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Chase & Status - Brazil = FUKING TUNE

9/3/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 22, Luv 19
  • from Small Dole! Sussex HAV IT!
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 4,888
  • Last active: Jan 27
  • www.bebo.com/Georgey_boi3
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Hello girls un geeza's! Im Georgey-boi, am 16 years old, live in the big city of Small Dole! lol its a shit hole realli! Love motocross un anyfing to do wiv bikes, love ma music un, love to rip da old drum un bass out on ma decks! love DJ'in un i like to hav a good time! Used to Go to Steynin Grammar Skool loved all ma mates there! Miss am all! Ma best mates have to be, Dan M, Braden, Sam H, Sam P, Ollie un all the other ones including da girls! Theres loadsa ya.

put this in ur profile if ur a real ENGLISH boy !!!!
The Other Half Of Me


Ma Gawjus Gal! Luv U babe! -x-x-x-

DRUM UN BASS! Chase and Status, TC, Pendulum, q-project, Subfocus, Brockie, Edd Solo, Xample, Benny Page, London Elektricity, Dillinga, Fabio & Groove Rider, DJ Zinc, DJ Clipz, Commix, Taxman, G-Dub, High Contrast, alix Perez, Congo Natty, Calibre, Logistics, Heist, thts just to name a few DnB artists lol. Also like Garage un Rock and metal, Old skool HIP HOP, Reggea!
Jungle Book, i like candy, Wildchild, Snatch, Goodfellas, The Business. Stuff like that.
Motocross is da best sport! bike riding un bit of footy now un den, Dj'in even tho its not really a sport lol
Scared Of
Bloody hate spiders un im not to good on heights eitha!
Happiest When
Partying, having a good time un i love ma sleep aswell, chillin out un dat! Being with mates and Char, listenin to DnB un havin a few beers, havin a mix on da decks! And i luv ILLEGAL RAVES
All Ma Best Un Closest Mates
These People are all quaility! Braden, Morleyhead, sam h, sam p, lil ollie, pringle, lew, matty b allen, adey, luke, kris, wrighty, joey apples, johnson, nick, alex, louie s, owen, shiv, parge, greg, ronon, mitch, liam, ben l, scotty, theres da lads! Now da Girls! Becki, ema h, ema b, maz, loz, nat, lara, jade, mel, briony, hannah, beth, alex, lois, yasmin, maya, charlotte, lydia, camilla, Mia, lolli, jo, molz, emily, un i cant forget ma lovely babe Charlotte, luv u x! ive tryed to rememba all of ya! lol xxx
Add me to ya MSN
Add me to ya msn fingy! my adress is: georgey-boi@hotmail.co.uk

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  • Stuff about me! ha

    Fings un stuff about me! HAHA

    100 Things About Me.....

    1. Full Name: George (not sayin middle name!) Holder
    2. Nickname(s): Georgey boi, Chunk, Jewish George! lol
    3. Birthday: 17th May
    4. Place Of Birth: I think Shoreham
    5. Zodiac Sign: Taurus
    6. Male Or Female: Male
    7. Grade: Year 11
    8. School: Steyning Grammar!
    9. Occupation: Student un stuff, on un off jobs un wot not
    10. Residence: Small Dole O YESS!
    11. MSN Screen Name- it changes!

    __Your Appearance__

    12. Hair Colour: brown
    13. Hair Length: short
    14. Eye colour: browny green i fink
    15. Weight: 9.8 - 10 stone
    16. Height: 5ft 7 or 8
    17. Braces: used 2
    18. Glasses: meant to hav em but hav never worn em!
    19. Piercings: Ear
    20. Tattoos: No
    21. Righty Or Lefty: bothy!

