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What An Awesome Weekend :}

6/30/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 20, Luv 148
  • from on the beach ( :( or just newton)
  • I am Married
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  • Last active: 1/31/10
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About Me

x oh i do like to be beside the seaside x
Me, Myself, and I
* meg*
<<< thts me
nt the sharpest tool in the box :D
hey ho thts the way things go
oh and my sense of direction is crap :P
ooops tht will be good for ten tours lol

dance as though no1 is watching
love like it will neva hurt
sing as though no1 is listening
live like theres only today

the memeries, the laughs, the silly times
are the things i miss alot
times change, mistakes happen
and for those special things
that i rele want to come back........

Everything Happens For A Reason.
Some Things Fall Apart For Other Things To Fall In Place.
But In The End,
Whats Mean't To Be Will Always Be.....=[

-------^------- PUT THIS ON YOUR
-(-----------)- BEBO IF YOU
---\¬ _ ¬/---
The Other Half Of Me
Jed Jackson

Jed Jackson

what can I say apart from i kick ur ass @ pinball

yes please.....anything and everything HAVE A RAVE=]
i hate it....gives you a weriod feeling inside =[
i guess things change tho
and we just have to get on with it
there are way too many
thankyou to all who have made them =]
Scared Of
toilets hehe
Happiest When
im with my friends, with jed, with the ten tours crew
ten tours 09
on deary me 45 miles
ill say sorry in advance to millie, vic, charlie, jazz and kirst
for my lack of experience lol
cant wait tho should be awsome
R.I.P Ivor sorry we couldnt save you
my bestest bums
the ten tour crew+ people down at ledges =]...i love you all
dan i miss you- you need to come back from bicton a lil more =]
ten tours crew-our llittle raving crew
Millie, pete, dan, ash, sam, jed, kirst, liz, james, jabez

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  • You Know Your A True 90's Kid If....

    You can sing the rap to "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air".

    *You've worn leggings and felt stylish.

    *You yearned to be part of the Baby-Sitters club.

    *You use to love playing with your MY Little Pet Shop.

    *You remember when it was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons.

    *You wore a ponytail on the side of your head and had scrunchies.

    *You remember reading "Goosebumps".

    *You know the profound meaning of "Wax on, wax off".

    *You have pondered why Smurfette was the only female smurf.

    *You took plastic cartoon lunch boxes to school.

    *You remember the craze then the banning of yo-yo's.

    *You still get the urge to say "NOT" after (almost) every sentence...Not...

    *You knew that Kimberly, the pink ranger, and Tommy, the green Ranger were meant to be together.

    *You collected pokemon cards.

    *You wore socks over leggings scrunched down.

    *You knew what it meant to say "Care Bear Stare"

    *You knew all the characters names and their life stories on "Saved By The Bell".

    *You played and or collected "Pogs".

    *You used to pretend to be a MIGHTY MORPHIN Power Ranger.

    *You had at least one GigaPet or Nano and brought it everywhere.

    *You watched the ORIGINAL Care Bears, My Little Pony, and Ninja Turtles

    *Yikes pencils and rubbers were the shit.

    *You remember when the new Beanie Babies were always sold out.

    *You used to wear those stick on earings, not only on your ears, but at the corners of your eyes.

    *You've gotten creeped out by "Are You Afraid of the Dark?"

    *You thought it would be so cool to be Alex Mack.

    *You know the Macarena by heart.

    *Talk to the hand" ... enough said.

    * You thought Brain from 'Pinkey and the Brain' would finally take over the world.

    *You were made to wear a pair of leggings with the straps on the bottom. ie: stir-ups

    *Bum Bags, or Fanny Pax whatever you called them.

    *You collected tazos.

    *I'LL BE BACK!

    *2 words ... SPICE GIRLS...

    *Spot the dog

    *Sabrina the teenage witch!

    *Post man pat and his black and white cat... lol

    *Biff, Chip & Kipper Books

    *The herbs

    *the skater kids

    *wheres wally????

