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where ever working men defend their rights(as far away from the enchanted palace as possible) Ireland
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Me, Myself, and I
it started off as a normal friday night but soon turned into a political landmark when 5 raheny men attempted to enter a party in foxfield.little did they know that this was a political party,and it was being politically policed.they barely had time to crack open the dutch before they were mistreated and deported from the house.in a sinister twist one of the 5,the machine(not his real name,he cannot be named for legal reasons),wasnt deported.some believe he was an informer,others believe he is still languishing in foxfield.however,the remaining 4 began a peaceful dirty protest.soon one of the 4,young wilson(not his real name),snapped and sold his cans at a vastly reduced price.he lived to regret this move as the remaining 3 held a bonfire in protest at which they enjoyed his cans.since this night the 4 have held marches in arran mor,another protest bonfire,and even had a benefit concert which turned sour when an artist reffered to one of the 4 as 'a prick'.updates to follow.

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  • armalite and ballot box

    the provisional foxfield four are making a historic first step into mainstream politics.the most hardline member of the group has been put forward in the upcoming committee elections.he is up against the ginger ninja and ronnely but with a strong campaign and a good showing from their traditional fan base the provos are confident that their man will win the seat.interesting times ahead as the provos rub shoulders with the very men they once considered enemies.

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  • read the roll of honour for irelands bravest men.we must be united in memory of the ten.england your a monster dont think that you have won.we will never be defeated when ireland has such sons.

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    at the time of writing a former hardliner member of the foxfield four has provoked great outpouring of emotion by switching allegiances dramaticly.it has been revealed that he is in fact an informer who works for the security forces when he is low on cash.anyone who was at the 21st last week in raheny gaa club would have witnessed this once proud man stoop to the level of the enemy.he has sold his soul to the devil for a measly sum of cash.this judas bastard however,has more than one black mark against his name.along with another member he is currently pencilled in to be the monkey for a hall full of schoolgirls.enchanted palace me hole.is this the act of a political leader?is this the act of a great socialiser?no,this is the act of a coward.from now the foxfield four are undergoing serious restructuring.fears are growing that a continuity foxfield four may begin a more violent campaign than ever before,in retaliation to the cowardice shown by so called comrades.enchanted palace me hole.these lap dogs are a disgrace to the foxfield fours proud heritage.

    "only when the war for freedom has been won,only then can i promise you ill put away my gun"

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  • Jim Meehan
    Jim Meehan

    shes a moron

  • Raheny Parish
    Raheny Parish

    dee aka deirdre. you idiot.

  • Lord Deirdre
    Lord Deirdre

    Hello. The names Dee aka Deirdre. I realise the love of the cause here is somewhat a serious issue for the provo foxfield four. My question to you, my friend, is, who may be the foxfield four. Are they the heros of our time. I would like to hold a conference to get recognition four the boyos of the foxfield a ceathair. Let me help you boyos. Im a strong woman. Strong as Mother Teresa herself. I feel the pain of my people. Im here to fight for you. My strenghts will help this cause immensly. Call on me in the times of trouble. I am the staviour of our times. Remember the names Dee aka Deirdre I love you guys. Your an inspiration. Poopins.

  • Raheny Parish
    Raheny Parish

    your provisional group continues 2 make poor decisions... foreign recruitment trip cancelled... underhand antics concerning children... poor show

  • Jim Meehan
    Jim Meehan

    the man who chooses to be enchanted will surley be inlightend

  • Raheny Parish
    Raheny Parish

    uv got the parish support

  • Sir Tommy O Donnell
    Sir Tommy O Donnell

    i just read the mission statements. this is the biggest injustice since the c.r.e. were blamed for maeves gaff. we support you brother

  • Jim Meehan
    Jim Meehan

    another devastating blow occured to peacetalks last night in a popular NorthDublin nightclub,a row breaks out at the bar witnesses say the two men involved were fighting over the words of a cagney rebel song.however one of these men was socialising earlier in the night with 2 of the original 4,Stiophan JP OBrian and James RM Meehan other followers of the four were present at the table.so as the fight broke out james (son of socialism) Meehan and Eoin(Fuckface)Clerkin stepped in to calm the situation down and promote peace unbeknownst to them however the man who they were socialising with earlier was a mole working for the ACL.both men turned on the Foxfield 4 and soon a crowd was attacking the two hereos.some say if it wasnt for the oration skills tought within the socialist partythan the two men would be dead.the men left out the front door like trough hereos.

  • Jim Meehan
    Jim Meehan

    seems as tough the foxfield four promote equality even amongst the gay community,two members seen in a famous gaywine bar in temple bar dublin.dancing singing and touching.simply the best,we will survive.

  • Adrian Bradley
    Adrian Bradley

    We shall not be silenced!! The viscious attack on our cause last night will not deter us from achieving our goal and making our voices heard!!

  • Jim Meehan
    Jim Meehan

    another vicious attack the four kickd out of foxfield by a gang of extreme cagneys,we could only hold our lines for so long untill peace was non negotiable

  • Steo O Brien
    Steo O Brien

    the bonfire march will commence at 6.have your cans at the ready.all support welcome. an emotional comeback to the region which hates us so. justice will prevail for the foxfield four

  • Eoin Smyth
    Eoin Smyth