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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
i dont really go on here that much anymore
myspace is better (:


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The Other Half Of Me


She Picks My Nail Varnish Off For Me (:

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  • i sang to a chair because im mentally disturbed ..aha!

    Pick the month (number) you were born in

    1----I fell in love with
    2----I ate a
    3----I smacked
    4----I made out with
    5----I gave my number to
    6----I killed
    7----I shot
    8----I gave a lap dance to
    9----I choked on
    10---I sang to
    11---I had sex with
    12---I stabbed

    Pick the day (number) you were born on:

    1-------a homeless guy
    2-------a kebab
    3-------a banana
    4-------a sandwich
    5-------a Mexican
    6-------a stuffed animal
    7-------a hooker
    8-------a lamp
    9-------my best friend
    10-------a goat
    11-------a chair
    12-------a ninja
    13-------the computer
    14-------a football player
    15-------my neighbour
    16-------a dog
    17-------a soda
    18-------a llama
    19-------a baby
    20------ a gangster
    21-------a permanent marker
    22-------my dad
    24-------my psychiatrist
    25-------a policeman
    26-------my brother
    27-------my sister
    28-------a baseball bat
    29-------a DVD player
    30-------a paperclip
    31-------my cell phone

    Pick the color of shirt you are wearing

    White------Because I was high.
    Black-------Because I was drunk.
    Pink--------Because i was bored
    Red---------Because the voices told me to.
    Blue--------Because I'm sexy and I do what I want.
    Green------Because I hate myself.
    Purple------Because I'm naked.
    Gray--------Because I'm mentally disturbed.
    Yellow------Because someone offered me 1,000,000 Euro
    Shirtless---Because i was horny
    Orange----Because I hate my family.
    Brown-----Because i was hungry.
    Other-----Because i'm gangsta

    2 Comments 256 weeks

  • My New Name..Tootsie HamsterButt .. Hah

    Hah..Im Like Obsessed With These Things =P

    Btw ... This 1 Is Slighty Reatrded..

    1. Use the third letter of your first name to determine your new first name:
    a = snickle
    b = doombah
    c = goober
    d = cheesy
    e = crusty
    f = greasy
    g = dumbo
    h = farcus
    i = dorky
    j = doofus
    k = funky
    l = boobie
    m = sleezy
    n = sloopy
    o = fluffy
    p = stinky
    q = slimy
    r = dorfus
    s = snooty
    t = tootsie
    u = dipsy
    v = sneezy
    w = liver
    x = skippy
    y = dinky
    z = zippy

    2. Use the second letter of your last name to determine the first half of you new last name:
    a = dippin
    b = feather
    c = batty
    d = burger
    e = chicken
    f = barfy
    g = lizard
    h = waffle
    i = farkle
    j = monkey
    k = flippin
    l = fricken
    m = bubble
    n = rhino
    o = potty
    p = gizzard
    q = buckle
    r = hamster
    s = lickin
    t = snickle
    u = chuckle
    v = pickle
    w = hubble
    x = dingle
    y = gorilla
    z = girdle

    3. Use the third letter of your last name to determine the second half of your new last name:
    a = butt
    b = boob
    c = face
    d = nose
    e = hump
    f = breath
    g = pants
    h = shorts
    i = lips
    j = honker
    k = head
    l = tush
    m = chunks
    n = dunkin
    o = brains
    p = biscuits
    q = toes
    r = doodle
    s = gangsta
    t = sniffer
    u = sprinkles
    v = frack
    w = squirt
    x = humperdinck
    y = hiney
    z = juice

    16 Comments 299 weeks

  • I Am A Tree Huggin Ninja B'cos Im 2 Hott 2 Handle =P

    Yu've Dun these Things B4..Well If Yu Havnt..Its Pretty Str8 Forward...

    Colour Of Pants [[Underwear/Boxers]]

    Red= Whorish
    Green= Smexi
    Blue= Tree Huggin
    White= Innocent
    Aqua= Freaky
    Yellow= Oblivious
    Purple= A Lil TOO Happy
    Black= Baby
    Orange= Funny
    Gray= Skanky
    Pink= Mellestering
    Multicolored= Hawt
    Other= Sweaty

    Colour Of Top

    What color of shirt are you wearing?

    Red= Whore
    Green= Boogie Man
    Blue= Pole Dancer
    White= Ninja
    Aqua= Gangsta
    Yellow= Buzz Light Year
    Purple= Pornstar
    Black= Pizza Delivery Guy/Girl
    Orange= T-shirt Wearing
    Gray= Granny
    Pink= Grampa
    light pink= Whore
    Multicolored= Pirate
    Other= Cowboy/Girl

    Month Yu Were Born

    1= Hu Plays With Ping Pong Balls
    2= B'cos Im Sexii
    3= Hu Is Great At Sex
    4= B'cos Im A Sexual Pinp N yur Jelus
    5= Hu Saw Pete Wentz Nakie
    6= B'cos Ive Got Abs
    7= Hu Wishes They Did Crack
    8= B'cos I Have The Biggest Penis Ever!
    9= Hu Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea..
    10= B'cos Im 2 Hott 2 Handle
    11= Hu Loves Marijuana!
    12= B'cos Thats How I Roll!


    7 Comments 300 weeks

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    :D ! Was just look ing thro my friends and i saw you :) just thought i would ask how r u? hopfuly c u soon w/b x

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    aha! it was zoes, when you like passed out lol! forever ago!! was a funny night, well probs not for you! i was going but not anymore :[ gotta babysit! have a wicked time though. (presuming your going) xo

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    beth i need to see you sometime soon :] xo

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    lol did i scare you last night :P my bad guess you didnt recognise me as a chav :P lol kawasakikid619@hotmail.com whats your addy :) wb x

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    beth!! i havent seen you in foreverrrr. im going to have to hunt you down sometime soon :] oh yes. xo

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    i knowww lol :D :D yeah im awsomeee thank you hun :D wubu2 ?!? :) x x x x

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    Hello :) how are you doing :) :) xxxx

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    Kishkamona Ow! ;)