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Ciara Hewitt

Don't really use Bebo anymore...see you on facebook bitches!!!!!!!!!

10/5/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Londonderry
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
I miss my granny loads :(

Paris was amazing! Ca va? Thé??? HAWPPY DAYS!!

It's at times like these when you have to just take a moment, step back and think...What would Christine do??

I have to mention Jodie and Joanne (or as I call her, Do-waan). They are my two favourite Jo's in the whole world :) I love them with all my heart!
The Other Half Of Me
Miss King

Miss King

One word...Beetoodee xx

My fav big sis!
What can I say about my big sis? She is hard to understand at times but when I do know what she's going on about she's great! She's the only person I can do things like..I dunno queue up at midnight for HP, dance around the living room doing the CanCan and creeping the hell out of her daughter, or laugh so hard for so long that her boyfriend actually has to leave the room cause we are so annoying! I reckon sometimes people think we are drunk when we're together but that's just cause we are both crazy!! She put me up for a year and I am forever grateful..even if she forbade me from sleeping when I got home from school (grrrr!) She thinks I don't miss her but I do, I just have to squeeze loadsa people in in a short time so sooooorry :( I do love her though :)

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  • Procrastinating in tech....again lol

    Has the last person you texted ever been mad at you before?
    Aileen...I don't think so, she loves me!

    Do any of your top friends have a nose ring?
    Umm I can't remember who's in it but probably.

    When will be the next time you text someone?
    Soon lol.

    How much money did you spend today?
    I'm going out to the exchange for lunch so that's gonna be like £20 and need new shoes too :(

    What will you be doing tomorrow?

    Do you know anyone that smokes pot?
    Yeah of course

    How do you feel about your hair right now?
    It's behaving itself alright I suppose

    Have you ever slept in the same bed as your friend?
    Yes all the time

    Did you ever waste too much time on a certain boy or girl?

    Do you know anyone with the same name as you?

    Last person you talked on the phone with?

    Who do you blame for your bad mood today?
    no comment

    What are you looking forward to right now?
    Wednesday....PENTHOUSE HERE WE COME!!!! WOOOO!!

    Do you miss someone?
    So much it hurts :(

    Have you ever done anything illegal?
    Yes of course

    Where will you be 5 hours from now?
    Either in tech or at home

    Do you wish someone would turn up at your front door right now?
    No, the only person I wanna see I'll never see ever again..

    What is something you realized today?
    No comment

    Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?

    Do you want any children?
    Yeah I love them!

    Is there something you're happy about at the moment?
    Na not really

    Did you sleep alone last night?

    What were you doing at 8 this morning?
    Sleeping in lol.

    How many piercings do you have?
    Ears and belly button just

    How old do you look?
    People say I look older than my age but I can't see it.

    What are you looking forward to next weekend?
    Fuck all. Unless Me and Erin hit Monroe's again hahaha

    This time last year, can you remember who you liked?

    What are you listening to right now?
    Tiffany is playing girls just wanna have fun...doing my head in!!!!!

    Did you kiss or hug anyone today?
    Na not yet

    When is your birthday?
    25th July

    Do you like movie nights?
    Yeah I love them

    What was your last thought before you went to bed last night?
    No comment

    Whats your first thought when you woke up this morning?
    I can't be bothered

    Have you ever tried your hardest and then gotten disappointed in the end?

    Who was the last person you went out to eat with?
    Mum and sister. Going out with whole class today though

    How are you feeling right now?
    Alright I suppose

    Do you have an older brother/s?

    Whats on your bed?
    A load of shit: eclipse, hairband, eye mask etc lol

    How does it feel to be heartbroken?
    Shit..I think. i'm not sure if I ever have.

    Ever snuck out of your house?
    Sort of..

    Are you an emotional person?
    Very lol

    Any regrets in the past week?
    Yeah loads

    Where ares your sibling?
    She's in Bangor

    Is there someone you used to talk to every single day that you don't talk to now?
    Yeah loads like.

    2 Comments 214 weeks

  • Me and Kirstie cracking on at tech...aye ur ma!

    So, here's how it works:
    1. Open your library
    2. Put it on shuffle
    3. Press play
    4. For every question, type the song that's playing
    5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

    Opening Credits:
    I hate this part right there- PCD

    Waking up in the morning:
    Babe- Take That

    First Day At School:
    Shooting Star- Flip n fill

    Falling In Love:
    We're all in this together-HSM

    Losing Virginity:
    The Way/Put your hand in my hand- Divine Inspiration

    fight song:
    Take a Bow- Leona Lewis

    Breaking Up:
    Enjoy the Silence- Lacuna Coil

    Set Fire to the Third Bar- Snow Patrol

    Mental Breakdown:
    I Love to Boogie- T.Rex

    Fat Bottom Girls- Queen

    Getting Back Together:
    Change- Sugababes

    Stay With Me- Finch

    Birth of Child:
    Love Story- Taylor Swift

    Final Battle:
    Live Your Life- Rihanna

    Death Scene:
    Coming Around Again- Simon Webbe

    Funeral Song:
    In Memoriam- Les Choristes. Freaky :O :O :O :O

    End Credits:
    Get the Party started (sweet dreams remix)- Pink.. wooooo

    THE END xxx

    0 Comments 220 weeks

  • Email from my da on the theory of God....

