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Nina McKinstry

i think i'm needy. am i needy? cause i feel needy.

2/26/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Saskatoon
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
i hate my awkward life and i hate this awkward bebo profile.
The Other Half Of Me
James Wilson

James Wilson

i'm probably too obsessed with this kid

Bright Eyes, Darren Hayes, Tegan & Sara, David Dondero, An Angle...etc
Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Gattaca.
Soccer. Not football. Soccer.
Scared Of
Contracting or developing strange diseases. Or...not so strange diseases. I guess diseases in general. Also, airports, being burned alive, and going deaf.
Happiest When
I'm sleeping. Ha!
Rare Talents
Making cds, shopping, hating people, and making people hate me.
Things I Hate
Bebo, most people, my house, bowling, stand-up, and waiting. Oh, and I also hate the Tragically Hip.

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  • James Wilson
    luv James Wilson

    i miss the days when you would use bebo. it's such a shame to waste such a perfectly suited skin for you. hey. lover. love you. xox

  • Brian Mc Big Bird.
    Brian Mc Big Bird.

    I've seen both you and James, something like three out of the last five Saturdays at the same time, around six o'clock walking up Royal Avenue. He never did get back to me when I mailed him, hmm. Prince was a sellout, he cancelled the gig. He didn't manage to sell out the venue, so we didn't get to see him. My girlfriend and a couple of friends and I just went to Dublin and had a gay, old time anyway. I've no other plans over the summer other than spending some quality time with the other half. I'm sorry, I didn't mean you and Jim hooking up was weird in the malicious sense of the word. I just meant that it was so extraordinary that I'd spoke to you both and you know, how things generally were on The Collective, then you both get together, worlds apart. It's really cool. I only got talking to Michelle for a bit, you know how she is. She always has a million conversations going on and she confuses herself. She's still just as cool. Facebook? Boo. No way.

  • James Wilson
    luv James Wilson

    All that love and I forgot to share my bebo love with you. Shame on me!

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson

    To a beautiful girl, Love, love and more love. Love, a boy.

  • Brian Mc Big Bird.
    luv Brian Mc Big Bird.

    A-Okay. Life is good at the moment, almost finished university for the summer and in a months time my lovely girlfriend and I are going to see Prince :) I can see that your life has certainly taken a turn for the exciting, post collective! I mailed Jim a while ago, but he didn't reply. What's going down with you two?

  • James Wilson
    luv James Wilson

    I am...so in love with you.

  • James Wilson
    luv James Wilson

    peef! :)

  • James Wilson
    luv James Wilson

    Hehe, hey sweetie!!!! Thank you for the cute message(s)! Hey! I love that picture. :( Maybe if you let me take pictures of you I'd have more to choose from! But, you're absolutely cute, so I'll let it slide this time. I shall be armed and ready with a camera at the airport in March. ;) Like I should've been last time! This time I'm prepared though. Speaking of March, Robelle is keeping the matchstick warm right now. Haha, hooray! Ugh, dumb yes. Waaaay too formal sweetie! P.s. It seems you may have had more than one caesar haha. What exactly does chelsey was 22 mean? Hahahaha, I laughed at that. I'm probably reading it wrong. I'm so glad you had fun though, and you gambled five bucks?! Pff. Aw, I miss you guys so much too, I got a humorous text from Dus which cheered me up. P.p.s Um....you're cute! I love you very, very much, and I'm going to miss you tonight. Lots n' lots. No SC for us. Haha, and YOU'RE a pony! Ro just licked my arm! Dummy. Misssin' you! Love you! Lots! xoxoxbs

  • James Wilson
    luv James Wilson

    Mmm hmm, dumb [the] cold. I've just been trying to get sleep, trying to breathe and work in between. The sneezing is gone but now I'm just coughing all the time and yep I'm doing the annoying holding in cough I do. I won't do it to you anymore, promise. I just do it now because I know it's irritating. I really miss you too sweeties. Mm hm, sweeties. Hope you liked that. I really, really hope you're doing okay and you're occupying yourself and just taking it easy each day and being cute...as you do...effortlessly. xoxobs

  • James Wilson
    luv James Wilson

    You should use this more I think. It's clearly superior to everything. Everything. Hey. P.s. I love you! xoxoxoxbs

  • James Wilson
    luv James Wilson

    So...hi. How's it feel to be the one with no friends this time? Now you know how shitty I feel since no-one I know has Facebook. Um, so, hi! I love you! I miss you! I don't appreciate the "I'm sleeping" part, I changed mine, but you're just being mean for the sake of hurting me. I don't think I deserve this recently. Anyways, not sure what else to write right now, I can't think of any humourous quips or one liners so I'll sign off and return at a later date. Love you bunnies. xoxobs