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Dan Maughan

is missin a certain some one:(

11/18/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 22, Luv 76
  • from Abingdon ox14
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: 1/26/12
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Gutted that i dont live in scotland lol
Me, Myself, and I
Elooo people, im Dan and im bwt 5ft 9/10 wid dark hair. Im really sporty and enjoy playing football and basically any other sports...my main interests in life as we speak have got to be 6form at John Mason which i was slightly doubtin before but i now know its guna be amazin... apart from the socialising and partys i am there to do PE, Pschology, and English Lang...most importantly partyin and havin a laugh with my wiked mates is a top priority lol... espesh my bestest chum luci loo we have been bessies for a long time now threehundred and eightyone to be precise! if you wna no anyfin else then dont hesitate to comment lol...neway TAA DA xxx
Love most music, not a one type person cant stand them...dance, hip hop, garage etc n sum indie
i love jame bond films there fukin immense...i love basically any english gangsta films such as The Business, Snatch, Lock stock, outlaw layer cake... danny dyer, what a hero:)
football is my main sport n i play for Abingdon Town U18's! but i do most other sports and im quite into the gym atm...
carling with lime:) n anything really
Happiest When
playing foootball, watchin the mighty Golden boys (WATFORD FC for those that dont no them) sleepin, eatin, partyin, chillin wid mates and just all round socialising!
Daniel David Maughan by Luciiiiii
well well well what can one say?!! you are probably the most coolest person i have ever met! always here for you ya chubby monkey! even tho your obsession for watching sport on tv is rather annoying.. i still admire you :) thanks for everything chubby xxxx
i have a lot but you all no who you are...
The Other Half Of Me
Luci Telford

Luci Telford


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  • how wel do u know meeeeee?????

    1 Who are you?.......
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    6. Give me a nikname and explain why?........
    7. Describe me in 1 word........
    8. what was ur first impression ov me?.......
    9. do u still fink the same?......
    10. What reminds u ov me?.....
    11. If you could giv me anything wot wod it b?......
    12. How well do u no me?......
    13. Whens the last tym u saw me?.....
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  • Shanti Capanna
    Shanti Capanna

    hiya looking to chat? txt QTPIE to 68398 ;)

    10/8/12 via Mobile
  • Albertina Tweedy
    Albertina Tweedy

    hii you looking for someone to chat with? txt QTPIE to 68398 ;)

    10/8/12 via Mobile
  • Laurice Mckague
    Laurice Mckague

    hiya want to come chat w/ me? txt QTPIE to 68398 ;)

    10/8/12 via Mobile
  • Esther Enns
    Esther Enns

    heyyy would u be willing to chat sumtime? txt QTPIE to 68398 ;)

    10/7/12 via Mobile
  • Danny
    luv Danny

    no way dats random u got my name lol wb

  • Macka !

    the girl from holiday ey ;) get in there lol

  • Doyle

    :O lol. Yh i aggree with you JAMES IS GAY. haha i hope he reads that bit lol, aha dont worry about it i thought you would have been lol. xxxx

  • Doyle
    luv Doyle

    nah i was well stressed, and james made it worse cz he was taking the piss outa of my bloodshot eye even thou his was worse lol. did you have fun ? lol its ok...i dont care lol, just was like wtf lol. urm nah not reli. you ? xxx

  • Doyle
    luv Doyle

    Im ok thankyou :) How are you ? xxx

  • Doyle

    heyyy. x

  • Hayley Dicks
    Hayley Dicks

    well new experience....daniels page!!! cudnt not leave a comment?? n wheres d bit bwt me on the page?! cough cough. lovexxx

  • Catrin Sian.
    luv Catrin Sian.

    Dannn!!! :D xXx

  • Luci Telford
    Luci Telford

    I take it we are rather confuzzled about the same thing lol safe g hugs xxx

  • Luci Telford
    luv Luci Telford

    Fwendies forwever Glad things are back to normal :D Love uu poo head