    *the wisper bar!


    *keinan and kel


    *stuck in the mud

    *playing tag

    *micro-scooters that used to be £120 but now are a fiver

    *tots tv

    *seasame street

    *mr men & little miss

    *sharky and george

    *biker grove

    *grange hill

    *your free tatoos with hubba bubba!

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  • FEEEETT!!!!

    haha thnx for my second EVER white board meg! i thought id help u confront ur fear of feet by drawing some pretty deformed ones!! lol ok ok im rubbish at drawing but shhhh lol hope it helps u fight ur fear! XD xxxxx

    Dunx 1 Reply
  • :)

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  • Jabez Holloway
    luv Jabez Holloway

    hay hun hows u im gonat try and get a camp out on the moors with every1 if ya up 4 it

  • Phil Hedge
    luv Phil Hedge

    yo meg whens jeds bday? phil

  • Xx Lara XX
    luv Xx Lara XX

    allo allo babes howz you??? thanx for my great pressie!!! i love it!! love ya xxxxxxxxx

  • Jed Jackson
    luv Jed Jackson

    heya huni bun :P howz it goin ?? hpe ur enjoyed ur self 2nyt .. hwz it go ? hopefully catch u on fri ova at my dads av alil sess dwn there :P :P .. wooohoooo.. ne hwz mus fly love u loadz bye 4 now xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxfinger slipped

  • James Wannell
    luv James Wannell

    hey sorry didnt realy tlk to u in town today i was still hung ova from last nite and i had to go shoppin wid mum fun fun lol howz u ? wb xx

  • SaM

    hey howz my bestist cousin although i cnt relli say tht cn i lol how the family dwn ur end write bac xx

  • Lorna
    luv Lorna

    haha, okay dear. :-) i took that bit off of my profile, it was annoying me :L and errrr, yeah. i know, are conversations are rather wierd, and oh megan you do make me laugh... some of the things you say are just the funniest. like that time in r.e and that time in i.t catch up. :L funny funny funny.. and eerrrr, i'm trying to think of something in code for "i'm meeting him in a bit. " errr, what about..... actually i have no idea, so i'll just leave the message without a code. Megan darling, i love you oh so very much. and yessss, paris. :D are you allowed to go? i think i might have text you a little while ago saying that. but i'm not sure if it was you my dear.. :L i know a few different megan's.... but there was only one in my phone book, so if i have your number (which i think i do... or maybe i don't, i don't know) but errr, yeah. lol. you have no credit anywaysss. i think. but thats okay. i love you dear xxxxxxxxx

  • Fee J
    Fee J

    Hello Megs, how are you? Its been too long, we really need to meet up its getting stupid now, im sure our Mums would like to get together aswell. Hows year 11 and that going? I miss you Megg!! :L Love Ya Fee x

  • Sherlock Morry
    luv Sherlock Morry

    hey dear... :) how are you? buliders annoyin you? :P much love xxxx

  • Peter M
    Peter M

    oi oi havent seen u in ages how u been been up to much

  • Lorna

    iloveyou! Luv is rare. You can only give it 3 times a day. it says i have no luv, but i haven't used any today :( i'll check again later and give you some then, because your speciall.... guess what? WERE GOING TO FRANCE. :D xxxxxx

  • Technicolour Eyes
    luv Technicolour Eyes

    Oh my gosh! Hello Bear!! Wow i adore you :) How are you mrs? Hope the glandular fever isn't too bad. I'll see you in maths tomorrow :) x x x

  • Daniel B
    luv Daniel B

    soz for taking so long to reply been busy. so hows u? i hered wat happened the other day if only i was there to sort it out hay never mind wats skl like at the mo

  • Sam Rowland
    Sam Rowland

    happy birthday billy hopefully ur mum gave u a friend for a present lol xx

  • Sam Rowland
    Sam Rowland

    megan has NO friends coz shes a billy :P