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Imagine not having an imagination

10/2/11 | me too! | Reply

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If you're cappy and you know it, clap your hands *clap clap*
Me, Myself, and I
I am an incredible human being. I am an informed, empowered woman. I was oppressed for too long. I love myself and I love you. I am free.

Evy and Toby are my gorgeous babies :D No force on earth will prevent me from bringing them up to be the wonderful human beings they can be.

The goal: getting totally free of the monetary system... And ultimately replacing it with a resource based economy. :-)
The Other Half Of Me
Allan Black
lovez it
Zeitgeist: Addendum, The Zeitgeist Movement Orientation Presentation, Peter Joseph's London lectures "Where Are We Now?" and "Where Are We Going?", Future By Design
Future By Design by Jacque Fresco
My Loves
Evelyn - like me but cooler. Tobias - I loved him before he was born and he has exceeded my expectations by far :)
Raw vegan!! (well, working on it :P )
Water <3
It mightn't buy happiness, but it pays for the therapy. And remember kids, "it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a sick society" (Jiddu Krishnamuerti)

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  • Things I am a silly little fangirl for

    Hank/ Henry/ The Beast [Xmen]

    Catwoman [Batman] (specifically Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman MIAOW)

    Jessie [Pokémon] (shut up)

    Severus/ Professor Snape [Harry Potter]

    Tenris/ Seal Clan Mage [Chronicles of Ancient Darkness]

    Badges/ Bling [imvu] (shut up)

    Hufflepuff! [Harry Potter]

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  • New pc! ...and new baby!

    Okay, so my old pc was screwed. *sigh* nevermind. lol.

    But I got a shiny new one!! :D

    And Tobias was born 3 days after Christmas. What an awesome little fella =)

    I always said Evelyn was the best baby in the world... But we have a contender :)

    Peace xx

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  • My computer

    My pc has been in the shop for over a month, for a job which shouldn't really take more than a few hours but the muppets who are supposed to be fixing it are taking their precious time. They take days off and go home early whenever the mood takes them (its alright for some eh) and frankly I'm praying that when they do get round to doing their work that they are actually qualified and capable.

    It doesn't help my confidence that I haven't actually met them - Aunty Jean took it and has been dealing with them and I've been hearing all the news through her.

    Anyway, I was told last week that they couldn't shift the viruses and there was nothing they could do. I was okay with that - I mean it was pretty messed up, but at least I would get my files back. Right? Nope. Apparently, while it was originally 'we can't fix the pc but we'll get your files', it then became 'we are having trouble recovering your files'... I am really praying that they do get it sorted.

    This is the thing - just about every picture I have taken of Evelyn since her birth is on that pc. Of course we have a lot of them in frames around the house but they will never look as good scanned in as the originals. Also, although it looks like a lot of pictures walking around the house, we are talking maybe 20 or 30 at the most - out of thousands on the pc. I was actually going to get many more developed for the photo albums the week that it broke.

    When I say 'it broke' - what happened was Evelyn dropped something down the back of the pc and when she bent down to pick it up she knocked the power lead out of the back... I was online and possibly installing updates at the time... Gaaaghh...

    Okay, so I'm not the only person who has been taking pictures of her, but frankly everyone I know is a bit of a caveman with a camera... I know some people don't mind an 'organic' look to their family pictures but fraknly I appreciate good photography. Grrr.

    Yes, I know I should have sent more pictures to family memebers... lol...

    So apart from all my important pics of Evy, there is also the small matter of every other picture I had, and all my music tracks (dear Lord I don't want to think about that), plus quite a few other documents containing lists and information of varying degrees of importance (sentimental value! lol).

    Anyway, I haven't finished ranting yet. When Jean first told me that they couldn't shift the viruses, she asked if I wanted the pc back. Well frankly I didn't see that as questionable? I mean - of course I want it back from these monkies who don't give a crap about my possession enough to take a few hours to do their job (I wonder how much they are going to sharge at the end of all this lol). But when I said that yes of course I would want it back, if only for parts (but also to get someone else to have a look at it), they then say they are 'having trouble' with recovering my files. So is it possible, as in suggested but had already occurred to me - that they wanted to keep my pc and have fallen out with me and fucked me over >.<

    Fuck I really hope they aren't scumbags.

