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'Mon the Village BRING IT HOME!!!

10/17/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Raharney
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About Me

<<<<Mclean Broken My new fav song!!!!!>>>>
Me, Myself, and I
<<<<<<<<<<< The one the only GERRY BYRNE my hero!!! Cillian ere wats da story?Im 4m Raharney (da place ta b specially if raharney av jus 1 te senior championship) Im 16 I go 2 da bridge TYO is te best!!!! I play loadsa sports Hurlin socca gaelic nd Bball.Sur leav a comment if ya want

██ 10%Luck
████ 20%Skill
███ 15%concentrated power of will
█ 5%Pleasure
██████████ ]50%Pain
███████████████████ 100%Reason to remember the name

Jake take your dart Byrne
Oisin thinks Jake is great Murphy
Warren hairstyles Walsh
Daniel the new guitarist Phillips
Avrils mam is a ledge Byrne
Cliona the psychic Gallagher

♫Your lipstick stains on the front lobe of my left side brains
I knew I wouldn't forget you, and so I went and let you blow my mind
Your sweet moonbeam, the smell of you in every single dream I dream
I knew when we collided, you're the one I have decided who's one of my kind ♫
The Other Half Of Me
Jakeo Babey

Jakeo Babey

Doesnt like Cold weetabix but 2 afraid 2 say it

All Dance Music te chillis te killers razorlite ar all class
Our day at Avrils.
Oh god this day started off well... Me and jake wer woken up early coz we had to change a tyre on the car for mam and Oisin wudnt get up and help coz hes a lazy bastard (only jokin busheen). We went in to Avrils only to be greeted by Avrils mam askin us what the hell were we doin here...Avril wasnt even dresed at this stage she was still all wet!!! Shortly after that we were kiked out of the house coz the Byrne family wanted diner and wouldnt give us any!!! Later on jake needed to take money out of the bank. .Francis wanted to drive us so being the nice guys that we were we accepted.. Then she asked me and jake was she blowing us out of it yet??? Like what a mother!! When we got back to the house Ciara had made a complete mess of a birthday cake for Avril never ever have I seen such a mess made of a cake!!!! But i have to say her chocolate chip cookies are immense!!!! Oh yea and oisin no matter what you say I am the champ at table tennis on the wii!!! That was one eventful day!!!
Train: Hey Soul Sister
Hey, hey, hey

Your lipstick stains on the front lobe of my left side brains
I knew I wouldn't forget you, and so I went and let you blow my mind
Your sweet moonbeam, the smell of you in every single dream I dream
I knew when we collided, you're the one I have decided who's one of my kind

Hey soul sister, ain't the Mr. Mister on the radio, stereo, the way you move ain't fair, you know!
Hey soul sister, I don't want to miss a single thing you do...tonight
Hey, hey, hey

Just in time, I'm so glad you have a one-track mind like me
You gave my life direction, a game show love connection we can't deny
I'm so obsessed, my heart is bound to beat right out my untrimmed chest
I believe in you, like a virgin, you're Madonna, and I'm always gonna wanna blow your mind
. . . .
Hey soul sister, ain't that Mr. Mister on the radio, stereo, the way you move ain't fair, you know!
Hey soul sister, I don't want to miss a single thing you do...tonight

The way you can't cut a rug, watching you's the only drug I need
You're so gangsta, I'm so thug, you're the only one I'm dreaming of
You see, I can be myself now finally, in fact there's nothing I can't be
I want the world to see you be with me

Hey soul sister, ain't that Mr. Mister on the radio, stereo, the way you move ain't fair, you know!
Hey soul sister, I don't want to miss a single thing you do tonight,
Hey soul sister, I don't want to miss a single thing you do...tonight
Hey, hey, hey

Hey, hey, hey

Happiest When
Playn hurlin r wit a girl
Where would I be without this girl!!!
Wev Been through it all!!! This girl means the world to me always there for a nice chat. she dnt txt ya back sum of the time but when you look past that you wont find a nicer girl!!

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  • :P

    ""-[[ FiveLasts ]]-
    . Last Beverage -Water
    . Last Phone Call - Jake Byrne
    . Last Song Played - Chiddy Bang: The opposite of Adults
    . Last Time You Cried - Never. . haha
    . Last Text Message Sent To You Says- Yea me too x

    -[[ HaveYouEver ]]-
    . Dated Someone Twice - Ye
    . Been Cheated On - Dont think so
    . Kissed Someone & Regretted It? No
    . Lost Someone Special? - Yes
    . Been Depressed - Oh god ye
    . Been Drunk And Threw Up? -Been drunk but have never thrown up.

