like when you get old you lose your running style. Haha. Gaetano.. That was one of them! The french boy. Yay Jess =) You remembered. They all knew you! it was craaazy. I was like are these girls popular of whaat? =) I've been good thanks. Worked 8.30 - 3.00 today and now I'm writing my speech. It's a bitch. Worst speech writer ever! How have you been? What you been up to? xx

  • Nik-Cola
    luv Nik-Cola

    Sometims I sprint in front of her and make her catch up! It's the funniest thing seeing my mum run. She doesn't run straight. She kinda runs up and down, and her head bobs! I so want to know if you know these people. They said they were 16, 17 and 18. You famous chicky! Haha. xx

  • Nik-Cola
    luv Nik-Cola

    I love going for walks with my Mummy =) We went for on the other day. She like sprints it though and I'm tagging along at the back. They all said that they knew all 3 of you? I'll ask my mate if she knew any other of their names and I'll let you kow =) Oi, you're just known everywhere! You popular monkey. xx

  • Andrew
    luv Andrew

    Haha like in the outback of the city Im never drunk hahaha

  • Nik-Cola
    luv Nik-Cola

    Tourny was awesome! We didn't win. But we had soo much fun! They played soccer. I think one was called Cameron, nd Damion? and there was afrench uy with a weird name. I think it started with G! I was like "I KNOW THE VINCENTS TOO!!" x x

  • - T A Y
    luv - T A Y

    Hayy Mayn! Yeahh glad wee nawtt at pihms atm LOL .. :D buhtt miss it ayee well thaa peePs more then it! haha How yahh ben bro!?? work picking up? not here aye!! mayn got drunk wit ben n Xtiina lastnight! ahha was a good nite mayn lol krackk up as hehe . might go outt tahnight buht duno lol . c wat happens we going out wit ben n the boys on friday should be interesting lol !!! Yhuu shouldd soo come up this w.e nig! lorz comin bk to aux nek week . mean az!! yhuu bak at work or still sick?? yhuu party gurl hahah !! GetBak gurhll !! Miss yah ! x Ox

  • Andrew
    luv Andrew

    Haha yee Went to a party in the outback and that was it ay was mean haha

  • Jonny.

    U are lady gagas first fan ;) on bebo obv. I think its kool so i decided to remind u :L

    9/5/09 via Mobile
  • Nik-Cola
    luv Nik-Cola

    Don't even start about having fun at school. Whoever invented it, I actually want to kill them! Woah. Check this out for a small world. Just been to Upper North Island netball tournament in Hamilton and there were these guys from Taupo and they knew you guys! I asked them. Haha. Miss you homieee xx

  • Andrew

    Aw ay thats buzzy Wat uhp?

  • Andrew

    Aw thats dum haha Mean as Yu better