    Anyhoo - I might hear tomorrow night that they have recovered my files, in which case I will pay them any amount they ask and I'll edit this blog to just their name and address and how fantastic they are. Please, nerdy pc people, save my baby! (well, my photos thereof... lol)

    Over and out ^^

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  • Allan Black 1/19/11 via Mobile
  • Jamie Cleland
    Jamie Cleland

    sorry got coached into drinkin tuesday night and was sleeping al wednesday til like 9pm lol

  • Jamie Cleland
    luv Jamie Cleland

    yeah soz havent been down in while and unfortunitly i wont beable to make down this week either :( as ive to put up a fence on wednesday but all going well i should be down the following week :) xx

  • Jamie Cleland
    Jamie Cleland

    i wont. Stil havent got my shifts sortd but i should hopefully b able to call down next week but il keep u posted xox

    1/14/10 via Mobile
  • Jamie Cleland
    luv Jamie Cleland

    good stuff. nasty. No prob. Aye i got ur number there i sent u mine. aye well should hopefully get down some time soon once i get my shifts sorted xoxox

  • Jamie Cleland
    Jamie Cleland

    happy birthday hope you good one. Nice sounds like you had fun neway. im doing alright just working alot at a call centre lol. nice aye you better havent seen you in ages. or i could always come down ur neck of the woods since im driving too, well if i get off work lol, so how motherhood going for you?

  • Jamie Cleland
    luv Jamie Cleland

    cheers for the drawing. so how are you? you have a good christmas/new year?

  • Jamie Cleland
    Jamie Cleland

    Alright long time no specken so how you been keeping

    10/11/09 via Mobile
  • luv Xx Sarah XX

    hay chick havnt seen ya nages we have 2get caught up on loads send my love 2the babies :) xoxoxoxo

  • Sarah Ellis
    Sarah Ellis

    heyya!! long time no speak!! how ya bin doen?? evelyn and toby look absolutly gorgous xxx

  • Questhouse Warehouse
    Questhouse Warehouse

    Sat 12th Sep - Bar Budda, Odysssey - Belfast 1 room - 8 djs djs Reece Rodgers Haywire Bozy Aaron Watton Copy and paste Phunk and resident Colin Gent Funky to Progressive House 5 quid in 8.30 til 1am Hope to see you there !! House Music in the Odyssey ? Every Thur, Sat, SunAppLink:10279325780

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  • Questhouse Warehouse
    Questhouse Warehouse

    Sat 29th AUG - Bar Budda, Odysssey - Belfast OUR BIG WEEKEND We introduce our very special guest SOULSEEKERZ to join the Questhouse residents Colin Gent and Emo Funky to Progressive House 7 quid in 8.30 til 1am Hope to see you there !! House Music in the Odyssey ? Every Thur, Sat, SunAppLink:10193193349

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  • luv Xx Sarah XX

    Hay chick :) jst faught id send ya sum love :D XoxxoX

  • Julie-Anne
    luv Julie-Anne

    Boooo....I return to the world of the living, how are you and your babies?? I will call in someday but the days fly past and i cant catch them!!i ate cheese and i fear iv gone mad. hope you are all ok. i am now going to try and paint your white board, toodles xxxxx

  • Louise Cahoon
    luv Louise Cahoon

    ur starting to make me feel really bad... i didnt see the first one yet and now there is anoda!!! ahhhh!!! baby booms! how u keepping? lol!

  • Xx Sarah XX

    alrite chick hwz u? havn't seen u n ages!!! XoxoxoX

  • Laura Button
    luv Laura Button

    well mrs whats the craic with ya any biz???

  • Laura Button 5/14/09
  • Skittle
    luv Skittle

    lol sorry i will get them up soon as poss but been working away lots n havent had the chance just yet:pxxx

  • Laura Button
    luv Laura Button

    well mrs wats the craic... where was mum??? how ya keepin? fancy goin 4 some lunch on tuesday?