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mainly on facebook but here now and then

1/21/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • from St. Remys Lunatic Asylum
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
I'm a photographer and not a bad one at that hahahaha check out my photos.
I LOVE music and circus skills can juggle, stilt walk, diablo wouldn't mind trying tight rope walking or fire eating. I have a VERY dirty humor PLEASE forgive me hahahahahaha
I'm a happy person who LOVEs cold weather aslong as its sunny with it, but it makes dramatic photos when it's dark.
Think thats all you need to know but if you want to know more feel free to ask

(> <) <- RABBY hahahahhaa
Guns 'n' Roses, Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Meatloaf, Tenacious D, Kiss, Sonata Artica, Celtic Frost, Alter Bridge, Disturbed, Wednesday 13, Avenged Sevenfold, Slade, Vampires Rock, Rob Zombie, T.Rex, 30 Seconds to Mars, Magnum, Tyketto, Danny Vaughn, Great White, Billy Idol, Doro, Poison, Twisted Sister, Ratt , Firehouse and anything else I forgot to put down here (Man there are loads I forget there names but I love them all the same! lol)
Hannibal Rising, Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Red Dragon, Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Rocky horror picture show, little shop of horrors, Interview with a vampire, Darcular 2001....erm The lost boys, any horrors really, Dark Crystle (Spelling is bad sorry! lol) Labrynth, Pan's Labrynth, The Producers, The Blues Brothers, One Flew over the cuckoo's nest erm....think thats it but prob forgot something oh and any music dvd, Offspring, meatloaf, vampires rock, guns 'n' roses etc, oh and also musicals My Fair Lady, Oliver, Guys and Dolls, West side Story etc (Again)
if sleeping is a sport then I rule! hahahahaha well actually I don't sleep erm........pass I like cricket
Scared Of
Dark, Sharks and Scarecrows (Put all thos together a scarecrow shark hiding in the dark....errrrrr...........I will not sleep tonight! hahahaha)
Happiest When
Eating chocolate, listening to music or with mates, Drawing with peeps I REALLY like and love, taking photos, reading my lovely James Herbert books or just being me lol Anything and everything makes me happy! ahahahahaha I'm easy to please (That sounds wrong!)
best shows ever
The best shows I've ever seen were and are the circus of horrors with the lovely evil Doktor haze (BLONDE!!!!!LOL) and everything with Steve Steinmen Vampires Rock and Meatloaf stuff (not Blonde but can sing! lol) SOOOO good!!!!!!! Jekyel and Hyde, Dracular on stage was great, Starlight Express and just anything

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SPiT LiKE THIS "Trick Or Mistreat" (2005)

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Which psychopath are you?


You are one of a few. Cold, cool and slightly insane. When you strike it's 100% success rate and you have never been caught. When people look at you they see charm a real gentleman/lady but if they knew what you had served them for lunch they wouldn't have liked you so much.

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  • Colin K
    luv Colin K

    Hows things??????? Are ya on Facebook at all, coz I'm not on this much anymore.........Strange I know!

  • Colin K
    luv Colin K

    WELL MADAM!!!! Hows the craic in England? I've been dumped. Hows your man?

  • Colin K
    luv Colin K

    Fair play to ya. All is good here so far. Exams in less than a month so I'm kinda shittin it!!!!

  • Colin K
    luv Colin K

    How was Paddy's Day for ya? Get up to much? I was Shit faced.

    3/19/10 via Mobile
  • Colin K
    luv Colin K

    Not too bad. Thanks anyway. The girls here have been tellin me to do the same. The lads are tellin me to just LOB-THE-GOB!!!! Basically just kiss her.........uh, I dunno. I've just been shown some really sick shit off sickapedia or something by one of the lads........All I'll say is that they were badly inflamed body parts that just look WRONG. How the photography and the driving goin for ya????

  • Colin K
    luv Colin K

    My head is actually fried at the moment. I seriously like this girl whos a lesbian, but I pretty sure I'm gettin mixed signals off her. its wreckin my head!!!!! Any suggestions???

  • Colin K
    luv Colin K

    What sorta cut will you be gettin??? Could you lend me some tips on how to get a gig??? I'm in college and shouldn't be on this site, apparantly its dangerous or something like that. Any Romance??

  • The Undead King Rellik
    The Undead King Rellik

    init not bad ta and u? nm and u?

  • Colin K
    luv Colin K

    How are you now??? Did ya get up to much since I spoke to ya last? Hows the cae???

  • Colin K
    luv Colin K

    OMG! I'm soo drunk right now. So you're driving, fair play. Any scandal? How come ya never text me?

    1/8/10 via Mobile
  • Colin K
    luv Colin K

    Hows life??? You been done for speedin yet???lol Lookin forward to Christmas. I'm not.......soooo fuckin broke!!!!:(

  • Colin K
    luv Colin K

    Grand, but curious to know how you have a car with NO miles and you're major disabled?????? Confusion Confusion!!!!!

  • Colin K
    Colin K

    GIVE ME ALL THE CAR DETAILS..............Milege, size engine, previous owners!!!! How can you afford a car????;)

  • Colin K
    luv Colin K

    Waitin for the women to put up some photos. I dont do the whole "Lets bring a digital camera out with us tonight". I'd only lose it.........And I'd look like a stereotypical fag then!!!!! College is alright, not a fuckin penny to my name though!!!!!:(

  • Colin K
    luv Colin K

    I was at my college ball last Tuesday, dressed as a woman........Pretty half arsed by my standards.......I won fuckin first prize. Fifty quid. As for next Saturday, probably wont be doin much, have to save my money for goin back to college.:(

  • Colin K
    luv Colin K

    OMG!!!!! Its dark again at half three.......I'm delighted. Any spooky goings on planned for the weekend???

  • Teddyscare

    nah really not happi :( dnt know wat 2 do anymore

  • Sxc Caz
    Sxc Caz

    aww darlin!! u take it easy!!! xx

  • Sxc Caz
    luv Sxc Caz

    havent spokn in time love!! i ope ya ok!! xxx

  • Brooke.X

    Arr Cool .. Well Done To Your Sister:D Im Proud Of Her :) I Couldnt Do It Because Of My College There Was Alot To Do & Pay & We Couldnt Aford It :( Its Upset Mee Alot I Miss Doing Irish Dancing :( ... Im Doing The Hairdressing Corse :) Im Doing Alright Atm .. Reali Seeing What Im Good At In Life. Got A New Boyfriend Called Lee Onli Been With Him For 11 Months The Other Fella That I Was With Cheated On Me Last Year & Had A Baby .. :( But Besides That What Are You Doing With Youself.?? Boyfriends, Clubbing Etc. LOOL :L Joking With Yaa xo.