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Mrs Habbib

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  • Female, Luv 975
  • I am Married
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  • Member since: October 2005
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About Me

01.11.08 . Mr BOB habbib ;) ♥. <--my supermann!
Me, Myself, and I
`♀+ ♂ = ♥
        Kαylα Bαbesss ツ
        Ahməd !
EST. 01.11.08

those four words have my life in them
when i first met him , the angels whipered "PERFECT"
♥ babbyy boo
you make my dreams come tru and i love all the small things you do like complication ;) you make my days go better and the way the sun is shinning through its all beacause of you and even though we have our own rough roads i always know we get through beacause ive got him by myside forever and ill always be by his side forever and ever and just know that im always here through all kinds of the wheather and i will never leave your site not now not never.When i see your face you make everything so right.you make the stars shine so brighter and the way the moonlight hits your eyes makes me wanna just lay with you all night n everyday.you make me feel like im flying and no-one can stop me from feeling this way. there no denying that im inlove a Love that irreplaceable, unexplainable, u
 ncomparable, everlasting and just PERFECT♥I LOVE YOU AHMED HABIB♥
alliOnstayyss!! aka acee
he makes me smile when im sad ....
protects me from the dangerous things outside my massive window :L :L
keeping it simple lad ...PRETTY COOL brahhzz:D :D

i lOve yOu;)
franny was hea :D
saturday 30th august 2008 10:06 :)

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LSHS ISLAND SASA 09..cheeyah

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  • .

    ♥ F R A N C I S. christopher.S I A L A F U ♥
    `most awesomenestt guy out ;; no other person can replace or compare to his personality; just love his company , we so tight , we like the moon and the stars cnt have a sky with out the moon and the stars, his been there for me when im down and always brang me back up; and ima do the same and be there for him ;; his the bestest,great,handsome friend you could ever have
    ♥love him more then ace and richy :L

    ♥ ORIGINAL&&unique R I C K Y ♥
    most bestest guy out in the world. im so greatful to have built a great friendship wif him, but jealous of his coolness, his unique and so ORIGINAL, im also jealous his always got skittles and coz his skuxx deluxx, really handsome, and love him to bits ♥

    lovee you heapps babes ♥

    man this guy is the coolest most down to earth guy you will ever meet a guy who will never be forgotten no matter what his so close to me it ant funny his family he is a brother who you always wished to have his always and still is there for me and his the always the one thats ben there through good and bad times this boy juz missing him heaps xXx

    ♥william/villi/fred (:♥
    his most awesomeness eheh im his lucky charm his my rock we tight as bumb cheecks love our tlks if i had my way we could tlk forever n juz tlk bout anything and everything this boy stud muffin (:

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  • Assian Assassin

    ello Mrs you ok was just passing by and thought id ask who you were by the way lookin amazing in your pictures you got facebook? add me www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1000...

  • SSaammyy.

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  • Amaniah Zimmerman
    luv Amaniah Zimmerman

    Jesus loves you. God is good.

  • Alizey Loves Vili

    omg , havent seen you online in yonkks :O lols its cause bebos black isnt it :L

  • Jayhoe.
    luv Jayhoe.

    ms kayla , wats doing oi long time since i havent tlken to ya tke.care mwa x

  • Atunaisa Meo 1/6/10 via Mobile
  • HiGh Till I Die Mofuka
    HiGh Till I Die Mofuka

    your invited to my 16th hope to see u there jan.21

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  • Sione Ahio
    Sione Ahio

    u got mail.:)

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  • Jayhoe.
    luv Jayhoe.

    have a heart :P long time u snoB! haha xx

  • Sione Ahio
    luv Sione Ahio

    stuff u im not a snob u are lol where u been ? need to kick back sometime man lol but yeah iv been good nd u ? well tkekre bye snob :)

  • Jayhoe.

    heyys:) how are you?

  • In My Head
    In My Head

    lmaO yess it is :L butt its truuu wen i saii i love you ;) ahaha yeahhh comee too my house be4 ii goo ! cOz its too farr :L its in thee cityy :L lolss mm whats ur email ill send it :) lolss noo shamee im fat :L :L :L ahaha ! yeahhh ahmed?! eww naastyy :L ahah yeahh i wll i finishhh at lunch anyways :) ahahya yayayaya :) sdoin todayy u comin mouinty? loveyouuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • In My Head
    In My Head

    naww thnksss ! for the blog ;) touchingg ;) :L :L :L ahahah dw bout mee lads :L :L :L hahahayeahhh they are well not in the morning at th night my sis and mum i think :L :L or my sisttaaa ahaha i dunnO :L jbut yeahhh itss short andd mm i dunnO i wanna showww uu i found it overtseass ! its yellow and whitee ohhh baby! but goonna lose the weight :L :L ahhah naa fck having a bf :L theyy are all gayyy :( kaylaaaaaaaaaa ii feeel sikk :L :L loveyouuuuuuuuuu

  • In My Head
    In My Head

    hahaha yeahh i kno thats later :) hahaha i dnt care :L its in the morning i dnt kno what timeee ! ill find out :) hahaha guess wott i foundd my formal dress :) 300 but my parents withh pay :) ill pay for everythionk else :) loolss yeahhh image if i have a bf by thann and i takeehim andd his name comes up :L :L ahahah whats doin today loveyouuu

  • In My Head
    In My Head

    ahahahah mannn i have likee 3 dayss till skewl thann LATERSS ;) ahahhaa mannn i have gradz on thurday :( im gonnna cryyy! noo makeeupp ahahah ! are u okay u full were upset in the car :L :L i miss youuu mann oii guess wott i have tooo give my sheet in for the formal should ii write his name? loveyouu

  • In My Head
    In My Head