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Curly Gal

love you sooo much and i`ll miss more than words can say, we all will, and i regret not telling you that every day, but i know you knew xx

3/27/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ Play Ya Cards Ryt & U Mite Get More Den A Full Set ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠
Me, Myself, and I

& Nuffin I Put On Here Is Goin 2 Change Tht

♥║ ║


I m N o t O k a y T r u s t M e </3


♥~Mina/Dat Gal Wiv Curlz
♥~15 Years
♥~Lives To Ave Fun & Experience Life To The Fullest
♥~Fear Loosin ppl i <3 most
♥~Hate People who pretend 2b sum1 der not just to fit in, if no1 accepts you 4 hu u r then they aint worth it!

& тнιѕ ιѕ му υηιтє∂ ѕтαтєѕ σƒ ωнαтєνєя

If I touch a burning candle I can feel no pain♥
If You cut me with a knife it's still the same♥

♥I carved your name into a bullet
so you were the last thing to go through my mind

♫ You know the world can see us
In a way that’s different from who we are ♥
The Other Half Of Me
♫ ♫ PuMp Up ThE vOlUmN ıllıllııllıllı ♪ ♪
I love mostly all types of music, anything with a beat u can dance 2, musicals, and old time hits like, one way or another, or its oh so quiet. Rock punk ect... Techno,
Music is my drug n im addicted!
► Plays ^_^
Evanescence, Bowling for soup, Billy Talent, simple plan, blink 182, MCR, the view, razorlight, nirvana, fall out boy, Kelly Clarkson, the killers, kaiser chiefs, Calvin Harris hellogoodbye, gym class hereos, muse, sum 41, Good charlotte, Pink, Nelly Furtado, Shakira, PCD, Riannah, Eminem, Akon, Girls Aloud..........and many more just go thru ma ipod n u`ll c!
* ღ * My Ickle Noodles * ღ *
Ders My Bestests Mates & Random Peeps:- Charlie, Fiona, Asha, Zahra, Chelsea, Helen, Hannah, si conner peter zoie roya {Wiv r BuffTings Lol} lottie luke guy ryan asb sam bianca joe tom sophie s kirsty nevets ayesha sammy becci gemma lauren taylor sarah paul sum claire amy annika izzy hannah.L sonam n ect.. so if i miss ya soz but u no i <3 ya xx

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  • Isnt It Funny

    Isn’t it funny how you can look down on the girl wearing skinny jeans and studs?
    Yet smile at the girl wearing a mini and a t-shirt that covers barely anything.
    Isn’t it funny you can change you music to impress a guy
    Yet when it comes to her own music her own style you give her a lecture
    Isn’t it funny that a guy can get away with being a gangster or a chav yet the emo gets a mouthful?

    Are You Laughing

    Isn’t it funny an emo can go all through the week being quiet?
    Yet gets more shit then the girl that sleeps around and sells her virginity
    Isn’t it funny you and your friends could make a persons life hell
    Yet not know anything about the silent battle she’s fighting
    Isn’t it funny you don’t mind your mates smoking or drinking
    Yet when someone mentions emo music you give them a lecture on melodramatic teenage outcast
    Isn’t funny you can call someone Goth punk Emo Greebo etc... the retards or gays
    Yet go through your day without an inch of guilt in your heart

    Im Not Laughing

    How can you call someone a poser?
    How can you call someone Emo or attention seeker?
    Yet stop and think for a second why she has those cuts and slits on her wrist
    Yet why does she sit crying all lunchtimes instead of laughing with her friends
    Isn’t it funny you can say and do all this without knowing anything going on in her life?
    Without knowing the situation with her family
    Or her friends
    Or herself

    Brave isn’t going up on stage and stripping
    Brave isn’t saying a speech or dumping your boyfriend
    Brave is going to school and not for a second care about anything that people are saying about you
    It's knowing what your friends are saying about you and are still calling them your friends
    It’s listening to your own style of music and being proud of it
    It’s going through every day with the things people say behind you back and to your face but still keep it quiet
    Brave is knowing that tomorrow isn’t going to be a bright day or happy future
    Just another day of bitching, hurting, pain and dodging rumours

    10 Comments 275 weeks

  • -x- Remember -x-

    ♥ Remember when getting high meant swinging at the playground. the worst thing you could get from boys was cooties. your worst enemies were your siblings. race issues were who ran the fastest. war was a card game. the only drug you knew of was couqh medicine & wearing skirts didn't mean you were a slut. The only thing you smoked was the tires on your bike. the only thing that hurt was skinned knees & the only things that can get broken were your toys. life was simple and care free, but what i remember the most was wanting to grow up." ♥


    1 Comment 335 weeks

  • -x- Why Are They Friends..? -x-

    Cause they smile,
    Cause they understand just by looking in your eyes,
    Cause they know you better than you know yourself,
    Cause with them you aren't afraid to be yourself,
    Cause you know you can say something stupid or expose your deepest secrets to them,
    Cause everything you do together becomes a memory,
    Cause you don't need to do something special to happen fun just happens,
    Cause you don't need to explain anything they just know,
    Cause they believe in your dreams no matter how silly they may seem,
    Cause they dry your tears,
    Cause you are good enough when you are with them,
    Cause they love you for who you are... :)

    0 Comments 374 weeks

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  • Gemma S
    Gemma S

    [17:59:22] Hi there! I noticed that you are in the Panic! At the Disco group and thought you might like to know that avenue7.com is having a contest and they are giving away 2 tickets to watch Fall Out Boy at London Wembley 22nd Oct. The contest is free to enter and you can find more infomation about the contest at avenue7.com I hope you don't mind this mini advertisement, I promise it's a one time thing (not like all those stupid web cam slut that gets posted all over the place!) thanks and wb if you have any questions about the contest! x

    9/29/08 via Mobile
  • Michelle

    [19:32:10] hi there! i 'found' you thru the fall out boy group just in case ur wondering. well, i thought that you might be interested to know that there's a chance to win 2 tickets to watch fall out boy live in concert. you can check out the details at avenue7.com - just click on the fall out boy button in the top right fyi, avenue7 is a fashion community where you can create outfits from real clothes and then share them with your friends to get feedback! it's really cool :)

    9/16/08 via Mobile
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    The Shaneger Valentine Appreciation Society

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  • Jack
    luv Jack

    i gt myspace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol i jus ent done nuffink to it lol it very basic an i neva neva neva neva neva go on it it to time comsumin lol ^^^yh didnt no ya cuz jack used big words like dat :P lmao jkz erm yer i did ma last exam yesterday!!!!!!! wooohooooo no more skwl! gta go bak in august tu get ma results tho newayz speak soon xx

  • Jack

    heloooooooooo cuziiiiiiiiiin wuu2 lol wb x

  • Cork DJs
    Cork DJs

    Hi ya. Will you add us as a friend and put our arrows on your page??? Pleasssssseeee :) :) :)

  • Jack

    awwwwwwww mina herd bout ur teeth der is no way on diz earth u wud be geetin me wid a knife in ma mouth lol u must be crazy or stupid to do dat lol or both lol jkz hope u make a speedy recovery lots of love ur big cuz jack lol p.s u may be same age as me but im 16 in 15 dayz woop woop! lol get well soon x

  • Jack

    hey jus makin ur profile shine wid ma face/ / / <<--------------------------------------------------/