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Keith Cassidy

Back at the tech the day n i i got shafted already with an assignment:( RIPPIN

9/9/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from D.E.R.R.Y.
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  • Derry Dictionary hi

    Afeard - scared
    Ah - I or me, ie Ah don't feel well
    Aminal -common mispronounciation of Animal
    Amptinat? -I most definitely am.
    Ar$ehole -calling someone a rectum
    Aye -meaning "yes"

    Balleex -"b0ll0cks" Thats balleex - Used in context when disagreeing with someone
    Bake -someones face
    Baltic - quite cold
    Banjaxed – ‘broke’
    Bate -beat, I bate her up so ah did
    Beezer - Very good, Thats Beezer
    Boggen - dirty, unclean
    Bout Ye -"Hello"
    Brave - large
    Brew - weekly benefit

    Cheeser -like Beezer, meaning "very good" or "exellent"
    Chicken -child slang for "afraid"
    Chinks -popular Chinese food Take Aways
    Childer -children
    Cracker -not something you put cheese on, means beezer
    C.O- carry out ‘r ye goin fer a C.O’

    Dander -a walk, ie I'm goin fer a dander
    Drawers -underwear
    Dour -a door
    D.L.A – derry living allowince

    Eejit -derived from "Idiot", means "Idiot"
    Eff Aaf - F*ck Off

    FaakAaf - Excuse me my good man, kindly vacate the premises
    Faaler -father
    Fally - follow
    Fillum -a movie or film
    Fingy -someone whose name you can't remember
    Frig -polite word for "F*ck", also used: Flip
    Flour - a floor
    Fut - foot

    Getaway d f*ck -go away now
    Givuz -give me
    Glass -Half-Pint
    Goes -replaces the word "Said" ie And I goes: What? Are you slabberin'?" And then she goes,Yip."

    Happy Days - that's good
    Hardly -meaning "Thats not true" ie Hardly now. Hardly.
    Hectic - See Mad
    Houl On -please wait

    Job -activity usually carried out under the cover of night
    Joken -joking

    Kudn't -couldn't ie Ah kudn't do that...

    Lifted – arrested can also be called ‘scooped
    Lingo -language

    Mad - See Hectic
    Magic -not tricks, but another word meaning great or good
    Majassif - large
    Messages - weekly shopping
    Moufycunt - rather outspoken person
    Monkeyed- drunk ‘I was fucking monkeyed last nite
    Mucker -a friend or mate
    Muller -Mother or "Ma"

    Nek it - drink that drink in one
    Nice One -that was good

    Offees -alchohol retailer
    Oi -a yelp for someones attention ie Oi! You! C'mere!"

    Pat - container in which food is boiled
    Prably -maybe, its likely
    Parfil - strong
    Peeler -a police officer
    Pssskety -common misprounciation of "Spaghetti"
    Purdie -countryside slang for Potato

    Quim -slang for female genetalia

    Ragin' -angry, Ahm bloody ragin' so ah am.
    Ration -you'd be doing this if you were trying to get to somewhere
    in a hurry, in Ballymena

    Samitch -mispronunciation of "Sandwhich"
    Sebm -seven [7]
    Shap -shop
    Shar -a shower
    Showed- Embarrassed
    Sicken' Ye - would annoy you
    Skinned Ye! - Haha my good friend, I do believe I won that particular game by a significant margin
    skint- have no money ‘im fucking skint cant go out man’
    Slabber -someone who makes bad comments about you behind your back or to your face
    Spoofen - lying
    Spoon -someone with a low IQ
    troked - stolen / ripped off

    Ta -Thank You
    Theee -the number three
    Till -replaces the word "to" ie Goin till the shap"
    Tube -see: Spoon

    Undurstawnd -understand ie Do ye undurstawnd me?