    -[[ ListThreeFavouriteColours ]]-
    . Red
    . Blue
    . Yellow

    -[[ ThisMonthHaveYou ]]-
    . Made A New Friend - Dont think so.
    . Fallen Out Of Love - Nope
    . Laughed Until You Cried - Almost
    . Met Someone Who Changed Your Life - No
    . Found Out Who Your True Friends Were - no
    . Is There Something You Want To Tell Someone - Yes
    . Have You Kissed Anyone On Your Top Friend's List - Hell yeah

    -[[ Randoms ]]-
    . Who You Trust The Most? - Thats for me 2 know.
    . What Did You Do For Your Last Birthday? Savage party!!
    . What Were You Doing At Midnight Last Night? - On the way home from Hamlet
    . thing You Cannot Wait For? - When i get ma car
    . What Is One Thing You Wish You Could Change About Your Life?- Mistakes made
    . What Are You Listening To Right Now? - Train: Hey Soul Sister
    . Most Visited Webpage? -Bebo.
    . How Many People On Your Friends List Do You Know In Real Life? - Most of them!
    . How Many Kids Do You Want To Have? - Too early for even thinkin about that
    . Change Your Name? - Nope

    -[[ Reals ]]-
    . What's Your Real Name - Cillian
    . Zodiac Sign - Leo
    . Male Or Female - male
    . Hair Colour - Brown
    . Long Or Short - Short
    . Height - 6ft
    . Do You Have A Crush On Someone? Yes
    . Piercings - no
    . .Tattoos - NO!!!
    . Righty Or Lefty - Lefty

    -[[ Firsts ]]-
    . First Surgery - Have had nun
    . First Piercing - nun
    . First Real Best Friend - Hmmm
    . First Award - Hurlin
    . First Sport You Joined - Raharney hurlin club
    . First Pet - Dog
    . First Vacation - France
    . First Crush - Haha long long time ago.

    -[[ Currently ]]-
    . Eating - Notn
    . Drinking - Notn
    . Im About To - Go watch tele...
    . Waiting For - Someone to txt me coz im bored and not gonna make d effort to txt sum1 1st

    -[[ YourFuture ]]-
    . Want Kids? Yes
    . Want To Get Married - Yes
    . Careers In Mind? - Teachin of sum sort

    -[[ WhichIsBetterWithThePreferredSex? ]]-
    . Romantic Or Spontaneous - Spontaneous
    . Sensitive Or Loud - Loud
    . Hook-up Or Relationship - Relationship
    . Trouble Maker Or Hesitant -Trouble Maker

    -[[ HaveYouEver ]]-
    . Kissed A Stranger - Yup
    . Drank Hard Liquor - Ye
    . Been Arrested - Nope..
    . Turned Someone Down - Yeah
    . Cried When Someone Died - Yep

    -[[ DoYouBelieveIn ]]-
    . Yourself - Naht much
    . Miracles - No
    . Love At First Sight - ye
    . Heaven - Yea
    . Santa Claus - Nope
    . Kiss On The First Date - Yeah
    . Angels - ye
    . Ghosts - no

    -[[ AnswerTruthfully ]]-
    . Is There One Person You Want To Be With Right Now? - ~Yeah
    . Had More Than One Girlfriend At One Time? - Never have never will
    . Do You Believe In God? - Ye
    . Have A Secret From Someone - Yea"

    0 Comments 175 weeks

  • Chelsea insults!!!

    Q. Did you hear the Post Office just recalled their latest stamps?
    A. They had pictures of Chelsea players on them and people couldn't figure out which side to spit on.

    Q. What do you have when Chelsea fans are buried up to their neck in sand?
    A. Not enough sand.

    Q. You're locked in a room with a lion, a crocodile, and a Chelsea fan.
    You have a gun with 2 bullets. What should you do?
    A. Shoot the Chelsea Fan - twice.

    0 Comments 295 weeks

  • Gaelic language

    Bollix: - The Referee

    Mighty :- Very good

    Hames :- A right shite, e.g. “He made a hames of that chance”

    Lamp :- A good thump, e.g. “I swung for the sliotar, missed by 3 feet and lamped the full back”

    A Crowd :- A gathering of people who watch a match and hope for random acts of violence, e.g.coolderry supporters

    Schkelp: - To remove living tissue in the absence of surgical procedures, e.g. “That shite from clare took a schkelp outta me leg”

    Bullin’: - Angry, e.g. “The centre half was bullin’ after I lamped him”

    Bull Thick: - Very angry, e.g. “The centre half was bull thick after I lamped him again”

    Joult: - A push, e.g. “I gave him a joult and he has to wear a neck brace for 2 weeks

    Bushted :- An undefined soreness, e.g. “Jayz me arm is bushted"

    A Hang Sangwidge :- Consumed with “tay” on the sides of roads after matches in Cionn Eitigh or Rath, usually contains half a pound of butter

    Rake: - A great amount of anything, usually pints of Guinness the night before an important match

    Indanamajaysus (in-da-nama-Jaysus): - What was that for referee?

    Ya Bollix Ya :- Corner back’s formal recognition of a score by his opponent

    Leh-It-In-Ta-Fuck-Wud-Ya :- Full forwards appeal to a midfielder for a more timely delivery of the pass

    Burst The Bollix :- Instructions from the sideline to tackle your man

    All-Hell-Broke-Loose :- A massive row that continues out in the parking area or dressing room areas, usually resolved by the Gardai

    1 Comment 337 weeks

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James: Oh well, it's better than working in a bank.
-Richard Hammond
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