    In the begining there was just God (allegedly)! And God said to himself (because ther was nobody else)."Christ Im frigging bored.(Who the hell is Christ?) I think Ill make outer space. And in the middle of it Ill stick a planet full of humans who will believe in me. Who will fight wars over their beliefs in me. Who will fight more wars for the same reason no matter who wins any of them. They will spend fortunes inventing ways to kill more and more of each other. All in my name. And if I send a representative, a son say, (after Ive created one off course) they will brutally murder him.".

    Now then, what a crap idea.

    Also obviously he was talking to himself. And what happens to people who habitually talk to themselves? Yes you got it..they get chucked in the madhouse.
    Now that we have established that if god existed he would be in a madhouse. What does that say about those ejits who hold deep religious convictions? Come to think of it our whole society is based upon rules made of by arseholes who believed in god.....

    Feel free to add your input...

    Good luck with the o levels

    Still no dinosaurs.

    Yer Da

    13 Comments 322 weeks

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    BEBO BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • TiffanyG.X

    hot hot ur a mad bastars lol

  • Mj Da Boyle
    Mj Da Boyle

    oh i c i c, well try n leave earlier ha def b up b4 10;) neways way off dis chat later bbz:* xxxxxx

  • Mj Da Boyle
    luv Mj Da Boyle

    oh nice one:) ha ha i wud of loved t ave slept t dat tym had work at half 7 dis mornin:Z ye me n tif b up tmz nyt will u b up??;) xoxoxoxo

  • Mj Da Boyle
    luv Mj Da Boyle

    gud gud ah was jus tourn bout las nyt headin out tnte:) wat u up t??:D xoxoxo

  • Mj Da Boyle
    luv Mj Da Boyle

    ha gud stuff, aww hi well i was shockin at it but it was hilarious????:L :L o.m.ggggggggggggggg u serious ryas feelin ok???:O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O lol!!!!xxxxxxx

  • Mj Da Boyle
    Mj Da Boyle

    wer did yas head t?? awk bummer oh well m sur ya went out n succeeded tnte;) ha no bother t tif she sum craic:L :L na zero hi was jus ice skatin tnte funny stuff:O xxxxxx

  • Mj Da Boyle
    Mj Da Boyle

    wellll missus how did las nyt go????:O yas go clean mental???:L :L xxx

  • Nicola Gormley
    Nicola Gormley

    Hey... got word bk from yummy jobs... they said they'd contact in the first week of January!! Florida ahhhh :) :) mental

  • Nicola Gormley
    Nicola Gormley

    ohh so he's got a new name4me nw eh... in there haha :L :L yes, full time startn tmr, mondays just r not my best!! exam tmr aye... il b grand!! did i miss much?

  • TiffanyG.X
    luv TiffanyG.X

    :L :L ye dat is him!! Hahaha. A was a bad we get! :L em, aw wat ul b ok e a bbe, el tink u sent it. E prob wnt even read d emails.haha. Em, aw ye a did lyk wdf! Am ragn 2. :( . We wil discuss everyting dmra :) . .ye mon al apply. Haha. Av just soo much t do al tym we bebo n facebook lol . Lvz ye loadz. Xoxoxoxox

    12/5/09 via Mobile
  • TiffanyG.X

    |~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~| |JAGERBOMBS TRUCK | '|""";.., ___. |_..._...______===|= _|__|..., ] | "(@ )'(@ )""""*|(@ )(@ )*****(@ Love it..lol :L :L :L xoxoxox

  • -JD-

    Lurvs ya 2:P :P aye rite aye. look at u!! of corse!! your place it is then:P :P ;) you bring the toys n il bring the boys :L :L xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Terence Morrison
    Terence Morrison

    pet its nt a gd place....music was amazin bt crowd was shiteeeeeeee haha naw facebook doesnt appeal to me ciara at all....eugh:P lol well u tell me a nyt wen use r free an we will gt sohin sorted k?:) ....aw as at oakgroves formal...was brillant hahaha i am the best dancer to chris brown - Forever:D :D :D ...xo

  • Terence Morrison
    Terence Morrison

    ciara i fnk i was drunk sendin tht last messafe i apologise pet hahahahaha no earth was up in belfast at the BOX...sme music in there:O lol aw ur nt a twilight fan r ye?:P :P eugh.......hahahaha use wana go a run sme nyt or sohin aye?:) :) ..xo

  • Peter Wisener

    I'm hurt! I take it you did it in Word Translate.

  • Terence Morrison
    Terence Morrison

    pet hes a relative....reli....im sooooooooo drunk its unreal hahahhahaah...hw bout u take me a run way deirdre an bronagh eh eh? u head out tonyt?:) ....hw u copin nw?:)

  • Peter Wisener

    Why do you keep talking about nylon socks?

  • Terence Morrison
    Terence Morrison

    james is my cousin.......actually:O ...hint the surnamer lol..hw u doin anyways?:D :D ..xo

  • TiffanyG.X

    ur a dick delete delete delete chewitt!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh scary bizz r wa???"!!!!!!!!