    Vaka -Vodka

    Wain- a young child
    Wee -put in front of words such as "drink", "dander", and basically anything
    Windie -a window
    Windielickurs -horrid term for the mentally disadvantage
    Windie Still -a window sill
    Wheelie bin - a bin


    Yeegittin? -Are you being served?
    Yip -yes
    Yousens - When addressing more than one person

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    1. Who are you?
    2. Are we friends?
    3. When and How did we meet?
    4. Do you have a crush on me?
    5. Have you ever wanted to punch me?
    6. Give me a nickname and explain why?
    7. Describe me in 1 word.
    8. What was your first impression of me?
    9. Do u still think the same?
    10. What reminds you of me?
    11. If you could give me anything what would it be?
    12. How well do you know me?
    13. When was the last time you saw me?
    14. Ever wanted to tell me something that you couldn't?
    15. Are you going to put this on your blog and see what I say about you

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  • Damian Gallagher

    whats happening ballbag?

  • Debbie C
    luv Debbie C

    Well hello there little brother, just thought I would send you a wee message cause am sitting here bored now that I am on maternity leave and have nothing to do lol just thought I would rub that in hahahahaha Theres a wee bit of loving for you, from me & bump

  • Gavin Duffy
    Gavin Duffy

    oh please FUCK NOOOO!!!

  • Darren Borrow
    Darren Borrow

    Assignment already.. not gonna lie sucks to be you :L

  • Emma-Jane

    R u still at the tech??? Keith the eternal student lol!! How was turkey? I'm going on Monday!! Really can't wait!!

    9/9/09 via Mobile
  • Emma-Jane

    Were u goin to in turkey?? In goin too! 14th sept to marmaris! Can't wait!

    8/21/09 via Mobile
  • Connor Doherty

    wats happein buddy... Aye i have big time man u wouldnt believe it lik.lol Im flat out ive done 186hours in the 2weeks im here but its all worth it...haha..fink of the cash.lol Any craic bk home? Did u get my new number?

  • luv Ryan McCloskey

    i love u

  • Emmett Doherty
    Emmett Doherty

    lol too many teams man. Italys dodgy aswel. But ye mite aswel fire money on that now cuz if ye change it you will be rip...in!

  • Emmett Doherty
    Emmett Doherty

    Aye and you would be right if ye said that. Im suffered the least defeats this season. Fact. Merry christmas. Naw im off till thursday 1-6 then not back on till sunday night!

  • Emmett Doherty
    Emmett Doherty

    Thats stupid saying that now. Thats like me saying. How can you say man utds the best team when they got beat by Derby. Same thing. Rippin. Aye bring it into work next time ur on sure. Hee Hee heeyaw heeyaw heeyaw.

  • Breezyy
    luv Breezyy

    haha... the form is good here buddy :D how steaming wer u the other nyt? haa funni bastard Keith :L goin to my bed now, im super wrecked :( bad crac! Godbless :D

  • Nataly Phelan
    Nataly Phelan

    haha :D :P some crk that night!

  • Nataly Phelan
    Nataly Phelan

    i hope u remeber about a certain cardboard ut out u and duffy are ament to be rescuing for me and marie!:D :P

  • Declan Mckeever
    Declan Mckeever

    wats up kid i left a cv in the day d ur place so put a good word in for me haha i just said u told me 2 bring it in

  • Debbie C
    luv Debbie C

    Yes hi wats the craic? me and bump are doing fine, its getting heavy now lol all the size of me trying to carry this big bump hahahaha take my oil shouldn't have got myself pregnant hahaha when is the MOT? did you enjoy liverpool?

  • Gary O'Sullivan

    Yes big dog!!!Whats the craic. Havnt been in Derry in a while lad, wouldnt mind gettin up for an oul rip with you Gerry and the rest of the oul crew. Ive been workin away kid since graduatin, Missin the oul handy uni life though! Send me through your number lad. Ill mail you mine. Pass it on to that Gerry mess too! Take her easy Kid!

  • Declan Mckeever
    Declan Mckeever

    aw rite happy days lad il try throw that in is it full time or part time

  • Declan Mckeever
    Declan Mckeever

    wats happin lad wat bout this job urgetting me haha hi sat nite is goiny b leathal for c dorts bday lukn forward d it, ur going arnt u

  • Steven Hutton

    wats hapnen cheif, rachal put em up a wile ago so i stole a few... da should b up on her profile....