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Sasha Is The Name Maate

Death Race is Sick!! :D

9/28/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Witters BRAP
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About Me

Hello there Fellow Friend....
Me, Myself, and I
Sasha Kimberly Mckeer


Watch the Wonders of Life go by!

Never stop Laughing!

'What are we doing?
Lifes to short.'

'Women should run free until they find someone just as wild to run with...'

'& Then i asked myself, Was it Love, or was I addicted to the Pain and reached my Limit?'

'Don't touch my hand & call it Love,
If you can't touch my Heart & touch my Soul.'

'Burning Bridges. Making Wishes...'

iLOVEjcridland mateex
H'G is my Favoritest (:
The Other Half Of Me
Graeme Day

Graeme Day

He likes Strip21 a little to much ;)

5840 Days & Maybe a few extra. HB Sixth Form. Beverages, On the occasion. Drugs, Not my style. Dance & Sing even tho i'm possibly the worst. Partys, Jamming, Soaps, Films, Cinema, Sex in the City , Ice skating, Primark;) , Music, Hot chocolate, TEA, Holidays, Warmth, Time by myself, Rumpy pumpy & Sunglasses :)
WOBBLY ICE COCKS, Atomic Mass, Sometimes i wish i could just let go in my panties, People don't need Deodrant! GLAARP! "You see them Pigs.. thats whats in your sandwiches!" "You will regret that pose!" "I used to get bathed in BOILING water..." Probley not victorian plums, just normal! "Nope, its deffinatly your purfume thats hurting my eyes." He knows his stuff!
THE REASON WHY I <3 J, L & D -->
No socks, no cock. No pledge, no trim of your hedge (Cuz by the end of your weekend everyone hopes they have a trimed hedge!), if your chilly, you wont get willy, lost your bag? No shag! If you have a BUCKET, no-one will F**K IT!
If foreign, don't add me... Ask yourself- 'What is the point?' You probably cant even read this. Heads up... I won't talk to you anyway.

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  • H'G

    My Lesser...Really fit but steals MY clothes (its ok cuz we wear our underwear on top)!! April 6th-20th- Basically lived with me whilst bumming. Likes my hair crazy, none of us can cook. MEATBALLS. Macaronie cheese- in my mouth?! Thers this guy called darren, i spit on him. Another guy.. STEVE-FOOKING-TAYLOR- Ledge! FRED-tubby-BUFF. Is that ed playing on the green?! We chat about anul, nipple erection & camel toes. She chills in my airing cupboard. On saterdays- Unfold clothes in badgers. Night times.. 3 things...CUPPA&BICCYS, CATHERIN TATE, RABBIT. Morning- toasties (Not too much cheese!), 24-7? PANCAKES. Laugh-FLUSHING, B'B, RODNEY, WHITEHEAD & BLACKHEAD, PEPPER PIG (wtf), BIANCA'S STRAWBERRY TOP, MANGINNA. Who am i texting?... i lye!..she knows it! We dont like MOODY HAIRY BADGERS. FAT LEGS (Twisted boxers?) Song- 'I wanna dance with somebody!' Primark soon? STH STH STH. Ooo, violent finguring, lt me plugit with my toe! TOWNBOI (..To be continued...)

    0 Comments 270 weeks

  • Ellis&Sasha

    Good Times!
    Happy Days!
    Some depressing times...
    But ellis is just a funny guy!
    We= Creators of UMMS & SASLLIS town...
    We are both becoming to woop hotmails ass!
    Days of making love/getting WILLY= Tues & Fri
    For some... everyday is getting black willy day!
    Watch out for POKEY, coming through, watch i dont POKE ya...Hey BLUNTY
    Shit we are in town... WINDOWS DOWN
    NAAAAAAAAN...Il carry your bags home!!
    Sasha likes to jam with her RUSTY hairbraider! Haa, not a problem!
    Yes Boioioioioioi (BOYBOYBOYBOYBOY!)
    We spent a night together with BILLIE from eastenders! =D Gd nyt!
    And the next thing i know... i was homeless! Sally liked that one! =D
    E.M.K REMIX... £35 more than the normal tracks :O
    I won the world record---> 4 COMMENTS
    Not a problem for us!
    How we gna ryt tht... eiggh eeiih ?
    Im tony...Who are you? Guy?
    You timberlands cousin?
    Shit... is that Timberland himself?!:O
    Schools Out!
    Enough said!

    1 Comment 298 weeks

  • ToM.Woodham.Davis' hOmE mAdE mC'InG

    'One day Sasha said she was serious
    But nobody took her serious
    So she said BOY BETTER KNOW im serious
    But still nobody takes her serious'


    One day tom said he was serious
    But nobody took him serious
    So he said BOY BETTER KNOW im serious
    But still nobody takes him serious
    When he shouted 'Im an Mc-er'
    People shouted FuK oFf u QuIeR!

    HaHaHa :P :P :P Lurve u Thomas

    1 Comment 327 weeks

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  • JU-UH

    How Fcking Nang Is That Pict.
    Haa Only You Will Get This Babe Hehe :L
    Hopefully Now You'll Leave The Nipple Obsession Outta This!

    Loveyou. x

    Amyy 0 Replies
  • Tate modren
    Tate modren

    this is my amasing version of my favorate painting at the tate modren i 4t it was so detailed lol jks i called it grey lol xxxxxx luv yhoo

    Missy 0 Replies

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  • Sam King
    Sam King

    heya bbz jus pasian wer u frm lol wbx

  • Rebecca Louise Mckeer
    Rebecca Louise Mckeer

    Fattyyy x You okay x I becoming to look more like you && thats not good im joking :D I love you x

  • .

    Haaaaaaaaay babe x You Okay. . ? wt u at. . ? did u have a good new year. . .? LoveYou x wb

  • Sam CarpEnter
    luv Sam CarpEnter

    dont use this really but im not even your friend on here ? :S so fort id add you : )x

  • Yummy Mummy
    luv Yummy Mummy

    miss you to babe but ill be out wit ya tomorrow night though lol cant wait L o V 3 y U o

  • Yummy Mummy
    luv Yummy Mummy

    merry christmas xxxxxxxx love you xxxxxxxxxx

  • Reynolds
    luv Reynolds

    hiii nice seein u 2day even if it was 4 lik 1 second havnt seen u in ages :( wubu 2 xxxx

  • CheeKy-Xo
    luv CheeKy-Xo

    Love you and Miss you to babey need to meet up this week:D text me xxx

  • H'G
    luv H'G

    P I M P ologyyyy

  • -Jadus
    luv -Jadus

    UNDERSTOOD completely miss sasha loveuu xo

  • Laurence.Jack.Brown
    luv Laurence.Jack.Brown

    I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU SASHA MCKEER miss you more though .. :( love love love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv -Kirky D-

    Yeah i look just like him with the hat my nan got me :D xxxxxx

  • Anastasia

    hey huni!how are you?did u get ur tatoo done? what u bin up to ?x love ya , kisses x

  • Charli Blighton
    Charli Blighton

    i love sasha mckeer i was going to give you love but.. Luv is rare. You can only give it 3 times a day ily XXx