    ___Your 'Firsts'___

    22. First Best Friend: Ben scarfield un Richard vibeaten
    23. First Award: Footy
    24. First Sport You Joined: Football
    25. First Pet: Fish!
    26. First Real Vacation: France
    27. First Concert: dunno but it was a mixture of people!
    28. First Love: dunno realli cant rememba

    ___ Favourites___

    29. Movie: About a boy, Jungal Book un motocross films, anything wiv action aswell
    30. TV Programme: dnt reali hav 1!
    31. Colour: anyfing bright, blue, orange, red
    32. Rapper: busta rhymes or twista
    33. Band: artic monkeys, kooks, chilli peppers theres loads, to many!
    34. Song Right Now: jenny dont be hasty - paolo nutini
    36. Sweet: Boost or galaxy or dairy milk
    37. Sport: Motocross or any type of biking!
    38. Restaurant: dunno any nice 1 which is quite pricey!
    39. Favourite Brand: Lambretta, fred perry, river island, ted baker, Lacoste, Tom Wolfe, mckenzie, teddy smith, ben sherman! un few more lol
    40. Store: River island, Envy, JD, USC, ISC, Rounder Records, Infinitive Records, and any wicked shops
    41. School Subject: Tech or P.E i dnt like skool tho
    42. Animal: Dog or monkey
    43. Book: dnt read books
    44. Magazine: dirtbike rider, moto, transworld motocross, DJ
    45. Shoes: trainers, smart shoes un i wudnt mind sum timberlands


    46. Feeling: bloody bored un tired
    47. Single Or Taken: Taken!
    48. Have A Crush: na
    49. Eating: nutin but just had sum toast and now my easter egg!
    50. Drinking: cup of tea
    51. Typing: this n few peeps on msn!
    52. Online: yep
    53. Listening To: radio 1xtra
    54. Thinking About: wot im doing tonight un who comin round
    55. Wanting To: go out un ride bike!
    56. Watching: Nothing
    57. Wearing: ma trackies un t-shirt! (Rele comfy)

    ___Your Future___

    58. Want Kids: of corse! boys!
    59. Want To Be Married: i aint sure at mo
    60. Careers In Mind: electrician, want ma own motocross shop un track tho
    61. Where Do You Want To Live: in a house wiv loadsa land, finkin of auzzie!
    62. Car: a van, merc vito or car vw golf

    __Which Is Better With The Opposite Sex___

    63. Hair Colour: dark brown or woteva aint bothered!
    64. Hair Length: longish
    65. Eye Colour: not bothered! blue wud b nice tho
    66. Measurements: shorter than me or just unda my height!
    67. Cute Or Sexy: Both
    68. Lips Or Eyes: eyes but lips are stil important
    69. Hugs Or Kisses: Umm.. ther both just as gd, prob kisses
    70. Short Or Tall: shorter than me or same height or summin
    71. Easygoing Or Serious: Easy goin
    72. Romantic Or Spontaneous: i dunno wot spontaneous is! romantic den i dunno!
    73. Fatty Or Skinny: i like girls wiv a bit of meat on em! hehe not to big tho, as long as there not to skinny like a rake den its all gd
    74. Sensitive Or Loud: Sensitive now un den but loud sometimes lol
    75. Hook-Up or Relationship: Relationship
    76. Sweet Or Caring: both but caring more important
    77. Trouble Maker Or Hesitant One: if they hav to fight then let em, but not to violent!

    ___Have You Ever______

    78. Kissed A Stranger: Yeh
    79. Had Alcohol: Yesss
    80. Smoked: yep tryed it
    81. Ran Away From Home: Tryed wen i was younger
    82. Broken A Bone: Yero ma wrist un ma ankle
    83. Got An X-Ray: o of corse
    84. Been With Someone: Yeh

    4 Comments 355 weeks

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  • **Happy Birthdayy**
    **Happy Birthdayy**

    Happy Birthdayy whooooo....
    My Amazing cake as promised!!Lol
    How kewwlll is That eyyy..??
    16 My You have Grown Up Fast ahh Bless You ..
    Oh well im off 2 smoke now with my fanny lol ewww everybody that is not how it sounds lol wb xx

    Miia Watkiins X 0 Replies

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    heyyy yh im gd thnx. not lot relii just split wit my bf :( lol but just this n that wat u been doiin ? u at college now then ? xx

  • Abbz

    heyy georgeee lng tym no tlk ow ya been?? x

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    Hello mate how yaa doin? Been a while boiiiii! What ya doin with urself these days?

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    Heyya Dude..:D How Are You Mate.? Long Time No Bloody See What Ya Playing AT These Days You Crazyy Smurf Lol Wb LY'x