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Sup y'all!! Haven't bin on this in a while!! How's everyone??? Lmao!! =)

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BeSt Of ThE bEsT, tHe TiTaNs, BlOoD iN bLoOd OuT, uNdEaFeTeD2, wAt BeCoMeS oF ThE bRoKeN hEaRtEd, rAmBo 5, i LkIe AcTiOn N tHrIlLeRs NoT gOoD wItH HORRORS! tOo SceArY fOr Me!!!
I lIkE 2 pLaY a VaRiEtY oF sPoRtS: bAsKeTbAlL, vOlLeYbAlL, tAbLe tEnNiS, rUgBy UnIoN, tOuCh RuGbY, I lIKe 2 gIvE aLl SpOrTs A gO eVeN iF i doNt KnOw How 2 pLaY eM!
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Happiest When
WeN rIdIn In Ma SkYlInE lIsTeNiNg To mA tUrBo WyNd iTs LiKe ThE bEsT fEeLiNg lIsTeNiNg To YoUr CaR SCREAM!!!!:P :L :L :L :L :D :D :D :D :O :O :O :O aNd WeN iM oN tHe FoNe WiF tHaT sPeCiAl SoMeBoDy!:P :P :L :P :L :P :L :L :O :P :O :O WhOeVeR tHaT MaYbE!

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  • M A R Y
    luv M A R Y

    hey cuz! yeah i havent been on in a while either! only on hea coz i dont have a facebook! lol i'll start one soon! promise! lol and hard we gottah go niue some time! like soon soon cuz! lol keep in touch cuz! keep up the good work! loves! mary!xo

  • Dwtk

    I just snagged $780 in 4 days at home on the computer! Made it with - http://x.co/KTIW Your going to be so happy!

  • M A R Y
    M A R Y

    hey cuzn!! jus passing thru! miss u! hope all is well? hope to see u soon? take care! mwah!

  • Mountain Dew
    Mountain Dew

    YEIYAH!!.. :D swt az brahz wat time u kumn?

    7/6/10 via Mobile
  • Ms. March Babbe
    Ms. March Babbe

    thats qudd to hear.. im jst a little pissed off because my fone farkd up today.. :( >:( so hws yur day ? xo

  • Ms. March Babbe
    Ms. March Babbe

    heyy there mr.. Hw yu been ? xo.'

    6/20/10 via Mobile
  • Angie

    Hi Uncle Hale` :) Im doing fine, yea tell me about ages. lols & yes uncle we're both staying outta trouble; well ive got my head around something else. Having a lil boy in a couple months so yea pretty mch jst saving up & eating lols. Hws work ? & the fams? Lveu Uncle :) TC GB ! PS: Happy Sabbath To You & Th Fams :DD

  • Angie

    hii uncle hale :) hwu duin? Lngtime no see. Whts new? Lveu angiiee. xx

    6/3/10 via Mobile
  • Leiana Maki
    Leiana Maki

    HALE!!! OMG LOOOOONNNNGGGGGG TIME NO SEE OR HEAR BRO!!! How are you?? Cheers for the add. Hey guess what i live in williams landing?? lol. New area near tarneit. You inwerribee bro?? Holla. Hope all is well. Bless Lei. One

  • Noamau Mekii Tauiliilis
    Noamau Mekii Tauiliilis

    sup sole.. far talk about long time no talk haha bro maan still memba me from wen we met wit niki and that in the city? how u been bro? hope all is gud.! sole uce give us a heart hahah only new at bebo got 3 ahaha ia fa sofua. :)

  • BiggieSmalls.

    Thanks for the adds qhee :DD # maad love :*

  • Mountain Dew
    luv Mountain Dew

    Sup brah add us 0n faceb0ok :D

    3/29/10 via Mobile
  • N I K E
    N I K E

    Hale ?

    3/24/10 via Mobile
  • Curstii

    Tryin to help a kid pay for his school fees it's all legit once we get approval frm the mayor we will be telln ppl n putn flyers out but jst tryn go org performAnces

    3/19/10 via Mobile
  • SAnapuz

    hay hale wad ub geee... hows u doin ae... well yea lukin forward to havin ays wif ur church this weekend ae... well yea ima gap it gee hula bk ae... latahzz

  • Curstii
    luv Curstii

    Hey guys org an event at Clayton town hall on fri 9 April we are lookig for breAkers n 2 singers n a dance crew if ur interested let me no so far our line up is 3 dj 2 dance crews .. krumpers .. 2 solo singers .. Hot boys n girls were auctioning of for the nyt.. Everyone who performs will b invited to a fully paid for BBQ & drinks following night get at me asap plz!!!!!

  • Ro-Z

    honest to who u guyz had a party 4 john ... wheres was da invite??? nah jks

  • Tua Aue

    Haha aint it pass urz kuz?haha..ur an hour ahead of us lol..weaz my hart?grr lol.

    3/9/10 via Mobile
  • Always And Forever
    Always And Forever

    OMG our games were awsome.. even though it rainned PUKAPUKA A GIRLS took out the Touch..:D YEAH BOY..!! anywayss hows things With You?? Still Hitting Keysbrough Pub? Kareoke? lolss xO

  • luv Captain Caveman

    Hey BUD! all good here, hows everything with you? I hope you are keeping safe and eating well!. oh and don't forget keep in touch! and as you can see what you are missing on! back @ you!! Jnr